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Found 2 results

  1. I wasn't sure where to turn for opinions on this and remembered grad cafe, hopefully y'all can give some opinions or advice. This is going to be a doozy so bear with me and please try to be diplomatic (as I am too). I'm a 32 year old whose had a very committed (but not "successful") fine arts practice for the past 10 years and am beginning an MFA in the Fall in the USA. I've lived mostly in south america and europe (I'm American) so I never had the chance to "establish" myself in an art market though look alright on paper. Looking to take my practice to the next level and transition to NYC after school with more confidence, connections and work that is polished. I dreamed of a big-name school (Yale, Columbia, Rutgers) but accepted at a big state school which is known for having a decent arts program but isn't that common to hear of in the "where did you go to school" conversations. However, upon being connected with my cohort I see most of them are finishing their BFA degrees or are only a year or two out. Most of my friends who are in MFA programs are in cohorts with 28-35 year olds, I really expected to have a cohort with lived experience (ie, diverse experiences outside of school). When I think about all of the experiences and work done in a decade, who I was at 20 vs now professionally and personally, its hard to discredit what time provides. To be honest, the work being produced is that of undergraduates--because they still are. Not that its a serious barometer of quality but these are BFA students from small state schools that don't have particularly good arts programs to begin with--these aren't art school BFAs. Although everyone enters MFA with serious goals and commitment, I hesitate to be in a peer group with weak work and students who are just entering a world I've been in for a little bit. I expected a few younger peers, but the fact that my whole cohort is in this category has me nervous. Although it is the right time for me in my own practice to go to school, I am considering leaving this program and reapplying next year to try again at my "dream schools" since I was a bit rushed and not as prepared/strong as I could've been. Do you have a similar story that ended well (or terribly?). Is this something new that is more common in COVID-times? Being critical of higher education I admit I view younger cohorts as being a red flag in terms of extorting tuition etc, especially at a school like this one which has few notable alumni/fac. I am going to school to give 100% to my practice and focus on creating community, refining my work, etc and tbh I want the opportunities that come from a really strong cohort and incredible peers. Did peers matter in your experience or am i putting too much value there? NOTE: Please know although I'm being candid here, in person I take extreme discretion, respect and care in how I speak with and treat others--this isn't a "toxic student" situation, this is a "do I belong here" situation. It's extremely uncomfortable to express this concern which is why I'm turning to the internet though many of my friends seemed equally surprised by this cohort--clearly I feel like an asshole for feeling as I do, but I need opinions on how much my cohort should weigh on this decision.
  2. I got accepted into a Speech Pathology Grad Program in AL (Auburn Univ.) and for some reason they were missing my GRE scores and couldn't send my official acceptance letter until they had them (I had a different last name when I sent them in vs my application name) I fixed all the things I needed to fix and resent them. I emailed the Grad Admissions office AND the Speech Path program office and have not received any follow up or even a response for almost 2 weeks. Not only am I getting concerned about the organization/friendliness of the university but at this point my acceptance into the program (even though the Speech Path program knows I accepted and sent me an email of acceptance???) Should I be concerned??? Its still pretty early in the process, so should I just relax and wait it out a bit longer??? Does anyone have any experiences or advice??
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