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Found 9 results

  1. mox

    San Diego, CA

    I did my undergrad at UCSD and am fairly familiar with the social and academic scenes at SDSU and USD if you have an questions fire away.
  2. I am going to start my PhD in Chemistry in Michigan State, however as I am looking for a place to rent I don't know what should be my limit for the rent as I couldnt find any avarage cost of living. They told me that ''The current annualized stipend for first year graduate students is $25,924, paid on a bi-weekly basis.(for 2019-2020) '' and '' Based on the anticipated increase, a 12-month stipend for the 2020-2021 academic year will be $26,442. ''. But I also couldn't find any information about taxes as I am an international student. If anyone with experience would help me, I would be glad ^.^
  3. The average rental price for living in SCU is about 1500$/month for a single studio(quite expensive for me, but very convenient), is this price the average price of living in silicon valley? I checked the surrounding rentals near SCU on Zillow, the price is little higher than live on campus, because I don't have a car, so I can only find available rentals with walking distance. If you guys have ways to find more economical living options, I will be very appreciate about that.
  4. As I, like several others, might find myself facing a choice between NYU and programs in other—far cheaper—cities, I am hoping that there might be a current NYU student or two hanging around that could share their experiences living in New York on the NYU English program funding. I know the finding package is robust, but I am worried about, among other considerations, rent and the cost of food. Grateful for any insight anyone can provide!
  5. Two acceptances so far at my top 2! Really tied in terms of research interests/funding/facilities/academic atmosphere/etc. (PI at one actually studied under PI at the other!) Main differences that I'm having trouble sorting out: Tech at A specific to my project ideas would need to be set up initially (by me), whereas is already set up and being piloted at B. Cost of living is high at A (almost making a studio apartment unaffordable), and (VERY) low at B (to the point of making a mortgage a no-brainer). A is prettier, topographically much more diverse than where I've lived all my life (I could actually hike and camp without driving 8 hours!). B is still in the midwest (hurray, flatland.) A has offered special sign-on bonuses and training-grant funding in addition to tuition and stipend. B is a lower stipend concomitant with the lower cost of living. PI at A is around to teach/discuss ideas with regularly. PI at B is also around to discuss ideas with, but is a bit difficult to meet with as they direct an institute (and thus have a lab manager run the show while still advising on projects.) Thoughts?
  6. Hi everybody Grads and non-grads, I'm going to tell my story but I think this post might help other people too I have been admitted to my first option of university (YEY) but I am not sure if the stipend they offering me will be enough to cover my living expenses. So, first set of questions: - Do you know any websites that show reliable information about cost of living in different cities in the US? - Besides rent what else should I take into account when assessing the cost of living in each city? I have already talked to people in the Program but I've been getting some mixed information about renting there. Meanwhile, I have also been admitted to my second option which is offering me more $$$ to go there. - How important is the stipend when choosing a university do your PhD?
  7. Hi, I have gotten into the following courses for Master beginning Spetmebr 2016: 1. University of Sussex: MA in Governance and Development 2. SOAS: Development Studies 3. Sciences PO/PSIA: Masters in International Development I'm also waiting to hear from LSE - Msc in Development Management/ Development Studies. As an international student coming from India, which would be the best university for me? Major factors include: 1.College Ranking/ Reputation 2. Funding/scholarships available available: As of now I have no scholarship offers from any university 3. Cost of Living / total cost in one year 4. Career opportunities/ Placements directly out of university (esp. for internatioanl students) Any suggestions would be of great help. Thanks!
  8. I've been accepted to the MA National Security & Foreign policy program at American University and the MA International Security program at the Josef Korbel School. I've been trying to choose between the two and it has proven to be a very difficult process. I will be relying on loans to pay tuition, so money is serious concern. I want a program that is geared toward policy development and encourages the 'think tank' approach. Help!
  9. Hi there, friends! I'm currently juggling between offers and can't help but begin to feel worried about stipend amounts between schools. They are incredibly low, even in California schools where the cost of living is quite high. A few examples can be found in any UC school, where a stipend of about $17,000 or $18,000 per nine months is expected to be enough. Of course, summer work is almost guaranteed...but is this possible? I'm the most frugal person I know and spend money only on necessities, but even so, I'm worried about this. I currently live on the east coast, so moving expenses would have to be taken into account. Does anyone have any suggestions or first-hand experience with these dilemmas?
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