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Found 23 results

  1. Hi y'all, So quick question for you all...my computer is currently dying a very slow death. It's gone from being able to last days to holding a FULL battery for maybe 4 hours. It's gotten pretty bad, so I'm in the market for a new laptop. I've been using a macbook for the last 6 years. I like the simplicity of it. But, that being said, I'm open to other idea's. I've been doing some research into the Microsoft Surface laptop which seems pretty close to the macbook. What does everyone else use? I'm looking for something with great battery life, easy to use, and will last me through my masters and (hopefully) Ph.D. Thank you all in advance!
  2. Looking for guidance in choosing new laptop. We've had a MacBook Pro since 2011 and don't use enough of the features to justify the cost of another one! My needs are: MS Office Netflix/Hulu/Etc. streaming Reliability for interacting during live online grad school classes. Preferences are: Intel i5 or i7 SSD Comfortable keyboard 15 inch screen Any advice, warnings, and guidance are welcome! Thank you.
  3. What kind of computer is everyone getting (or already have) for grad school? I have a Macbook Pro that's four years old, but I'm wondering if I should get a new computer for grad school.
  4. Which of these two schools would be suitable for embedded systems? My interests are in embedded software development and system design.My end goal is to enter the industry asap since I already have relevant work experience as an embedded software developer. Please clarify in terms of courses, financial assistance opportunities and job opportunities . I'm confused and finding it difficult to choose.Need a different pov/opinion/guidance. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, anyone been accepted to the ECE dept. at UofT ? They started sending offers last week i guess
  6. Hi all, anyone been accepted to the ECE dept. at UofT ? They started sending offers last week i guess
  7. Hi all, has any graduate student received an offer from the ECE department at UofT ? I'm a MSc applicant and would like to know if they started sending offers or not. Thanks
  8. Hi all, has any graduate student received an offer from the ECE department at U of Toronto ? Thanks
  9. Hey all, I'm applying to a mix of math and computer science PhD programs and took the October mGRE. I was wondering, since most computer science programs don't require it, what would be a high enough score to consider it a positive addition to my application? I got around the 75th percentile, which from what I can gather is just on the bottom end of what top math programs are looking for. I'm applying to some very competitive schools and don't want to put anything on my application that won't help.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new to the Grad Cafe. I'm an international 3rd year undergraduate student from another country who is seeking a funded phd program in electrical/computer engineering in the US (I cannot afford colleges in the US). In my first year of college, due to some health problems my GPA ended up very poorly (1.2/4 gpa in the 1st year). However, I have fixed it later on, and raised it to 3.3 / 4 by the end of my 3rd year. And I can say that my average GPA in the last two years is 3.5+. In my school it is usually very hard to get high grades, so I am right now the best student in my class. I am going to take the GRE and TOEFL/IELTS tests next month. I have no research experience since I am an undergraduate student. This summer I am going to do an internship at a major and well-known electronics company. I can probably get great recommendation letters. I am worried about my GPA being low for a funded phd program and I am wondering what are my chances to get accepted. Which engineering schools could match with my profile? Is there anyone who got admitted to a phd program with a low grade, and which schools? I would be very glad to hear your own experience. Thanks in advance for taking your time and recommendations.
  11. Is there anyone applied for TUM Summer semester 2017? Waiting for admission results :/
  12. I had an interview on Monday: a short 15-20 minute video chat (I am doing my masters in France) with a professor whose work I had mentioned in my statement of purpose. It was a nice conversation, but I was left with more questions than answers? Does it mean I have a higher chance of acceptance? Since he didn't mention my admission status, does it mean I didn't get in? My real question is: do you typically end an interview knowing whether or not you are accepted?
  13. I have been invited to a phone interview with the University of Oxford. A few weeks back they sent me 4 mostly technical questions I had to answer within 48 hours, so I'm wondering, could I still expect technical questions during the phone interview? Or will it be behavioral, given that they already tested my technical ability?
  14. Hi all, I got admits from University of Massachusetts-Amherst (VLSI/CAD and Embedded Systems) as well as USC (VLSI Design). My profile is as follows: GRE:165Q/156V/4AWA TOEFL: 113 CGPA:8.75/10 So I was looking for advice as to which university to pick off the both and the factors to be considered while picking. Thank you'll
  15. I'm applying to translational biomedical graduate programs and am looking to replace my old laptop. I'm more familiar with Macs but know that there are some statistical packages, molecular modeling programs, etc. that run better on a PC or Mac. And PC's tend to be cheaper - is it worth switching to a PC or should I stay with what I know?
