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Found 9 results

  1. I'm new to this site! Had to make an account due to my desperation with application responses. I applied to eight PhD programs in continental philosophy. I've heard back from two with rejections. The other six? Crickets. Even though other people on here are posting that they were rejected, accepted, or waitlisted from Vanderbilt and Emory, both of which I applied to, I've heard nothing from them. How did other people get responses and I did not? Is this normal? I'm really afraid my letters got lost in the mail considering I've moved a lot recently so I had them sent to my parents house for a more stable address. They say there's been no letters but this is just weird! I haven't gotten any emails either, except a weird email from Duquesne that was marketing the city... why would they send that if I'm not accepted? But why would they send that before an acceptance email? What is going on!!! Can anyone shed some light?
  2. Hi guys, a few days ago my friend asked me which of programs of philosophy in North America are good at continental philosophy (German and/or French philosophy), so I spent a few time searching relevant data. Finally, I picked out the following programs: UC Riverside; Boston University; Texas A&M; DePaul University; Fordham University; SUNY Stony Brook; Duquesne University; Temple University; McGill; University of Oregon... I know my list must be imcomplete. Can anyone tell me what programs there are left ? Your help will also give me a general picture of continental philosophy in North America. Thanks!
  3. Hi, all. What are current thoughts on Kingston's CRMEP? I know that Kingston has been in a bit of financial trouble lately, and I have some doubts about the school overall due to this. Furthermore, Kingston's CRMEP is not ranked highly for continental philosophy programs—as opposed to Essex, Sussex, Warwick, etc.. Despite all that, CRMEP absolutely has the best faculty (Peter Osborne, Catherine Malabou, Howard Caygill, Peter Hallward, and Étienne Balibar) for my purposes compared to any English-speaking school I've seen in the US and internationally. I am tempted to pick an MA program for its faculty over its ranking, but I don't want to hurt my chances down the line when I apply to PhD programs. Anyway, what are thoughts generally on the benefit of attending "prestigious" MA programs, and does anyone know anything about CRMEP specifically that may help me make this decision? I appreciate any help you can give, and congratulations to everyone who has gotten or is getting acceptance letters around now.
  4. Hello, I'm am seeking a sharp, artsy, philosophically sophisticated, writting oriented person to help push a manuscript to potential. The project is a one act play dealing with lacanian psychoanalysis and continental philosophy. Any interest? It could be a paid position (I can afford $50 an hour for the right person) Thank you in advance! Moss
  5. Phil 2018 grad school applicant here making an admittedly late turn to philosophy of art/aesthetics and wondering if there are programs that anyone wants to recommend as stand-out or under-the-radar considerations. My B.A. is in Philosophy, so I'm not without background, but I haven't spent a considerable amount of time doing targeted reading prior to now. My orientation is primarily continental, with some major love for American philosophy, but I'm thinking of framing my applications and research interests under the aesthetics banner, because I think (rightly or wrongly at this juncture) that it will give me some more freedom to (1) get generalized training and (2) work across areas of interest with aesthetics as the axis. Is there someone in a program doing aesthetics that they absolutely love? Anyone getting solid mentoring while doing aesthetics?
  6. Hi everyone, Hoping to hear some advice about applying to MA programs with the long term goal of beginning a PhD in Philosophy. I graduated with honors from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Painting and a concentration in History of Art and Visual Culture in 2014. Towards the end of my schooling, my focus had shifted away from Fine Art courses (which at RISD already had a degree of Theory focus) towards my liberal arts courses which were heavily influenced by Critical Theory. My GPA was 3.809. Since graduating I have done a lot of Philosophy reading and studying on my own and have taken courses at smaller non-profit educational organizations. I’ve been fairly active after school—through volunteer work, jobs, and independent research. I’m curious to hear what other peoples’ experiences are with Fine Art majors transitioning into Philosophy programs. I expect it isn’t entirely uncommon since so much of the Continental Tradition places emphasis on the Arts (there are figures like Manuel Delanda who have made the leap), but I also suspect that most people applying to Philosophy MAs from other fields have BAs rather than BFAs. I’m interested in studying the History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Aesthetics, and I have a growing interest in the study of Metaphysics & Epistemology broadly. I gravitate towards the Continental tradition, but try not to make a huge deal of the divide between the two traditions. Other areas of interest are Critical Theory, Social/Political Thought, and Media Theory. Seems like most people in strictly Philosophy fields for an MA are interested in schools like GSU, Brandeis, UW Milwaukee, and Tufts. Not sure how likely I would be to get into any of these programs. They also tend to be very expensive, though I imagine that the more recognizable institutions are really helpful in getting into any PhD programs and attaining paid teaching positions. EGS seems interesting, but I think it would work better for someone further along in their Academic work to meet practicing Philosophers and Theorists. That said, EGS does seem very open to working alongside the Arts or accepting people from Arts & Humanities backgrounds. If funding permitted, I’d be interested in schools like CUNY or The New School. Other thoughts: Warwick seems interesting. So does CsDs at UMinnesota or UNSW Australia. UC San Diego. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone. I look for some good school matching my academic interest. I hope you help me figure it out. I have studied Giorgio Agamben and Pollitical Theology. It is really hard to find professors sharing the interest. In addition, I am planning to apply for Phd program political philosophy.
  8. Hey people, I'm a second time applicant for phd programmes. I have what they call 'interdisciplinary' interests bordering on modern to contemporary philosophy, social and political thought, psychoanalysis, and so on. At the moment, the focus of my reading/writing is Lacan, Badiou, Marx, Heidegger, and Zizek. I've done my undergrad in the UK and there are courses here which are really custom-made for people like me. Places like Centre for modern european philosophy at Kingston, Dundee, Warwick, Essex, etc. all seem to have strong continental philosophy courses that blend political elements. But I'm applying to American ones for many reasons...and the picture seems more complicated in the States. Last year I've applied to only few courses in comparative literature, mainly because I didn't have much time to prepare applications. This time I am applying to both fields, which means that I have to do some research on which unis have a strong continental element. So far, I've found Stony Brook, DePaul, Emory, CUNY, Fordham, and SUNY Buffalo. So is there anyone who's in a similar situation? Let's share information and talk about our interests.
  9. I am currently plagued by the precarious status of the European Continental Philosophical Tradition in contemporary academia. As most of you are probably well aware, continental philosophy has largely been relegated to departments as far and wide as comparative literature, german and french studies, sociology, etc. I want a strong training in history of philosophy, but the thinkers i'd like to study most intently in addition to gaining a strong foundation in the history of philosophy, such as Lacan, Bataille, Derrida, Baudrillard, merleau-ponty, Levinas, Heidegger, are hard to find in most "Tier One" University's philo departments. It seems peculiar to me to apply to comparative literature departments when my primary interests have nothing to ultimately do with literature; if anything, for my purposes literature is only used instrumentally for questions of a more philosophical nature. I realize that there are a lot of philosophy programs in okay schools with strong continental orientations (Stony brook, new school, U chicago, loyola, etc), but I am an extremely competitive student and, grotesquely and to my own utter embarrassment, I must admit that I don't want to sacrifice applying to more prestigious programs in order to accommodate my interests. i say this only pragmatically, because I know I can get into very competitive schools and desire to do so, if only because then my odds of getting a good tenured position after graduation are better. anyone familiar with programs that might prove helpful to me, general insight, or 'Ivy' schools with weird highly interdisciplinary departments ? feel free to bully me into accepting my comp. lit. fate, however strange the title may seem to me now..
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