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  1. Pros of OSU: - More faculty working on AI and RL. aka more potential advisors who want to do research I want to do. Pros of Duke: - Prestige (not more highly ranked in AI, but no one would know that) Any thoughts?
  2. I'm applying for PhD programs in Computer Science and my recommender had to travel international and lost contact with me. He did not turn in letter of recommendation for me. I had three LoR, one with another prof I did research with, one from a teaching faculty I TAed with and one from him. I started to work on his project since last spring. What should I do now?
  3. As a college senior myself, should I relax during the period when I get admitted to grad school? Because this is a path of no return...
  4. Hi Guys! I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread in, but I couldn't find any similar thread anywhere. So here it goes! All the Masters/PhD in Computer Science people who applied in Canadian universities converge here! Share your heart out, how you're dealing with the stress of waiting it out (Canadian universities are super late in sending decisions). Last I heard, SFU and UWaterloo extended their deadlines to February 15 and February 28! Man this is gonna take even more time!!!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm applying for ms cs this year in the following Canadian universities. U of T Waterloo McGill UBC McMaster I have GRE scores of Verbal 163 Quantitative 165 Writing 4.0/6.0. I have a 3.33 GPA from a top 3 university for CS(also known for grade deflation unfortunately) in the USA. How likely am i to get in to these universities for their Masters programs in computer science (non-phd)?
  6. I'm really uncertain of where my application falls. I was hoping I could get advice on which schools (e.g. rank wise) I should target, and which schools are likely to be a safety or reach. TIA I'm interested in applying to professional Masters in Data Science Programs (online and in person), with a focus in spatial analytics if possible. If your application is similar, feel free to share where you're applying to. GPA: Overall ~3.4-3.5 (1.98 first year, transferred & changed majors, 4.00 2nd - 4th year). Major GPA is 4.0. I had to overcome a lot of personal issues in 1st year which contributed to the low GPA. Major: Data Science (1/2 computer science, 1/2 statistics) Research work 1.5 years in self-directed research supervised by business faculty member. Not very technical, focus on managing implementations of data driven tech in government. I'm the first author, faculty member is the other author. Manuscript in publication, highly renowned journal. 2nd research project supervised by geography faculty member & is conference paper. 3 months work exp. so far, will be 6 months total. Curated and led a workshops about my research topic for an upper level class, with a few more scheduled until the end of the year. Other info: Canadian, first-gen immigrant, female Undergrad description: 3rd tier, low/medium research output, Canadian University GRE: taking my first exam this August, predicted scores are: low/mid 160s quant, high 150s Verbal, 4.5-5.5 Analytical. Really gunning for mid/high 160s for quant but we'll see. Other work experience: 2yrs construction project management, emergency flood restoration. I was working part time before and during first year. Upcoming job placement: (Jan 2022 - Sept 2022) hired as a Data Science/Data Analytics intern (fortune 500, not very well known though) Extracurriculars: professionally accredited classical pianist, volunteered 3x a week 2 years, contracted for a variety of events I've heard people say that you can jump 1 rank at most based on the ranking of your school (e.g. 3rd tier to 2nd tier) - how accurate is this rule of thumb?
  7. Got BS and MS degree from the US. I'm torn between Purdue, the University of Maryland college park, and McGill cs PhD. All full fund. All have very interesting topics and good professors. Purdue and UMD have large groups and McGill is a small group. What's more, Purdue and UMD's advisors are professor while McGill's professor is an assistant professor. Personally like Montreal's life, but the other two schools seem to have a better reputation. Really need some advice. Thank you very much!
  8. Hi All, Really looking to get some advise here! Please help out! I got accepted to Boston University's Artificial Intelligence program and Cornell Tech Master of Engineering in Computer Science this year. I am currently a full time software engineer (full stack and backend) who finished my undergrad in CS in 2019 and wish to transition into more data and ML related fields so Im pursuing a MS degree. During my masters I wish to try my best to put up a strong application package for PhD applications with more research exposure (RIP undergrad where I did not do any research). As I cannot make an immediate decision, genuinely asking which program would be a better choice for me?
