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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, First of all, congratulations to everyone who got accepted for grad school. I just got rejected from Yale and I guess I will be rejected by other institutions I applied (NYU is the one that makes me feel the worst), I need some help to make better my application for the next year, I just wanted to know a little about the application forms of PhD candidates who are accepted to Yale, or any other American institution. Is GRE that much important? (as a foreign student) is there a min score for TOEFL (though it says that there is not in Yal's site, apparently there is a min score, isn't it?) ? Are grades that much important (because i'm a turkish student, studying in Paris since the bachelor's and master's degree, that's why my grades are not mind blowing)? To sum up, can you please help me to classify what is crucial, how to prepare the SOP etc. please? How was your application forms? what do you think caught the eye of the committee..? Thanks a lot in advance,
  2. Hello lovely people, I was was wondering if there is anyone who could possibly help grade my writing according to the ETS scoring criteria. It would be much appreciated:) If anyone can, please pm me and I will send you the scoring guidelines and my writing. Thank you in advance!:)
  3. I'm graduating from UCF in Spring 2017, and looking for Summer/Fall 2017 applications for graduate schools. I've already started the processes and right now am planning to apply for 4 schools- UT-Dallas, UCF, UF, USF (it's so expensive to apply!) My scores/criteria stands as: GPA- 4.0 in last 60 credit hours (working to keep that up until I graduate), 3.53 for all my undergrad credits GRE- 154 verbal, 152 quant, 5 analytical writing I'm part of NSSLHA I have a part-time job teaching color guard and have been actively involved in traveling with drum corps during the summer, so that shows dedication. I have another part-time job at the Rec & Wellness Center on campus as a fitness attendant and I'm part of the Risk Management program through the gym which helps with safety and prevention awareness I volunteer at a daycare which promotes bilingual teaching at a young age in order to expose children to two language (english and spanish in my case) at the same time, and I may become part-time there as a VPK teacher. So although I've not had any direct work in the field or as an SLPA or doing research (not really my top interest), I think I have several things to make me stand out along with competitive scores. I have LoR from a professor who attended and loved my #1 choice for grad school (UT-Dallas) and a few other letters from other professors I enjoyed learning from. Any comments or anything would help, I'm trying to sort out my chances and stuff
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