  16. Hi everyone, Looking for a new computer for grad school. I will need to run some simulations and computational stuff locally. I also need to put together presentations quite often (~3/month). Dont care about local memory too much since I have a 4tb external drive to store all my data. Any suggestions would be great! Even just sharing your current setup is fine too.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm starting graduate school in the Fall and currently on the market for a new, reliable laptop. Unfortunately, I know nothing about laptops/technology (I've been using a MacBook since 2009 for leisure and work laptops for data analysis and paper/poster presentation) and would really appreciate some advice! Here's some qualifications: 1) Inexpensive, because come on. I'm going to be a grad student. 2) Lightweight. I really hate using heavy laptops and would love to have a lightweight laptop that can be easily transported. 3) Battery life. I'm currently in an LDR and would like to be able to work on the plane. My current (work) laptop dies within an hour, so ~5-7 hours of battery life would be ideal. 4) DVD drive. I'm planning on coding interviews that are stored on DVDs, so this is a necessity. I am interested in various Chromebooks, but realize they (and many new/thin laptops) come without these. How is buying external DVD drives for use in laptops like this? 5) It needs a decent processor because I will be using SPSS, R, and Mplus. I really appreciate anyone's help on this!!!
  18. Hi, would I be able to get into a graduate program for biomedical engineering with a degree in computer engineering? would it be better to get a degree in electrical engineering? I think I would like computer engineering better than electrical. Also the compE program at my school seems to lean heavily towards the CS side of the spectrum. only 2 EE classes and a software engineering class, the rest is the same as the CS curriculum. I want to major in computer engineering but I'm worried I wont learn enough about EE to be a good biomedical engineer. what should I do? I havnt done any BME research yet so I don't know what my research interests are for sure, but Neuroengineering seems interesting. I have to make the decision whether to major in CompE or EE within the next few days and the advisor told me once I decide I cant change again because I have to many credits already Thank You
  19. I've been recently admitted to both (Computer Science & Engineering - UC San Diego, Computer Engineering - U Southern California). I have trouble deciding which one I should pick, so I will lay out what I have discovered so far. 1. A little bit of background I received BS Computer Engineering from Purdue University. Being an out-of-nowhere campus, I am hardly able to land jobs that I really like doing. I ended up working for a traditional company in a tiny town. Although the money is really good and the technical challenge is just ok, I don't really have passion for my work and I hate the town I live in. So I set out my eyes to California looking for better opportunities. 2. Academic USC is private school, and according to startcollege.com it has lower student-to-faculty ratio. This means smaller classes, which I prefer. 3. Research I have designated my preferred research area in my Statement of Purpose, although I have no idea whether I could check which I'll be assigned to at the moment (or can I?) 4. Location LA has a ton of opportunities. San Diego is not as big, but still much better than my current town. USC campus, as far as I heard, is located in not-so-safe neighborhood. The nearest beach is 30 minutes of drive away on interstate. La Jolla, where UCSD is, lays along beautiful beach. Granted, as much as I like jogging along coastal lines and swimming, being enrolled in highly competitive graduate program means less time for such recreation. They also have modern architecture which I prefer, and great natural preserves. 5. Funding Funding is not an issue. I'm an international student. Even with higher private school's tuition fee, I am able to cover the first year with my own saving and my parents are willing to cover the second year's cost. 6. Start of Semester USC offered me summer start, which mean I can leave my job earlier. 7. Industrial Connection My guess is USC, being in LA vicinity, has wider connections. At this moment, I'm still split whether to continue with PhD or to return to industry. 8. Prestige I totally have no idea about this. But being Asian, prestige and rank are important factors (not to myself personally, but more to parents, relatives, and potential mating partners). 9. Other options I haven't heard back from UT Austin, UCLA, UC Irvine, and Stanford. But having been rejected by Berkeley 1 month ago, I'm not expecting too much from Stanford. Please help by voicing your opinions. I've been scrounging Quora for articles regarding UCSD and USC but couldn't find something decisive to tip the scale. Thanks beforehand.