  9. Hi Everyone, My profile is as follows BS (India) GPA 3.75/4, MS USA 3.6/4, GRE 301 V-149, Q-152, AWA-4 TOEFL - 106 (R-23, W-25, L-28, S-30) I have around 2 years of research exp and 6 months of teaching experience as TA during my MS No publications , working on a paper currently though. and a year of software engineering experience all in the US I am interested in human computer interaction and machine learning programs. I have shortlisted following universities. 1. Colorado state University 2. university of Texas Dallas 3. Iowa State University 4. Kent state University 5. SUNY buffalo 6. university of North Texas Do, I have any chances of a fully funded admit with this profile or should I retake gre and apply next term? I did email professors and mostly all of them encouraged me to apply and mention them in SOP. please let me know if there are any other universities I should look into. Thank You.
  10. Did anyone apply to CS@Max Planck Ph.D. Program? They ask LoRs after a first round of review. Is there anyone, who's LoRs have been submitted?
  11. (Sorry for another chances thread, if anything I'm just curious what people think...) Hey everyone, I'm applying for a masters in CS and would love to know what people think are my chances at some of these places/come from any similar backgrounds. Residency: Cal Purpose/Reason for applying/Writing: I've been working as an ML engineer for a few years after graduation, but I really want to go back to get a masters in AI. I am aiming to focus on adversarial AI/robustness/correctness and secondarily programming by example/NLP. For professional (i really think formal learning in secure AI is critical for me to implement this stuff in industry) and personal (its been a dream of mine to get a masters) reasons. Writing: SOP/Personal Statements are strong cause i've been working on them for several months and gotten them edited many times. They'd be stronger if i had more experience, but i think i've done the best with what i have. Education (2013-2017): UC BerkeleyBS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)GPA: 3.525 Major GPA: 3.4 Last 2 years GPA: 3.7 Bunch of Fs/Ds on my transcript (like 4 i think). I retook everything I got an F or D in, and those gpas^ are with those taken into account, so if you use an averaging method or something my gpa is probably much worse. I'm basically just convincing myself it doesnt matter, lol, even though I know it does. Went through hell sophomore year and talked about it in my personal statements where possible. Last two years i at least managed to get As/Bs for most classes, although actually my biggest worry is that I got a C+ in Machine Learning, and that's what i'm trying to specialize in. 🙃 GRE : 169 quant 167 verbal 5.5 writing (even though most places aren't accepting it anyways) Research: Here's where it gets a tiny bit better. Name on conference paper in the digital humanities (NLP + data viz to help answer questions about a religious text) freshman year. Wasn't really a great contribution or anything but at least its there. Then, two preprints in the field i'm interested in (adversarial ML), coauthored with some PhDs in a seminar i took. Both rejected from ICLR/NIPS (were close :/), and honestly we didn't push them forward after that but are on arxiv and cited by other folks at least. I'm playing those up a bunch and hoping they get read lol.Experience:-3 years of experience at a startup. Started as a software engineer, ended up as "senior machine learning engineer", only one in company, have lots of experience building software features there. Gave a talk at 2 conferences as well -1 year of experience as a 'machine learning engineer' at a FAANG company - Github is like meh, few NLP projects I put up there but nothing of note 😕 - Volunteer crisis counselor + on board of a (religious) nonprofitLetters of Recommendation: - Undergraduate compilers professor, I did really well in his class and was a course reader the semester after. Think he likes me enough tho probably still gonna be somewhat vague cause i haven't talked to him in a while - Professor who worked with me at the startup, he's a gem of a person and we've talked a bunch. I think his letter will be positive. He's super well known, not in the ML field, but still. - My manager, who managed me for 3 years at startup + current company. His letter will be extraordinary, we're close friends and he knows me very well. Schools: UCLA Berkeley (M eng, not MS) CMU (MS AI, MS CS, MS IIS) U of I Northwestern (MS CS for now, professional MS AI later if i dont get in other places) Georgia Tech UMass Amherst U Maryland U of W Professional masters program SUNY Stony Brook NYU ETH Zurich (why not, i know some german, and can pretend i'll be able to afford it) thanks
  12. Hi, I hope all of you stay safe in such a difficult situation. I'm planning to apply to the CS (to be specific, HCI) for the upcoming Fall 2022 semester. I know this might sound a bit 'out of time' question, but I'd like to ask all of you about my profile and gain some insight on my future application process. I have several top-tier pubs with low gpa, and I'm having trouble looking for some references for my future application. If possible, please give me any of the advice including evaluation of my profile, future direction of improvement, or some possible target schools. 