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Found 42 results

  1. Hey all, I'm currently wrapping up my last application of the cycle (Glad to almost be done!) and it's for Cornell's program. Part of the application asks whether I'd like to be considered for a diversity fellowship. The prompt is pretty straightforward but other than the prompt itself there is no other information provided. Is anyone else submitting a diversity essay, and if so how long is/was it? Thanks for the help!
  2. Cornell CIPA 2018

    I'm starting this thread to connect with other applicants to Cornell CIPA 2018.
  3. MPA/MPP vs MSc Econ

    Hey guys, I cannot seem to decide which Masters would be best suited to me. About me :- An Economics Graduate of LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences), Lahore, Pakistan. GPA :- 3.2 Work Experience :- 11 Months so far Job :- External Consultant to University of Oxford. Past Experience :- Finance Intern at Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Head office and Analyst at Federal Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform (Worked directly under the Federal Minister of Planning and Development) - placed via USAID. Currently working on an IPA (Innovations for poverty actions) funded joint project of University of Oxford and LUMS. The supervisor being Simon Quinn and Meki, Associate Professor at Oxford and PhD candidate at Oxford respectively. It is an RCT designed to test the new financial product. Interests :- *Primarily Interested in International Economics, Business, Geopolitics, Mega-Infrastructure Projects and to some extent Philosophy.*I *Ideal career as envisioned :- In 10 years, the ideal version of me should be travelling around the globe advising the Governments of China, Kenya and Ukraine to set up Special Economic Zones in Urumqi, build a railway network to increase Intra-regional connectivity, set up a trade policy and formulate or lead development of industrial estates in Eastern Ukraine to neutralize the secessionist movements. *At the same time, I would want to work on projects such as formulating a comprehensive strategy for AirAsia’s Expansion into the Brazilian Market, Design the route of Shell’s oil and gas pipeline in Kazakhstan from its oil/gas fields to the port of Aktau on the Caspian. *Despite the average GPA (mainly due to mathematics courses, I have always topped every group project and did most of the work/took initiative) *Marketing Models – Most of the work was done by me and ! Got the highest in project (Demand Forecasting using Marketing Engineering for Excel), same goes with Principles of Finance (Indus Motor’s expansion), Intermediate Finance ( Pakistan Shipping Corp Valuation), Options, Swaps and Derivatives (Designing of Shorting Strategies for Unilever and Air Canada) and more recently, was applauded for the best project ever by the instructor in ACF (Advanced Corporate Finance) - The merger of BG and Shell’s valuation using SPSS/Advanced Excel and STATA. The issue that I am facing is I can't seem to decide which Masters Degree will end up opening the aforementioned options for me. I have considered Fletcher's MIB but it is more inclined towards Management or Corporate Firms and Social Development rather than my interests. Have looked at SIPA/SAIS/WWS as well as but I am really not sure. Not getting the feeling that THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME ! Any insight would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Dear friends, I am stuck in a MAJOR dilemma and my life has been majorly messed up because of it. I would appreciate some responses urgently, as I have to make a decision as soon as possible. So I am a Pakistani student with a passion for policy and development, but still confused about what to specialize in. I completed my undergrad in June 2016 and have worked in an NGO in agriculture since (1 year). I applied to Cornell CIPA in Jan, 2017 and got in with a 40% tuition reduction. Because CIPA's base tuition is $34k, my per year tuition is $20k (which is very little compared to competing programs, I think). But I can also defer my offer (the 40% reduction will not be deferred and I will compete with next year's batch for it) and get 1 year of more work experience before coming. The problem is that I am coming to USA exclusively to get a job there, and getting a job in Trump's America for a south asian with a very Muslim name is near impossible, I've heard. Especially considering all the paperwork employers have to do to sponsor my H1B. So I was advised by some people that I should get more work experience before coming, since I only get one shot at this, and employers value more work experience. But the risk is that I don't get this much financial aid from CIPA next year (no one knows how funding will change by next year due to the political situation in US), and some people advised me not to take the risk as I can't afford to come without aid. The upside is that I can get the chance apply to competing programs as well next year. But my GPA is pretty bad (I've given my profile at the end). Am I competitive for HKS with funding/WWS/UChicago with funding, if I improve my GRE score?? Basically I can't afford to come without funding and Cornell seems to be among the few in financial range (I heard Uchicago and WWS give good aid) Also, I'm concerned about Ithaca's distance from major cities. Being in Boston, NYC and DC to me seems very important for a policy program. Is this a valid concern? What are your thoughts about CIPA? Can someone offer me some advise? Is CIPA's offer worth deferring and the award worth passing over for a more work experience and a chance at UChicago/HKS/Princeton next year? Or should I come to CIPA with my 1 year of work experience? My profile: GPA: 3.04, LUMS BSc Management Science (less emphasis on economics but more on business and quantitative skills, such as statistical modelling, R, data mining, BI, etc.) GRE: v162, q156, w5 WE: 1 year full-time at an NGO as a research and strategy associate, where I interacted and worked with government, farmers, corporations, consultants. 2 years part-time running and managing a small, subsidized school for poor children
  5. I have narrowed the schools I have received offers from down to these three. I was wondering what your guys opinions are on the resulting job opportunities and overall benefits of each program, considering that I am 90% sure that I do not plan on pursuing a PhD in EE. My main concern is with UIUC. The relatively new program is all coursework, and I would like to know exactly how good this program is, especially from someone who knows something more about the program.
