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Found 17 results

  1. Hi Folks, I thought I might set up a place where we can request feedback from our peers should any of us be interested. My PI is being a bit slow in returning critique for mine, so I'd be up to doing a swap with a couple other users for some preliminary feedback. Let's rock it this cycle! 🤘
  2. Hello! I am an aspiring forensic psychology grad student, just prepping for the GRE. I have written one practice of each of the Issue and Argument essay, and I am hoping a kind soul will be willing to give them a quick read-through and give me some pointers! They are not long, less than one page each. Additionally, if anyone has any expertise in the GRE, or forensic psychology in general I would love to connect with you! Thanks! essay practice may 11.docx
  3. Hello! I'm applying to International Relations program in Masters degree.. and I hope someone can help me with my statement of purpose.. It's really an urgent... SOP_12.pdf
  4. As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate. Efficiency has always been human's weakest point. Rise of technology have revolutionized the way people think about a particular task that required laborious thinking. Human's dependency on technology does not undermines their thinking ability, but instead it eases their efforts. It is evident that technology have developed the world to a great extent. Technologies like computers have been of great use that reduce the difficulty of the problem and makes it easier for humans. For example, a basic application like Microsoft Excel changed the way people used to keep financial records. Earlier keeping records was a tedious work.Once a data was entered it was difficult for a person to make changes without. And sometimes those changes made the work look dirty and untidy. Contrasting to that, Excel application has provided the options of Adding repetitive data, changing the values and easy categorization of data that reduced the difficulty of maintaining such hectic records. Such technologies have been implemented all over the world. Furthermore, technology is time saving. Calculations that required profound human thinking efforts that take several minutes can be solved within seconds using scientific calculators. Additionally, writing down used to be a lengthy process. For example, as a journalist writing each and every word of the interviewee used to be tedious and sometimes interviewer could forget or miss few points mentioned by the interviewee. But technologies such as audio or video recording have eased the work of remembering and writing down everything. Also, few applications like speech-to-text have narrowed down the effort. There are also many applications that is used to allocate a person's daily task according to the time and then remind of the task at allotted hour of the day. There are various technology that improves human thinking ability. Games such as puzzle games can improves human's problem solving and analytical abilities. Additionally few games improves brain's reflexes; games genre such as action polishes our brain's quickness to respond to a problem. Using such technologies makes a person's brain more efficient. Also some applications like Focus helps a person stay focused at the work he/she has to do. The information that once required hours and hours of searching through the books can be at your computer screen in seconds. Internet that is a pool of great knowledge only requires few seconds of typing a query and the information is fetched to you in no time. Although, sometimes humans rely too much on technologies that makes human brain lazy to think for itself. Calculations such as basic additions and subtract are better done in the mind instead of relying on a calculator. But every coin has two sides and the advantages of technology by far outweighs its disadvantages. Technology makes a human more efficient and smarter. Limited dependency on technology reduces human efforts and errors.
  5. Could someone edit my essays and tell me how to improve. These are my first practice essays and would appreciate further guidance. Thanks!! Essay 1 The Argument Quiot plant.docx GRE Essay - Experts.docx
  6. Prompt: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate. Could someone please critique my first attempt at an issue essay? Prompt: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate. Even though technology is a wonderful addition to our lives, as people rely more and more on technology it is evident that people will be less able to think for themselves. Technology does not always work and people tend to panic and forget how to do mundane tasks without it. Technology is a wonderful tool to improve productivity. We use it for everything to making phone calls, to controlling the temperatures in our houses, to knowing how many steps we take a day to improve our health. Although if the technology we rely so much on goes down, or we simply lose electricity, people cannot even seem to compete the most basic of tasks. As an example, teachers rely on technology to teach and when there is not electricity they find it very difficult to do so. The use of computers is used in center time as well as instruction time. It’s quite amazing how teachers have to really think about how to teach when the technology is not working. In many schools students all have their own Chrome Books to do all sorts of tasks on. Therefore, nothing can be done if the Chrome Book doesn’t work, or the electricity goes down. Technology is a wonderful tool for writing, but with spell check and grammar check people really don’t have to think about these things for themselves. Even with writing papers for college there are apps that help with citations of sources. In reality people don’t have to think for themselves, they just have to plug in their citations into an app and the work is done for them. If someone had to actually hand write an essay and know how to cite sources it could be detrimental for them. With spell check one just has to look for the underlined words to see something is not spelled correctly. This is also the case for grammar check. No longer do we have to use the dictionary to look up words or know the basics of good grammar. Most children these days don’t even understand what a dictionary is for or how to use one. Another example of people not being able to work without the use of technology is in the department or grocery stores. When a computer goes out, lines back up and the cashier has no idea how to add up merchandise and/or calculate the appropriate taxes on items. Generally stores just close down for a few hours because the technology has gone down. This causes a loss of revenues as well as intense frustrations for the people working at the stores and the people trying to purchase what they need. Technology is great when it works, but when it doesn’t it can cause problems. Yes, technology is an important part of our lives and living without it at this point seems to be something we simply cannot do; but technology is causing the ability of humans to think for themselves to deteriorate.