1. Type of student: 3rd year in foreign univ majoring in ECE (ranked top nationwide, top-20 worldwide) 2. Major: ECE / Information science 3. GPA: 3.4 (Top 20% in my department, but I think GPA would be the weakest part in my future application) 4. LOR: pretty strong 5. Research: Worked for 2 years in lab, ACM CHI first-author paper with two co-authored poster and workshop position paper Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, My background is somewhat unconventional and I am having a very difficult time narrowing down the range of schools to apply to that I would likely get in. Especially since most graduate school profiles are vague on their admission statistics, it is difficult to determine what is a likely possibility of acceptance. I am unsure of which schools to target, if some of these masters programs are too ambitious, or if I am selling myself short. Right now, my school list includes the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Colorado Boulder, University of Chicago, Boston University, University of Houston, and a few others in between this range. Here is a glimpse of my profile: Degrees: BS Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M, GPA: 3.11 (I understand this is low due to my first semester in college; I can justify it the application). BS Computer Science through Oregon State University's Post-Bacc (Online program), GPA 3.75 GRE: Quant 166, Verbal 150, Writing 4.5 Work experience: Data analyst: 1.5 years Manufacturing engineer internship: 1 summer Research assisting: 6 months, no publications. Demographic: US citizen, female Firstly, I am unsure of how my GPA will be evaluated since I will have two technical degrees from different universities of varying difficulties (one being a traditional bachelor's degree and my computer science degree being online) and with the distinctive gap between the two grade point averages. Secondly, my work experience isn't exactly software engineering. In my data analyst job I developed a Microsoft PowerApps platform and in my research position I programmed in Matlab to evaluate EEG signals. While these projects lead me to pursue my post bacc computer science due to the programming nature, I currently lack the experience of having a position completely devoted to software engineering. Any advice is welcomed! I keep going back and forth on selecting schools to apply to due to all of the uncertainty of my application statistics with the current degree programs. Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. I'm going to graduate with my BS in Aerospace Engineering next spring. Due to a variety of factors, I have decided to pursue graduate-level education, and I would like the opportunity to do it in CS, as that is where my interests have lied for roughly a little more than the second half of my bachelor's degree. I'm well aware that a transition from AE to CS is unorthodox, and I'm concerned that many good programs (both at prestigious and not so prestigious universities) will think that I'm unqualified. Does anyone who has either made the transition (or a similar one!) themselves or know somebody who has have any tips for being successful in making the switch? Here's a little context about me: Two major industry experiences. The first in the systems/test wing of software engineering (but I did a ton of programming) and the second in a more formal software engineering role Research in ML High GPA Anticipate a good GRE score A bunch of extracurricular experiences In terms of preparation for CS, I will graduate with rigorous (my school is really good for CS) formal coursework in the following areas: Intro CS (Java programming and some light data structures) Data structures Discrete mathematics Data visualization (this was a master's level course) Algorithms Computer architecture or systems programming (I might need to do a little prereq fenagling to get the systems programming course; will definitely have one of the two) My aerospace background gives me some additional unrelated but somewhat relevant preparation in: Control systems Numerical methods Autonomous systems When applying, I intend to portray myself as an aerospace person who wants to develop a stronger CS skill set to make deeper contributions to the industry by advancing how it handles and processes data, secures software and networks, or develops large, integrated systems. Any help or tips would be very appreciated. If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it.
  15. Hello there, I have a PhD offer from UT-Dallas and another one from University of Rochester. Both are funded- UTD(stipend around 1.8k and UR stipend around 2.3k) I think both are great offers but I'm confused as to which would be better for me. for University of Rochester, I have a supervisor while for UTD, I do not have a supervisor yet, and I'll have to find one after I start classes. My interest is in NLP and ML, but I have not been able to narrow it down any further. I think that talking to alumni or current students of the institution would help immensely. Is there anyone here who have attended either of these programs? If so, what did you or did not like about your program? How are the programs viewed in terms of career opportunities in the industry and academia? How helpful are the professors and what is expected of you in terms of research? If there is anyone who's going to either of these programs this time, what are your reasons for attending this program?
  16. https://chat.whatsapp.com/H36MaEOIyVf3qTSrPObs5R
  17. My preferred area is ML/AI/CV. JHU has a very small and competitive batch size, although it is not the best ranking wise. It is not the best for CV, but guaranteed assistantships and opportunities for research. UMass has the best ranking and is the cheapest but it's got an insanely large batch size. I don't think most MS students have a shot at doing proper research as their PhD count is 150+ as well. Also not really looking forward to staying at a town compared to the two cities. NYU offers the best job prospects at startups, but is the most expensive. Moderate batch size. Can you guys suggest what is the best pick?