  20. Hello all, Until now, I have been accepted to 4 universities to pursue a PhD degree in electrical and computer engineering, and at this point I am a bit confused. These schools are: 1. USC (Computer Engineering), in contact with professors in computer architecture. There are professors showing considerable interest in working with me. Location-wise: very enjoyable weather, close to very good places for travelling and close to industry but I heard that the neighborhood is not very nice. 2+2 year guaranteed fellowship: I have the first two years to decide which professor that I want to work with, and for the other two I think the school pays still but I should have an advisor. 2. CMU (ECE), in contact with professors in comp arch and wireless networking Similarly, a few professors have shown their interest in working with me, sent emails. But their topics do not intrigue me as much as the others do. The weather is not very nice, and I did not like my travel options very much. However, the city looks good. I am with fellowship but it seems I need to find an advisor in the first few months of arrival. - EPFL (EDIC), in contact with professors in comp arch Just exchanged a few emails with professors but nothing in detail. Will attend Open House in two weeks. Its location-wise plus is that it is close to home but I'd really rather study in US. I have one year to find an advisor, and almost none of them seems to have a problem funding students. - UT at Austin, accepted to the computer arch track Just a quick interview and an acceptance followed like a month ago. Not much contact since, but I am planning on getting more information from current students and professors. I definitely rather hot weather than cold. They say that it is also close to many tech companies. And Austin looks like a great city to be a student in. I am told that I have a 4 year fellowship but I need to find an advisor in one year. My primary interest was in computer architecture, and I had mentioned in my SOP that I might also do some things in networking. Research and that I like what I do are the most important aspects but I also give a lot of importance to the location and amount of financial support. Luckily, all of them seems ok regarding financial concerns. I am now closest to choosing UT at Austin, but I might as well choose CMU or maybe others. I cannot be sure which one would be better, or if there is even a great gap between them. Which one do you think is best in comp arch field? Or more generally, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Your comments are all appreciated greatly. Thanks all in advance,
  21. Hello everyone. I am an undergrad student at a not well known private university in New York. I would like to apply to a few top schools for an MS in Computer Science (possibly PhD). University: Private liberal arts university with small CS department Major: Computer Science and Math (Double Major) GPA: 3.89 GPA Major: Computer Science: 4.0 (ranked 1st in department of about 10) GPA Major: Mathematics: 3.91 (ranked 2nd in department of about 20) GRE: Have not taken yet but I should do very well in Quant 760-800 and above average in Verbal Work Experience: Recently finished a 6 month internship at a start up tech company. Currently working there as a Project Manager Research: None LOR: Advisor (PhD, somewhat well known): Strong Department Head (PhD, not well known): Decent Owner of company I work at: Strong SOP: Let's assume that it is slightly above average I have very modest expectation because I am coming from a not well known university with no research experience. Can you guys please evaluate my profile and tell me if I have a chance at getting into an MSCS program at one of these top schools? Furthermore, do I have a shot at getting into a PhD program at one of these schools, or other schools in the top 50? Thank you very much in advance. I appreciate your help during this confusing time Brown Cornel UT - Austin UPenn University of Maryland UCLA Minnesota - Twin Cities University of Wisconsin Georgia Tech SUNY Stony Brook (Advisor has many contacts here) Texas A&M University (Advisor got PhD here and still has contacts) Penn State University of Florida NYU Ohio State University SUNY Buffalo
  22. Hi guys, I am now applying for the program at Upenn. My undergraduate major is MIS, and I took one year exchange program(non-degree) at University of Oregon--this year I majored in CS, but I only took 2 classes in CS due to some reason. There are two program at Upenn, MCIT is for those without backgroud in CS area and MSE intends for CS guys. I haven't taken several core classes as Operating system, Network...But I did have some classes--database applicaiton, programming in Java, C++ and Windows. So now i am wondering which program(MCIT or MSE?) I should apply... This question really confused me a lot! PLEASE post your idea and thoughts.Thanks! The following is the link to introduction of these two programs, hope you can give me some suggestions. http://www.cis.upenn.edu/grad/applications.shtml
  23. I am in quite a conundrum, and I was hoping that you of thegradcafe's forums might help. I received a B.A. from Duke University last year, majoring in English and Classical Languages. I am now in an M.A./ Ph.D. program in Comparative Literature; the plan was for me to be a professor. It has taken me perhaps too long to realize that I find the humanities to be little more than a worthless curiosity: pleasurable, but not worth diligent study. I am interested in artificial intelligence, particularly the field of natural language processing. I have learned C++ on my own and kept up with math, but I haven't done coursework in CS or math for a while. Essentially, I meet none of the qualifying criteria for any CS program, let alone one at a top school. Therefore, I would like any and all advice you have on how I should proceed. My eventual goal is to receive a Ph.D. in CS from a respectable university. What should my next step be? Do I try a certificate program? Second bachelor's? How do I fund such endeavors? Many thanks for any advice you can give.
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