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Found 10 results

  1. Hey there everyone. I am a BSc Economics and Political Science 2020 graduate student, looking to start MPP by 2021 fall. I have to ask what kind of jobs should I look for because the NGO I was working with has shut down without giving me any certificate etc. Any job recommendations are welcomed.
  2. Hi all, I just learned that two programs that are top on my list (Yale ma/phd and Uchicago Art history phd) are both suspending their graduate program admission during the 2021 admission cycle because of covid-19. This will have major impact on my plans since I was going to apply to both programs in this fall. I'm scared that more programs on my list will make the same decision. And I'm also really scared that this will make the 2022 fall round extra competitive because there will be more students applying in the same round. I also have some other programs on my list that have not suspended their admission this fall (yet). I might still apply for them but I'm also really conflicted because Yale and Chicago are top on my list because there are faculty members I really want to work with in both programs. Also it wasn't easy for me to find suitable programs in the first place because I want to focus on contemporary East Asian and not every school has faculty who focus on this area. A bit about myself, I'm currently a rising senior at a small liberal arts college, majoring in art history. My school offers a AB/MA program so I also have the option of staying here for one more year and get a master in Art history and then apply to phd in fall 2022. I didn't consider this in the first place because even though my school has a solid art history graduate program, I would prefer to experience different programs and go to a larger university for my graduate studies. But it might be a good choice for me in this pandemic? Any general advice on what to do? Should I apply this fall to programs on my list that are still accepting students this fall or wait until next fall? If I decide to wait, should I stay and get the one-year MA at my school or go do something else (like get a job or internship in museums if I can in this pandemic)? Also, if you're someone who's experiencing the same struggle right now, what are your plans?
  3. Hi everyone. I am looking for some guidance re: SSHRC extensions in the time of COVID, particularly whether or not it would be okay to work 35 hrs/wk at my dream job while also having accepted the single term extension that was recently announced. Please try to reserve judgment. For context: I was fortunate enough to win a 36-month SSHRC CGS-D in September 2017. It was set to expire August 2020, but I and many others with that deadline are getting a one-term extension due to COVID-related research disruptions. Basically, those of us whose grants were supposed to expire anytime between March and August 2020 will be getting one additional instalment of funding in September. What a relief, right?! Anyway, I recently interviewed for my dream job with a nonprofit that does really meaningful work, and I was wondering if you all had any idea how this might affect my eligibility for the SSHRC extension. If I do get the job, I would still work to complete my PhD in my off time. I am mostly in the writing stage, with just a bit more archival data to collect once the archives have reopened. Plus, with my ADHD and severe back problems (thanks, grad school!), I really don't have it in me to be writing more than 15 - 20 hours per week anyway. I know the expectation is that SSHRC award holders be working on their research full time, but at this point in my degree I am so burnt out that there's no way I would be able to do that, with or without my dream job. (I will always be jealous of those who did not have to sacrifice their mental health for the PhD.) The SSHRC website indicates that working while holding the CGS-D is fine, as long as you can still be doing your research "full time." Honestly though, of the many SSHRC award holders I know personally, only one has the stamina to be researching on what is truly a full-time schedule. Plus, with him being in second year, this could very well change. It seems that most of us with SSHRC are kind of flouting the rules, and I have yet to learn of anyone getting into trouble for this. I know it is also a rule at my institution, though I can't find anything specific online. That said, I am curious to know if you've ever heard of a SSHRC award holder having to pay the money back for employment-related or similar reasons. I am trying to find out if there would be any major risk in my accepting the final instalment in September if I do get this job. I understand that my inquiry may come off as selfish, but I really could use the money to pay off my student loans. It's not like the nonprofit job is going to be paying the big bucks, but it is exactly the kind of job I would hope to get post-PhD so I would have been silly not to apply. Plus, the money has already been allocated for COVID-related extensions. It was part of the federal government's ~$19 million COVID support package for grad students, so I doubt it could later go to a new applicant with an even greater need. Alternatively, I could put in a request for a one-year "Interruption of Award," with the plan to re-enrol if the job doesn't work out after a year and I want to go back to school full time. I just feel like this request would probably be denied, since I would essentially be requesting an extension on an extension that's being given solely because of the very unique circumstances we are in now. The government is far less likely to agree to provide such financial support 12 months down the road, even if the economic impacts of COVID will be felt for years to come. Of course, I haven't been able to find anything about this possible option on the SSHRC website. I also hesitate to ask my department's administrator just yet for fear of being flagged as a potential rule breaker. If I'm going to try to get away with accepting the additional instalment of funding, it's probably best to feign ignorance. Again, I know this probably sounds shady as hell, but as someone who has lived in economic precarity for so long, it kills me to think about declining an $11k instalment that could literally change my life by finally getting me out of debt. Or worse, declining the instalment and later being fired/laid off from the nonprofit job, with no funding to fall back on were I to go back to school full time. What would you do if you were me? Again, please try to be kind in your replies. In all likelihood I won't get the job and this inquiry will be moot. Or, if I do get the job, my conscience will get the best of me and I will end up declining the extension. I just want to know if there would be any way for me to take advantage of the additional support, either in September 2020 or later down the line. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi!! I am having the absolute worst time re scheduling my GRE exam so I can take it from home. I was supposed to take my exam in June at a testing center near me, but that testing center closed. Proctor U is impossible to schedule with. Every single time I click any date in the near future, it tells me "It appears the time you selected has been blacked out or the exam time would extend into a blackout". None of the proctor U customer service people have helped me. ETS had my friend on hold for 2+ hours and then dropped the call. This same friend was supposed to take her GRE last weekend. She met with her proctor, scanned the room, etc, and when it came time for the exam, ETS was giving them trouble and they had to cancel her exam. Has anyone been successful in scheduling and taking the GRE from home?