  18. I got admitted into the Master of Science programs of these two schools, majoring in Computer Science... Any advice on which one to choose? 😃
  19. Hello. I've always known that USC is a very good school, but I was surprised recently when I checked csrankings.org that they're within the top 20 for AI/ML (my field of interest). I'm looking to apply this year so that I can (hopefully) start in the fall of 2021. I'm not looking for a generic "what are my chances" post, but I would like some advice on what I could work on in order to improve my chances for admission. 1. GPA: 3.2ish/4.0 (undergrad), 3.85/4.0 (master - 1/4 semesters) 2. GRE: 163V/169Q/5.5AW 3. Research: No major publications. One paper submitted to an int'l conference waiting results, one publication in a domestic conference (I'm from Korea), working on one paper to submit to a top-tier in two months, and if that doesn't work out I'll keep it as a preprint on arXiv. The only things I can improve are #2 and #3 (maybe #1 if I do well this semester). Do you think I should take the GRE again? Also, would it be a deal breaker if I don't have any major publications yet? Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Hey Everyone!, a newbie to this forum here! I am a prospective student who will be applying to the MS Computer Science Program at Georgia Tech. I have a unique doubt. I have already submitted a Ph.D. application (ML Ph.D. program) at Georgia Tech. But according to this link (https://grad.gatech.edu/helpdesk/knowledgebase.php?article=7), a student is allowed to have two open applications per semester. So, my first question is that then it should not be a problem if I decide to apply to the MS CS Program, given that I have another submitted application already, right? Second, if I am allowed to apply to the MS CS Program, I have another doubt, the deadline for the Ph.D. Program was December 15th, and I will be submitting the MS application by February 1st. And since I am in the last year of my undergraduate studies, I now have the results of my Fall Semester with me as well, so the transcript I will be submitting with the MS CS Program will be the updated one and will be different from the transcript associated with my already submitted Ph.D. application, will this cause any issue in any regards? One Side note: the ML Ph.D. application was submitted to the Industrial Department while the MS in CS one will be forwarded to the School of Computer Science. I want to submit my updated transcript because I scored a perfect 10/10 GPA in my latest sem & so it increased my GPA by 0.08. Since it is a competitive program, I think this will give me an advantage. Since I am in a time crunch, sorry if I did not adhere to any of the rules of the forum, Hoping to hear a reply from you people in regards to both queries as soon as possible. I tried contacting Georgia Tech with this query but to no avail.
  21. I am a CS grad and after 4 years of experience I am thinking about pursuing MS. My intention behind MS is purely getting into research and robotics. I plan to learn raspberry pi and quadcopter on my own time first before approaching any professors for RAship. I am targeting a fully funded MS either by TAship or RAship. Please advise.
  22. Hey guys, I got accepted by the Master in Intelligent Information System (MIIS) and Master in Computational Data Science (MCDS) programs in Carnegie Mellon University. Both programs are industry-oriented and are provided by the Language Technology Institute. As far as I'm concerned, the main difference is that MIIS is more focused on applying Machine Learning to Natural Language Processing as well as Text Mining while MCDS focuses more on Machine Learning itself as well as Data Science. Personally, I'm interested in all the fields mentioned above so it doesn't matter which one I choose. However, a balance between study and social life means a lot to me. Please let me know which one (if any) has a chill environment and is less competitive. Thanks
  23. Hi all, I'll be starting next year at a public R1 university with majors in Mathematics and Computer Science (and possibly a minor in Econ) with a number of math credits I earned through dual enrollment during high school (Calc 1, Calc 2, Calc 3, Diff Eq's, Intro to Analysis, and Modern Crypto). I've been reading through my university's course progression, prereq flowchart, etc and quickly realized that I am very much a fish out of water when it comes to selecting courses to take during my undergrad. Based on the little contact I've had with a departmental advisor, I'd be able to start on a Master's degree (albeit forced to) at my university for Math in my Junior/Senior years if I want to be able to continue to take graduate math classes beyond the 2 that my university allows for undergrads. My question is basically this, what Math/CS courses (undergraduate/graduate) do you all recommend I take in order to put myself in a good position for applying to top20 grad schools as a prospective math PhD? In terms of a future career, it'd be interesting to work as a research quant in a WSB.
  24. As said above, I really don't know what to do. MS in Information Systems on NYU or MS in Computer Science in UChicago. Costs are the same. Any thoughts?
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