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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! I am looking to apply for History of Art MA at the Courtauld, Beijing and Beyond: Art and Empire in Early Modern China option for September 2022 and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips for the application or just insight into how the MA is? Anything will be highly appreciated. Thank you
  2. Hi to all~ I am an international student applying for MA degree in art history. And I have received offer letters from three institutes: - Courtauld MA in History of Art (option: Continuity and Innovation: Reframing Italian Renaissance Art from Masaccio to Michelangelo); - Warburg MA in Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture; - Warwick MA in History of Art and Visual Studies Additionally, I am still waiting for MSt in History (Early Modern History:1500-1700) at Oxford. I’m stuck among these institutes and wondering which would give any advantage in applying for PhD program and jobs in art institutions. Thanks for your attention and welcome any advice about their courses, professors, future careers and more!
  3. Hi to all~ I am applying for a MA in Art History at Courtauld Institute of Art. I choose ‘Continuity and Innovation: Reframing Italian Renaissance Art from Masaccio to Michelangelo’ as my first option course. Courtauld just sent me an email that they would like to do an interview. I am wondering what they will ask. Does anyone know? Or have any suggestion for me? Many thanks for attention.
  4. (reposting this as realised I put it on wrong forum topic) Hello! Just got acceptance letter for Oxford's art history MA - as well as an offer for the art history MA in Print Culture at the Courtauld, where I am currently finishing my BA. So excited at the prospect of going to Oxford, but I loved my undergraduate course at the Courtauld so finding it really hard to decide (though will probably depend on funding eventually). Does anyone have any opinions on which ma might be better? Especially on the Oxford MA as can't actually find that much info on how many contact hours you get etc, and if the master there are supposedly as good at the BAs?
  5. It is May and I am still waiting to hear replies from the two schools I have applied in London. Birkbeck and The Courtauld. Is this normal? I did submit my application late (end of March). Is this a bad sign? This wait is incredibly frustrating. I need to find housing and get my student visa. And I don't know what to do???????
  6. Hi, I would welcome any tips or personal experiences of students who either studied/lived in London or in Edinburgh (UK). If any one has any personal information about the tiny town of St Andrews in Scotland, it'd be greatly appreciated as well. What are possible upsides vs downsides? Besides it being more expensive to live in London. I'm looking into doing both my MA and PhD somewhere in the UK so I really want to make sure that I'm choosing correctly. The MA is 1 year and PhD 3 years. Might it be cheaper to study in Scotland for the MA and then move to London for the PhD before, hopefully, starting working in London? Does anyone has any experience with living at Goodenough College in London? I would like to apply for the MA Thanks for the help!
  7. Hi, this is kind of random but at this time I'm honestly at my wits end and don't know who to turn to. I'm wondering if anybody has insight as to how strict Courtauld is with their admissions policy! I know they need you to have graduated with a good 2:1, or a 65% on average. I was given a conditional offer, long story short I have to send them my result transcript again to prove I meet their requirements of graduating with more than a 65% BUT this is the problem! I graduated with a 64.5%! I'm just 0.5% off their minimum entry requirement! So yeah if anyone could please just let me know if anybody knows how strict they are, if they're literally not even going to let me in because I'm .5% below the entry requirement, or if they're gonna turn a blind eye to that. I'm kind of edge about it because I have to pay them a hefty deposit to secure my offer and place on the course, but it's non-refundable !!! Thanks in advance! ps If I didn't make much sense, please tell me so I can explain it better! this whole situation is headache-inducing...
  8. Received offers of MA in art history from Columbia, NYU IFA, and Courtauld. Dunno which one to choose. My undergraduate focus was on 18-19th century French Art (Rococo art mainly), and crosscultural/inter-cultural art between France and China (chinoiserie mainly). It is also what I listed as the foundation of my MA research direction. The Courtauld project is to follow Professor Katie Scott on a 18-19th c French art track with one of the two semesters learning with an anthropology professor (Going to Courtauld means I would be limited in researching crosscultural and east asian art and would be solely focused on French art). The Columbia program offers me Professor Frederique Baumgartner as my thesis advisor. At the same times, I have possible access to Professor Harrist's courses on Chinese art. The IFA did not mention any specific professor who potentially can be my advisor, but I am inclined to follow after Professor Hay and Professor Meredith Martin if possible. My concerns: 1. Does any one knows about the academic quality of these three schools? Is there huge differences, in terms of professors, academic resources, research quality, etc? 2. IFA and Columbia offer no fund at all to international students like myself. Thus when taking the tuition fee into consideration, I believe IFA and Columbia cost about two to three times of what courtauld may cost me. However, perhaps I can apply to external fundings for my second year as a grad student cover some of the cost. (welcome for funding suggestions!! really needed!) 3. I am still not sure what I want to do after a MA program. I am inclined to find a job right after (want to be financially independent...), but I am also very interested in a phd track. I know that going after a phd is a huge commitment and if my MA is only one year (like at Courtauld), then my application to the phd programs would not be of much difference from my MA application. Really need help BEFORE APRIL 13TH to make the right decision!!! Thank you in advance who could give insight on my dilemma!
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