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Found 3 results

  1. I'm a Mechatronics undergrad thinking of applying to the RSC Masters at ETHZ next year, and had a few questions. 1) Anybody know what the admissions statistics are? I already know they're quite high, but it'd help me determine my chances. I tried getting in touch with their admissions department for statistics, but it seems that they don't give them out. 2) Should we reach out to profs with our info (GPA, GRE, research interests) to see if we're a good fit for the program? Wasn't sure if this is appropriate, but I thought it'd be a good way to gauge my chances as well. For reference, my profile is: Mechatronics Engineering Bachelors at top 5 Canadian University GPA 3.9 GRE 170Q/164V/5AW 1 year of work experience 0.5 years of research experience (not in desired field of study though)
  2. Hello, Aspiring PhD candidate looking for a profile evaluation and potential some advise. I'm applying to programs that I can have a focus on robotics/control theory from a mechanical engineering standpoint. I will be applying to PhD programs with a hope of funding, with some "backup" masters-only degrees that would give a better chance of short term funding if I need a masters first to be more competitive for PhD programs. Stats: Undergraduate: Bachelors in Engineering with a 3.74 from prestigious but very small engineering school (Top 10 "programs where a doctorate isn't offered"). Graduated May 2016, taking a "gap year". I have a number of small projects during this time - I'm unsure if this would be included in a CV or not Honors: Got a tuition scholarship for my school (as did everyone in my class), graduated with "magna cum laude". GRE: 162 Q (82%), 163 V (92%), 5.0 AW (93%) Research Experience: 1 Summer in a bio lab, 1 summer in a materials lab, 1 full year doing fluids research. "Publications": No papers, 2 poster presentations/conference abstracts for the fluids research LOR: 1 very good from my Research Advisor, 1 Decent from a professor, 1 Very good but not in research (startup founder I did volunteer work for for 10 years) Industry Experience: None of note: spent 3 years part time in my schools IT department, some extensive volunteer work, and am currently a architectural drafter until I leave for grad school. Programs I'm Applying To: Robotics: Oregon State* University of Michigan* Mechanical WIth a Focus on Robotics: Northwestern University* Boston University Rensselaer Polytechnic University Industrial Engineering with a Focus on Controls and Optimization: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Mechanical Engineering (Masters-Only): Rose Hulman Cooper Union University of Illinois, Chicago *These are the my favorite Questions: Looking for general insight into my chances and any recommendations etc. Given my low GRE quant, would it be worth retaking (I don't want to waste money on it if it's not helpful - I think I might get it up ~2-3 points if I tried). Any other thoughts on universities I should look into while I still have a window of application time?
  3. My status on applyweb has changed from 'To Dept. for Review' to 'Dept. Decision Made' since 1st April. I haven't received any communication from the department. Does anyone know what's going on? Have I been rejected?
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