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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I have recently been admitted to three programs: Georgetown's MA in Conflict Resolution, Boston University's MAIA in Diplomacy, and LSE's MSc in Conflict Studies. I cannot for the life of me decide which school would be the best fit, so I'm hoping that someone here has either attended one of these schools or can offer insight into which program sounds the most compelling. Here is what I know so far: Georgetown Tuition: ~ $50k USD per year for a 2 year program Great career centre/job prospects post-grad Perfectly located for internships/careers in diplomacy or foreign service Beautiful campus Great reputation in the US Poli Sci/Government circle Very high cost of living Don't know a single person in Washington High crime rate Boston University Tuition: ~$45k USD per year for a 2 year program Offers a summer exchange program for CR students in Geneva & London Prof whose work I have followed for ages teaches a class in my department Boyfriend and best friend from uni both live here (support network + potential roommates) From what I can tell, great student-faculty outreach Very high cost of living Not as internationally acclaimed as the other 2 schools LSE Tuition: £20,904 for 1 year program (roughly $29,176 USD - this is a HUGE draw of this program, as I will be financing my own graduate degree) Great international reputation, would likely open many career doors Uni is in the centre of an exciting city Well located for careers in government/foreign service Insane cost of living From what I've gathered so far, their academics are not as strong as Georgetown Only a 1 year program, so not as much time to network/study/perform research Hands-off teaching style - very little in class time, grades based off one final exam at the end of term Any guidance you can offer on any of the 3 schools would be very much appreciated. HELP ME MAKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE DECISION!
  2. Hey all, I'm having a problem with my adviser and I'm really tripping about it. I really like her, we usually get along great. We had a meeting on Wednesday, and I talked to her about the progress I've made on my methodology and other projects. She said the paper I'm working on will be publishable, and everything was fine. On Thursday I gave a practice proposal defense in her class. Admittedly, it wasn't my best performance. I dropped my flash drive somewhere so I had to run to my car right before class and grab my computer, so I was 3 minutes late for class. I didn't explain this to her. By the time I got up to give my presentation, I was so flustered that I forgot everything I had practiced and didn't do the best job of explaining everything. She didn't say anything to me after class. On my way home Thursday, my car started making weird noises. My fiance looked at it and said the brakes were grinding into the rotors and I couldn't drive it until I got it fixed. I live out of town, so I have to have a car to get to class. Friday morning I tried everything - I tried renting a car, but nobody had one on short notice. None of my friends were able to loan me their car for the day. I finally wrote her an email telling her I couldn't make it. I attended my one class by skype, which was fine with the professor. Then I get an email back from my adviser sounding really angry, saying "we need to talk" and that I'm not meeting my coursework responsibilities! It really tripped me out. She also called Enterprise and said they had cars available. I felt like she was basically calling me a liar. I was in tears and wrote her back an email apologizing and trying to explain myself - probably not the best move. I haven't heard anything back from her. I feel like I'm going to spend the whole break tripping out about this. I had terrible nightmares last night and it has been on my mind all day. I didn't know she thought I was behind on my coursework. I admit that I work slower than other students, and I'm a perfectionist so I don't like giving her anything if I feel like it can be better. But I know I am on-track to finish everything by the end of semester. Oh, I also found out that she freaked out on another student that day. I don't know whether to chalk this up to a bad mood, or to truly be worried. Any advice? How can I handle this? I feel really trapped.
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