  5. Please share this. We are just launching and reaching out to programs that may need studio facilities this fall and to teaching grads that may want to praticipate. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, NY July 14, 2020 // -- Working to address the critical need for remote learning options, a group of artists and educators with unique remotely accessible studios are stepping up to help universities. The Digital Studio Project will work to help schools retool for the pandemic crisis by providing remarkable online studio learning facilities to universities this fall. According to Mathieu Victor, the project founder, “Students will be able to robotically carve marble in the mountains of Tuscany and work to 3D print coral restoration structures in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. With an optimistic view, remote learning offers an opportunity to connect students with rare and remote experiences.” The project works to collect the most remarkable studios in the world that can provide live, interactive participation to participants. The project is structured so that once Covid restrictions are lifted students can continue to work with the studios in more advanced and hands-on opportunities. The project will also offer programming in addition to facilities. “Artist collaborations and cooperative projects help students think creatively about the use of these technologies. Our goal is to inspire students with meaningful and fulfilling projects. We are hoping to offer much more than a technical resource, our goal is to keep students engaged.” adds Marshall Birnbaum, the project art strategist. Inspired by an experience this spring bringing together a remote studio for the University of Pennsylvania school of architecture, the project helps schools provide critical practical experiences for programs in fine arts, design, and architecture. The Digital Studio Project does not offer courses direct to students but works to provide resources to established universities. “We work with participating schools and studios to design remote projects that provide students with remote learning experiences that are truly exceptional, as opposed to stop-gap solutions. We want to help motivate students to stay enrolled, give them crucial working skills, and engage them with real-world projects they can follow on to as life returns to normal.” Many of the changes made necessary by the crisis may very well become permanent. Online collaboration has quickly become an essential professional skill. “Our studios address a short-lived crisis, but also form the model by which our students may conduct the rest of their professional careers,” says Victor. The project will launch July 15th and will be adding new studio offerings to the roster in the coming weeks. Schools or Studio facilities that may like to participate should contact the Digital Studio Project directly. Contact@digitalstudioproject.com Photos and addition material here: https://www.digitalstudioproject.com/post/the-digital-studio-project-initiative-announcement Digital Studio Project Press Release.pdf
  6. Hi all. I'm just wondering how other schools of social work are handling the coronavirus situation. I am currently a second year student in Pitt's MSW program. I gave them a lot of grace in the spring because the situation was so unprecedented but at this point I haven't heard anything directly from the SSW in TWO MONTHS and according to the general Pitt schedule our classes are supposed to begin August 19th. More importantly, no one knows what is going on with internships. I still don't have a placement which is partially my own fault but it seems like Pitt is just leaving it up to individual field sites to be remote or not which feels kind of... insane? I personally am VERY skeptical that I will be able to get useful experience out of a remote field placement, especially seeing as it's my concentration year and I will be interning at this site for 720 hours. I don't want to pay $30,000 for a sub-par experience so I am thinking about taking a year off and trying to get a job working from home. I'm really curious to hear from other second year students but also those who are just starting their first year. If I take a year off and Covid is still a thing I feel like I might apply to transfer, too? If my degree is gonna be all online anyway, I might as well get it for much cheaper. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi! I'm planning on applying to clinical psychology phd programs in the fall, and I was wondering if anyone has heard if PhD programs have waived the GRE due to COVID (like many schools are waiving the SAT/ACT for undergrad)? I emailed ETS about their testing centers being open but I haven't heard back... To be completely honest I don't even feel comfortable going into a testing center with the current covid pandemic 😕
  8. Hi everyone, Congratulations on on your acceptance to graduate school! I was accepted into a PhD program in Social Psychology and have to move from California to Pennsylvania. And my university has not decided if they are offering online or in-person classes for Fall 2020 yet. The graduate coordinator said that a decision will be made in July. I'm hesitant to put down a deposit on an apartment without knowing the status of Fall 2020. Do faculty expect students to relocate if classes are online? Moving is hard enough, and I'm imagining the additional challenges with starting a PhD program alone in a studio/1 bedroom apartment during the winter. I'm wondering how COVID-19 has impacted your plans to relocate for grad school?
  9. Any other international students out there in the process of accepting an offer to NYU for the Fall 2020 semester during the COVID-19 pandemic? Have you started your i-20 application? I was hoping to attend Steinhardt for the Fall, but with everything going on, the uncertainty has me anxious in moving forward with my acceptance. Considering the cost of tuition, finding living arrangements, and other expenses, has the pandemic changed your plans? As of now, NYU plans to have in person classes this Fall, but who knows how things will move forward... Do you think it's worth the cost for online classes? Have any of you experienced any other updates other than the extended tuition deposit deadline? Sorry for the amount of questions, but I haven't been able to connect with anyone in regards to the topic. Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. I got accepted into Columbia MIA for Fall 2020 and I am not sure what's going to happen with my master's plan with this ongoing pandemic. My consideration is: I don't know if the pandemic will end in time to allow Fall 2020 to proceed normally (I'd like to avoid online class as much as possible) and the visa application is another issue since we don't know when the embassy will be open again for the visa application. What's your take on this and what's your plan? Are you considering to defer or do you just 'wait and see'? Thank you in advance!
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