  6. Hi all, I have been selected in the Physics grad programs at UIUC and Cornell. My field is experimental condensed matter physics. I am having a hard time deciding between the two. UIUC has a big department with lot of potential PI's and is ranked higher, but Cornell is more reputed and has 2 people (big shots) with whom I would like to work with. I have heard the climate is more or less similar. Any help/suggestion will be appreciated! Thank You!
  7. Hi all, I have been selected in the Physics grad programs at UIUC and Cornell. My field is experimental condensed matter physics. I am having a hard time deciding between the two. UIUC has a big department with lot of potential PI's and is ranked higher, but Cornell is more reputed and has 2 people (big shots) with whom I would like to work with. I have heard the climate is more or less similar. Any help/suggestion will be appreciated! Thank You!
  8. I'm currently deciding between Penn State MAS program and the Cornell MPS program. Both will be a one year program because I did my undergrad at PSU. As a current Penn State undergraduate I'm leaning towards the staying here because I'm familiar with the area, the professors, have a job, research hook ups, ect However, I know Cornell has very good name recognition. My main goal is to go straight into industry. I looked over the post graduate survey for Cornell and was unimpressed with the average salary (70k) seeing as a few months ago I turned down a 63k a year job hoping to get accepted into graduate school. I'm not aware of any Penn State version of post graduate survey. The price tag is about 22k for Penn State and Cornell is 52k in tuition alone. I could probably afford Cornell without too many loans (coming out of undergrad I have no loans) but I feel that the average starting salary should be higher to justify the double price tag. I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into which program could be better for me. I'm an American and I know most of Cornell MPS students are chinese internationals so I'm wondering if that's bring the average salary down significantly and that for a domestic student, the salary prospects are much better. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Hi, I have been accepted by the following graduate programs: Columbia Stats, Cornell Applied Stats, and Brown Biostats. I have read carefully about each program on their official websites but I still cannot make a decision. So I sincerely want some advice. Are you willing to help? Thank you very much!
  10. Hi, I have 4 admits and I am highly confused as to what should I choose, 1. Gatech - MS ECE 2. UT Austin - MS ECE: ICS track 3. UCSD - MS ECE : ECS track 4. Cornell - M.Eng. ECE My interests are in VLSI design(preferably digital) and Computer architecture. I have not received any funding with my invite. RAship and TAship may be a possibility, but nothing currently. Can some current/past students list out the merits and demerits of each program and school and also what are the job prospects after completion of the courses. TIA
  11. Cornell VS Yale MArch 1

    Hi all, I have been accepted to both Yale as well as Cornell for the MArch 1 program. Got rejected from the GSD, very bummed out about it. I have got some funding from Cornell but am waiting to hear about funding from Yale to ask for more funding (any information on additional funding opportunities for International students would be very helpful) . Unfortunately as an international student I wont be able to attend the open House at either and am really relying on you guys's past and present experiences to help me decide. I am going to tell you a little bit about what I want to get from my degree and then my current perceptions of the two colleges. Your insights would be really appreciated! I already have a non professional Architectural undergraduate degree. Post starting my MArch 1 program I want to take classes in Urban planning as well as Landscape Architecture to eventually do a Dual degree with whichever one I resonate with more along with my MArch1. SO all in all I am looking at a program that would be interdisciplinary with an environmental, urban and social outlook or agenda. My current perceptions about the two colleges: CORNELL: 20-24 kids per batch so more individual attention. Offers a Masters in Regional Planning as well as a Masters in Landscape Architecture and are willing to do a customized program in order to help me achieve whichever Dual Degree I would like to do. But just the fact that they offer these to masters makes me think the opportunity of a interdisciplinary education is higher. I am not fully aware about how good the facilities at Cornell are compared to Yale as I have heard Yale as the best facilities. Extremely secluded location which maybe makes getting certain types of faculty more difficult than Yale. YALE: 55 or so kids per batch. Although it doesnt have an Urban Planning program or department it has an amazingly well renowned Forestry department which offers a dual degree with MArch 1 and Environmental management. Lack of an Urban planning department makes me wonder how much of the bigger picture or urban context and interdisciplinary study is given importance at the program. They have extremely well renowned faculty coming and the school has a stellar reputation (Even though Cornell is ranked #2 After the GSD) They have state of the art facilities (I read somewhere even better than the GSD?) I have heard the school is very theoretically oriented, a little old school (even about design) and not very Diverse. Any inputs or thought or experiences would be very very helpful in trying to help me figure out which of these schools is more right for me. I look forward to hearing from you all and have a great day!