  7. Hi everyone, would anyone like to exchange SOPs for feedback? Mine is for Sociology PhD programs. Let me know and I will PM you. Thank you!!
  8. Hi All! I'm new to this forum and am an aspiring candidate to an MFA program. The problem is, I don't know which one or what to look for! I'm sure there are a million of these threads and everyone has a different story. I'm just trying to get some guidance for my particular scenario. I'm finishing my BA as a non-traditional student. My educational background was studio art, but this year I H ad to switch to a Graphic Design program and will be finishing in that program. So, my BA will be in graphic design but I want to get into an MFA studio art program - this is where my focus is even today while I'm finishing my BA degree. So, I don't have a large body of work and this is something I'll be working on over the next few months. So, first - as an online student who is working on entering a program outside of their final degree program, are there any resources for helping me to build a portfolio? Peer groups or anything? Are there programs that might be more appropriate for me than others based on my situation? My primary focus is drawing/painting and encaustic painting (using mixed media interdisciplinary). Is there a list of mixed media/interdisciplinary MFA programs across the US? To be honest (except maybe NYC), I'm open to almost anywhere. Just looking for a good program where I can learn and grow. Any guidance you can provide for me? Thanks in advance and have a great day! Phil
  9. These are pretty rough I know since they were my first timed practice essays. Any and all advice and critiques are welcome! GRE Practice Essays.docx
  10. Hi! I'm new to the GradCafe and I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm currently studying for the GRE (taking it Aug 24th), and I wrote my first practice Issue and Argument Essays. I'm looking for someone to go over, critique, and score them. They are very rough, as this was my first go at it. I stuck to the 30 minute time limit. I would appreciate any feedback! Thank you! Mac Argument 1.docx Issue 1.docx
  11. I have taken the GRE once before, and am now studying for my second try. I have written my first practice Issue and Argument Task essays and am looking for an expert to critique my work. If you are familiar with the Official Guide assessment criteria, please also include your estimated holistic score for each. Thank you! W1D6 Issue Task.docx W1D6 Argument Task.docx
  12. Hi! I am new to The Grad Cafe and was wondering if someone can critique my practice Issue Task essay? It is my first one. Any help is greatly appreciated. It is below! Thanks. Claim: Governments must ensure that their major cities receive the financial support they need in order to thrive. Reason: It is primarily in cities that a nation's cultural traditions are preserved and generated. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reason on which that claim is based. Cities are said to be breeding grounds for ingenuity; they embody the ideals of cultural diversity and advancements in all realms of societal influence. For example, America, the land of the free and home of the brave, would be nothing without its major cities that remain leaders in technological advancements, fashion/art, and even music. Because of this, it is imperative that governments ensure that major cites receive financial support in an effort to maintain dominance in all social and cultural spheres. Financial support from the government allocated to major cities will play a substantial role in how future generations create content, digest information, and share ideas. These resources will increase interaction with subjects in the arts, sciences, and humanities; all subjects that shape and mold cultural traditions. To illustrate the significance of such financial allocations, take into consideration the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field. For decades STEM fields have been in dire need of diversification, both in relation to gender and race. A field so widely dominated by white men because of issues surrounding access could now be welcoming to people of color and women through an increase of government funding. This financial support can increase access through providing more resources, thus creating more opportunities to learn which in turn can lead to more advancements in science, technology, engineering, and math. As the old adage proclaims, two heads are indeed better than one. Additionally, culture is usually synonymous with the arts. Federal, state, and local funding for arts programs throughout this country pale in comparison to other subjects such as science and technology. Financial support garnered from the government can shift how art is viewed and digested. More support in relation to arts means better access to free museums, and an increase in art classes for youth. Art breeds creativity. Increasing access to the arts will lead future generations to think outside of the box thus enabling them to strategize and create. However, while funding for major cities is an advantage to preserve and create cultural traditions, I do believe it is imperative that financial support be allocated to small cities and towns as well. Major countries and even major cities are built from young minds that emerge from small towns. Beautiful minds, strategic thinkers, and creators come from everywhere and while major cities have the funds and the resources to cultivate said talent, it would be a disservice to shun and forget about those who reside in small towns, and who have to leave small towns due to a lack of resources or sadly a lack of support. Imagine a world without Oprah! She was not born in Chicago but in a small town in the South. Imagine how different the world would be if small cities and towns received financial support as well. We could be swimming in human intellectual achievement. All in all, financial support from the government is imperative to preserving and creating cultural traditions. Financial support yields resources, which yields opportunity for youth to achieve their dreams, both in major cities and small towns.
