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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all! My friend and I are offering a live interactive class on the "Fundamentals of Programming". Learning should be live and social. Even if it's online. Sailesh and I LOVE teaching. It's what makes us feel most alive. Sailesh is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Facebook. He has taught formally as an Adjunct Professor at GSU, as well as many other programs/universities. Across all of these engagements, over 200 of his students have received job offers. And the reason why his students perform so well is because his classes are interactive, and because they practice every day. We thought this was only possible in person, but then we decided to experiment and bring that learning experience to you, for free, online. We will have interactive coding assignments, quizzes and you can talk to us directly through the live chat. Starting today, classes are Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. People with any prior level of coding are encouraged to join us. While a basic understanding of programming concepts (loops, if statements, printing, = vs ==, etc.) is useful, it's not required. You can find out more about the curriculum and sign up here: https://keat.co/upcomingclass/fundamentals-of-programming-1612212653701x556236334813151200 Let me know if you have any questions! See you soon hopefully! - Sorusch
  2. I am an Indian law graduate, cleared the Indian bar exam. I don't have any pqe. I did some internships in law firms, NGO's, senior counsels. Post graduation, I was unable to convert them into a job. I desperately want to leave this country and find work abroad. I am looking for a course ( any course) that is non-technical (math is terrible), compliments my background and gives me ample opportunity to find meaningful and decent paying jobs abroad. At any cost, I don't want to return back to India. (Tired of the nepotism here). I have some good publications in Indian law journals and research internships. CGPA- 6.5/10 IELTS- 7.5 TOEFL- 100
  3. Hello everyone, I am a rising senior studying at a small liberal arts college where I major in Physical Sciences with a focus in Chemistry. I hope to study total synthesis in graduate school and have started working towards that goal. I have taken p.chem, inorg, and organometallics. However, I have not taken Ochem. Now, here is the catch, I was the TA for the course and carried out tutorial classes with them. In the fall, I would be taking retrosynthesis course. I know it sounds odd. However, would it hurt my chance? ## I have 4.5/5 GPA, done 2 summer research projects. I have spent additional 4 semesters doing research. Next year, I am going to do a senior thesis (just took GRE Chem last week!) Thank you
  4. Which for these two schools would be suitable for embedded systems? Please clarify in terms of courses, assistance opportunities and jobs. I'm confused and finding it difficult to choose from. Need a different point of view/opinion/guidance. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I work for a company in Michigan and we're looking for a statistics course that members of the company could take remotely or have a representative come on site and teach for a certain number of hours a week. I'd love some recommendations for good reputable programs or institutions that can help us. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys. Does anybody know what is the duration of the MA in International Affairs degree from the Normal Patterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) under Carleton University? Their page says 1-2 years, I don't understand if that means 1 or 2 or if I have an option.
  7. Hello all! I'm trying to study for my 2nd time at the Biology GRE subject test and am looking for more interactive, class or video study sessions. Simply reading doesn't seem to be doing it for me. If only there was actually a test prep course out there! Any suggestions? I had seen a review here: http://study.com/academy/course/gre-biology-study-guide-test-prep.html#courseNavigation and was wondering if anyone had feedback about review courses on there as well.
  8. Has anyone used the gre prep courses through study.com? For example I am prepping for the Biology GRE Subject Test and the link is: http://study.com/academy/course/gre-biology-study-guide-test-prep.html#courseNavigation Thanks!
  9. Generally in my collage we have 3 statistics and 3 calculus courses for an Econ major. An introductory course, an intermediate course and an advanced course. They're all pre-requisites and you have to take them in order as they build upon the previous course. My question is, my grades for the intermediate courses are poor, C and D+ respectively, while the advanced courses they're much better A and A- respectively, mostly because I've pulled my butt and worked harder. While this affects my GPA, do Econ grad schools look at overall GPA? Or do they just look at the hardest courses you've taken? Common sense would tell that if you can master the later courses then you probably know the material that builds upon it, and they should be ignored. However do grad schools take that into consideration? Thanks in advance.
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