  12. Hey all, Congrats to those who received acceptances this go around. I never thought I'd find myself among you, yet here I am faced with the challenge of picking one off the top shelf. My proposed research area is 20th/21st century postmodern lit -- lots of experience with magical realism, afrofuturism, historical fiction that seeks to rework the master narrative of 1492. Feminist, Poststructuralist and Postcolonial theory is pretty essential to my work. I'm looking for a program that's super interdisciplinary, allowing me to work in the realm of cultural studies, critical race studies, and media studies. I need coursework that's theory heavy and a department that's not afraid to ask those metaphysical questions that push the boundaries of the discipline. Now, it seems to me neither NYU nor Cornell are afraid to play in this territory, but who does it best? According to USNews' 2013 rankings, Cornell is top 10 while NYU is top 20. Does this matter? Cornell is Ivy and NYU is honorary Ivy. Thinking of the job market, do either of these positions and distinctions hold weight when pinned against one another? In terms of practical matters, NYU's funding is better. The McCracken Fellowship has to be one of the best fellowship offers out there. $26,000+ and an additional $22,000 for those who choose to teach. I live in NYC, and if I stay in NYC, I won't have to pay rent. I'll basically save up my fellowship funds, and in 5 years, buy a house. Cornell's Sage Fellowship offers $25,000+ a year with 4 years of added summer support, and Teaching Assistantships during years 2, 3 and 5. Of course, I'd have to live in Ithaca, which is 4+ hours away from NYC, pay rent, and be away from my support system. It seems to me that NYU is the more practical option, but Cornell romances me. Cornell English actively seeks to push the envelope. (Although, a website communicates only so much truth. Is there anyone out there who can speak to this point?) Being outside of the city is also a temptation. NYC STRESSES ME OUT, but because it is NYC the resources are infinite. I just have to be willing to get up every day and travel an hour and a half to get there. Though, I'm so jaded by it all that I'm afraid I won't even bother to hit NYPL to get that one book that can be found nowhere else. Ultimately, however, I'm not interested in making unnecessary sacrifices. If Cornell isn't worth it, then Cornell isn't worth it. I'll go to NYU, which is an awesome program, do my research, collect my funds, graduate, buy a house, and *maybe* get a job to pay for it. The wisdom of the experienced is MUCH appreciated. Upvotes for all.
  13. Cornell 2017

    Hello potential Cornell Grads! I was accepted to their Chemistry PhD program on Christmas Eve! It was my top choice and I'm stoked! Anyone else attending the group visit on Feb. 24th? Also, general thoughts on whether you'll accept? I got into 4 other schools, the other top choice being UCSB. My focus is organic and polymers. Congrats to those also accepted!
  14. Hi guys, I'm interested in MEng degree from Cornell Tech and Berkeley. I wonder what the average admitted GRE for both. I know Berkeley has this information on their website, but I still want to know the exact scores if you can share. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I am a CS graduate from Carnegie Mellon based in Qatar. GPA: 3.1 , GRE: Q: 170, V: 168. I have 2 years work experience setting up and managing Carnegie Mellon Qatar's SMARTLab with the Associate dean, a lab aimed at encouraging crossovers between computer science and other disciplines. I have little research experience, but I have been working with a Computational Finance professor at CMU on using deep learning to create a market making algorithm for the Qatar Stock Exchange (however, no publications). I do have an entrepreneurial streak and was involved in a couple of failed startups as an undergrad, as well as helping a bunch of students co-found an idea for an educational app about financial markets through my lab that recently got a $100,000 angel investment. I am interested in applying for a Masters in Computer Science, but I am unsure as to what programs should I apply for - should it be more applied or thesis-based. I am currently considering applying to CSE at Harvard, and M Eng CS at Cornell Tech. Based on my profile, what are my chances in these programs ? What other programs would be a good match for me? Thanks.