  13. Would anyone be willing to critique my SOP? I am applying to Biostatistics Ph.D. programs. I don't feel comfortable posting it here directly, but I will PM you!!! Any feedback would be much greatly appreciated!!Thanks in advance!! 0
  14. I would appreciate if someone reviewed and critiqued my SoP. I will be applying soon. I would be glad to help someone out and give them my thoughts. Let's trade Statements of Purposes! Statement of Purpose.docx
  15. Hello, I am preparing for GRE test this coming September (15th September). Analytical writing is a daunting task, and I find myself hardly able to gauge my writing ability and know where to improve. Please, if you think you are good at analytical writing section, can you provide some comments on my writing? Comment on maybe: 1) score I can get 2) areas for improvement 3) strengths of the essay Thank you very much! Issue 1_13 June.docx
  16. Hello again! attached is another sample essay I wrote for Analyze an Argument for the GRE. I would really appreciate any feedback, to include what a realistic score this essay would receive (0-6). I select my prompts from ETS.ORG and use Microsoft word pad so there is no spell check. Thank you in advance for any help and feedback you provide! Below is the prompt and essay: prompt: The following appeared as part of an article in a business magazine. "A recent study rating 300 male and female Mentian advertising executives according to the average number of hours they sleep per night showed an association between the amount of sleep the executives need and the success of their firms. Of the advertising firms studied, those whose executives reported needing no more than 6 hours of sleep per night had higher profit margins and faster growth. These results suggest that if a business wants to prosper, it should hire only people who need less than 6 hours of sleep per night." Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain how the argument depends on these assumptions and what the implications are for the argument if the assumptions prove unwarranted. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A recent study found that exectuives who sleep less, tend to perform better at work. The result, they claim, is a more prosperous firm. Howver, the amount of sleep buissness executives receive does not drive a firm to prosper or fail. There are numerous other variables and invalid assumptions this study makes. Relying on a large sample size of 300 executives, the study portrays an overconfident attitude that its large of amoount of personnel examined provides more legitmate results. What the study fails to differentiate is how different each executive truly is. Each executive has different experiences both at work and at home. The study fails to go into further detail on which individuals are married, have children, lead large teams vs small teams, and enjoy thier work. An excutive who is single, manages a small technical team of 8 people, and enjoys his or her job will likley have a larger impact on a firm's successus than the executive who is married, has 3 children, and leads a diverse team of 30 people full of comnflict regardless of how much sleep they each get at night. They are so many other factors in the professional and personal life of each exectuive that can effect thier perforamnce at work and the overall success of a firm. This study relies too much on a simple response of how much sleep each exetucive gets instead of collecting and analyzing a plethora a data easily avaiable as well. IF the study did in fact isolate other variables, such as marital status, scope of repsonsibilty, and number of children then maybe sleep could be in fact the determinent of success. When all other variables are held constant it is much eaiser to see which one truly affects an outcomes. The article seems to also assume that high profit margins and fast growth are the key for a buisness to prosper. While these may both be solid indicators of a firm's success in a single snapshot, they don't necessarily determine a prosperous life cycle and model for a buisness. The article failed to mentioned is the data collected for profit margin and growth was simply collected in a single quarter or if over a year. If it was indeed in a small time frame, it could likely be a result of coincidence due to favorable macro-economic condtions. A strong market can make any buisness falsely inflate with growth and profit with staff of sleepless exectuives. Overall, the study really did a poor job demonstrating that the individuals who sleep less truly enable a firm to prosper. There is much room to detemrnine a prosperous buisness model. Had the study outlined the time frame in which the data was collected (quarter) along with several key variavbles such as profit and revenue then it is possible that to more confidenlty infer that these sleepless executives have consistent results and their sleep habits may truly affect performance. Quality of sleep is an enormous variable that the study fell short to address. The qualtiy of sleep an individual recives varies greatly based on age, diet, daily stress, history of injuries, and the type of mattress and bed. It could be very likely that the study neglected the age of the exectuvies. It is possible that the older (50 years plus) excetuives, who biologically dont need as much as thier younger counteroparts, thrive on 6 hours of sleep. The younger exectuvies in thier thirties simply are not adapted to sleeping such few hours. Additianlluy, the senior exectuives also have 20 plus years of experince on the younger exectuvies. This could also likley be the result for the higher permfroamnce and have nothing to do with sleep at all. The study is too ambigous in assuming that all exectuives studies incur the same quality of sleep without addressing the other important factors. If they considered an age bracket for exectuvies, matched that withthe number of hours slept, and still discovered less sleep led to higher performance then that would possbily suffice. Assesing a sample of people's sleep hours against thier performance is simply not sufficient to condlcude that sleep determines performance of an individual. There are many other variables to consider.