  16. Evaluate my profile

    Hello everyone! I just took the GRE today and am slightly dissatisfied with my results (I performed much better on the power prep tests). I plan on taking it again as hopefully my first time can be boiled down to testing jitters. My current profile looks like this: Major: Aerospace Engineering at top 20 Aero School GPA: 4.00 GRE: 164Q, 157V ~3 years of research with regards to space resource utilization. Nothing published yet but I have done two poster sessions and was chosen to present at my state's capitol. I have multiple undergrad research fellowships, scholarships etc. VP of AIAA and President of Rocketry club (that I founded) 2 internships at NASA center Strong LOR's from acclaimed faculty and NASA employee I'm looking at MS programs in Aero Eng at: Stanford UC Berkeley MIT Cornell UWash UCLA USC I have confidence in UWash, UCLA, and USC but am not confident about the top 3. Let me know what you guys think about my chances!
  17. Hello! I recently got an admit at Cornell University for their MEngg (2 semester program) in the ECE department. The course fees along with the living expenses amount to $73,000 ( approx 50 Lakh INR) for a year. I'm a fresher and currently in my final year of Undergraduate studies at IIEST, Shibpur (erstwhile Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur). Is it a good decision to go ahead with the investment? Thanks
  18. After getting my application decisions for Fall 2016, I currently have 4 options: the MS programs at Yale, Columbia and ETH Zurich, and the MEng program at Cornell. I am obviously interested in really good courses and teachers (specifically in theory, algorithms and artificial intelligence), but also in getting some research immersion to decide whether I want to apply to a Phd afterwards. Any advice?
  19. I thought the waiting period was the most torturing, it turned out the decision time is no less tougher. I'm having a tough time deciding between SAIS (International Development - IDEV) and Cornell's CIPA (MPA - International Development/ Social Policy concentration). I'm actually accepted into SIPA (MPA) as well but without any funding offer, so this makes it impossible to me to even consider SIPA as a choice. I am, therefore, down to these two-- CIPA and SAIS. They offer me equally generous fundings so money is not the deciding factor here. I know SAIS seems like an obvious choice as its reputation in this field is almost second to none. It's also located in DC while I'll be rather far removed from action if I choose to go to Cornell. In short, here are my personal pros/cons of these two programs: SAIS Pros: - Well-regarded in the field. - Well-structured program (IDEV) with rigorous quantitative focus. - Good networking/internship opportunities in DC. - Strong alumni network-- the SAIS alums in my country just organized a welcoming event for the admitted students a week ago. SAIS alumni relations coordinated and made this happen in different countries around the world. I was really impressed. There were A LOT of alums turning up and they seemed to really have been keeping very well in touch. SAIS Cons: - Johns Hopkins is not as well known as Cornell in my country (I'm an international student on a Fulbright fellowship; I have to come back to work in my country for around 2 years after graduation). - As my undergraduate major was English, I have a very weak economics background and will be required to take online Principles to Economics course + Intermediate Microeconomics pre-term before the semester starts. I need to pass B- for both courses to be able to officially join IDEV. I know that I'm going to be putting my best effort in completing these two courses, but what if something happens and I don't get a B- plus? Would appreciate some insights from any SAIS students/alums here. - Very few courses on education development is offered. (I plan to focus on education development as my policy specialization). - No campus life. (But maybe DC can be my campus in this case? lol) CIPA Pros: - The MPA program at CIPA is unique in that it offers high flexibility to self-customize my own study experience. This means I can take courses across colleges and schools in Cornell to make sure I get the skills in the area I need. And of course, more courses on education are offered. - Beautiful campus; access to resources of the university. - I do not have to fulfill any additional requirements before matriculation. CIPA Cons: - Ithaca is beautiful but it's so far removed from action and this can affect internship/networking opportunities. I also consider myself a city girl-- not in terms of partying or nightlife--but I very much enjoy the city life. So I'm not sure if Ithaca would be too secluded in this case. - The program is less known in the field. - Too much flexibility in course selection can be a problem as well. - I only know/heard of a few alums in my country so far. Thank you for reading this until here. It's longer than I expected but I just wanted to make sure my predicament is clear enough for you guys to give me some useful advice.