  17. Hello, I am currently studying for the GRE and seeing if there is anyone out there willing to read my practice essay and provide me with some feedback, and a realistic score I would likely receive on the GRE (0-6). I really appreciate anyone who takes their time to read it and provide me with valuable feedback. Thank you in advance!! This essay I wrote is for an Analyze the Issue response. My method of practice is to use Microsoft Note Pad since there is no spell check. I put the prompt on the same screen, and have a visual 30 minute timer going as well. Feel free to steer me in a better direction to execute my training if you think I can improve it. Also, I derive my prompts from ETS.ORG (https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/analytical_writing/issue/pool) Below is the prompt, followed by my response essay. Writing prompt: It is no longer possible for a society to regard any living man or woman as a hero. Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although societies across the world have advanced greatly overtime and the standard of living for many has improved, the dire need for help and to be saved will always persist. Some would argue that society can not deem any living man or woman a hero. However, society dies in fact have a consisitnetn need for a hero and obligation to recognize one. Due to the timeless need and respect for heroic actions, soceity will always have the special title "hero" to commemenatre living men and women who act as savior in a time of need. The title "hero" is special coveted role, that socieites will always don to special men and women for eternity. No matter how advanced society may become, their will alway be a need for someone to help in moment of distress. Those who courageously and successfully respond to these situations are heroes. When performed on a large scales, these actions are recogized by society as a whole. The end result is the title hero for the man or woman who demonstrated great courage. For example, a man drving by a car on fire and notices children inside decides to pull over and get them to safety. He succsullfy gets them out of the car before the fire engulfs the vehicle in its entirey. A man who has perfroemd these actions is nothing short of a hero. Any society would recognize the actions of this men, and declare him nothing short of a hero. His status as living or deceased bears no weight on his legacy as a hero. In today's society, the term hero is far from being reserved for those who have past and actions resonate a leganrdary story of heroic deeds. As a whole, we have become a more individualistic society. It is more common place to see people in a society consumed with his or herself. Social media profiles, customized smart phones, and inidivual aciveiment have promoted a culture in which the individual can flourish. a selfless herioc act is rarer today in such a culture and when they do occur they most cetianly hold more weight. In our society we have numoerus heroes who break away from indiviual hedonism, and exectue selfless actcs of courage. Society is far from reserving the title hero to those who are no longer alive. The trait of being a hero is absolute in nature. It is not a reltive term, but a title that society unanimously agrees upon. Any man or woman alive today can find themselves in a situation in which they act heroically and society bestows upon them the title "hero". A hero commits an act the is inherently selfless and sacrifical to an extent. A living person is more than cpaable to earn the title hero from society. Although the title hero can be merrited by any living man or woman, it be tougher to earn as acts of courage and valiance have been remembered in history. When earning the title hero, one must considered those who have come before him and really qeustion if he is worhty of the title. It would be easy to infer that it is no longer possible to regard any living man or woman as a hero. Often it can become overly competive to earn the tite, and soceity may relucant to make the observation at times. While heroes exist amongst society today, they may be relcuantly observed. Any lving man or woman can earn the title hero while alive from society. It is not soley lmited to those of the past and of folklore. It may be more and more difficult to differtiaite a hero today, but the need for a hero in every society will always be there.
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