  20. I suppose having to decide between two schools is a great problem to have, but I would really love any suggestions or advice to help make this decision. In terms of the big factors, both schools are pretty equal. I have full funding at both schools. Cornell pays ~$5,000 more, but I think both stipends are livable. Both schools have a few professors whose research interest me and both schools are highly ranked. I believe GT BioE is #2 whereas Cornell ME is top 10. Both schools also have qual pass rates of ~95%. Given these factors, I don't think I can go wrong with either school. In terms of differences, the weather in Atlanta and Ithaca are polar opposites. I prefer the warmth of Atlanta, but I did my undergrad in the northeast so I can survive Ithaca's winters. I felt like Cornell's ME department was much more close-knit and friendly, but I'm not sure how big of a concern that is. On the other hand, I appreciate Atlanta's massive airport, which will make visiting my family in California much easier. I am also considering academia and from what I've seen, GT seems to put more people into industry. Finally, this is kind of trivial, but I received a fellowship from GT, so I could stick that on my CV. Overall, I have no idea how I'm going to make this decision by April 15th... Help! What do you guys think of GT's BioE program or Cornell's ME program? Which school would you choose?
  21. Hi, I have been accepted to the following masters programs for Fall'16: 1. Cornell ORIE MEng (concentration in data analytics) 2. Georgia Tech Masters in Analytics (Computational data analytics track) I am very much confused in deciding between these two courses and I need to act fast. Any help/feedback/opinion/suggestion would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  22. Dear friends in Gradcafe. I'm an applicants of MPA (master of public administration) from China. And I have received 2 offers: Master of Science Public Policy &Management (CMU), MPA (CIPA) . I cannot make a final decision because both of them are great program that I want to be enrolled. About my futural plan: after finish a MPA program, I want to pursue study for PhD in policy research or applied economics. Therefore, I prefer to choose CIPA because of the Ivy reputation. However, I don't konw whether the low-ranking of CIPA will impact my Phd application? On the other hand, the MSPPM in CMU is famous for its quant-training, and if I want to apply for a Phd in applied economics, I need to make up for my quantitative skills. How can I choose? Thanks!
  23. I have got master of science offer in chemical engineering program of Cornell University and UCLA. I intend to get PhD, most likely staying in the same school. Any good recommendation?
  24. Hi guys, I see that HR is not too popular of a topic on here but I really hope someone can assist to provide me their two cents on what you would choose in my situation. I applied to some of the top schools for masters of human resources/labor relations (Cornell, MSU, Minnesota, UIUC, OSU) and was luckily offered admissions. I have narrowed down my choices to 3 of them but I am having a very hard time finalizing my decision. - School A (Cornell): Admitted with 1 semester waived tuition (I've always dreamed of attending an Ivy but it provides the least funding...Is there any possible way to negotiate?) - School B: Admitted with assistantship to waive 1st year tuition and receive a monthly stipend of ~$700 (Only 10hrs/week but not sure if it'll impact my studies. Also, it's not guaranteed for the 2nd year) - School C: Admitted with $12,500 fellowship for the first year plus in-state tuition for both years (No need to work and guarantees a cheaper tuition rate for the 2nd year compared to the other 2 choices) It doesn't seem like there is a clear cut ranking for HR Masters programs, but it seems like the same companies go to recruit at all of those programs. Would attending Cornell give me an upper-hand on job/salary prospects when compared to the rest of those top programs? Which school would you choose if you were in my shoes? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks~
  25. Hi, I have applied to quite a few Masters and PhD in Economics, and so far I have only received two responses, both which were somewhat positive, an admission offer from SFU with a $21,000 scholarship and an admission offer from Bocconi. Now, my problem is that Bocconi expect an answer before March 11th and SFU by then end of the month. I am still waiting for Cornell, UBC, and the University of Zurich (I sent that one very late, like 2-3 weeks ago). I honestly don't know what to do. Should I email them and let them know of my other deadlines (and offers?), and see if they can give me an idea of where my application is at? What about those two offers, how do these two universities compare? I heard bad things about Milan, how does the quality of life of those two places compare? I should add that I plan on pursuing a Ph.D after I am done with my Masters.