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  1. Do you have to resend your college transcripts to CSDCAS if you previously applied using their system? I applied in 2018. Not sure if I need to do this. I have green checks on everything and I'm able to submit an application. EDIT: I got my question answered!
  2. Hi there. When you uploaded your personal statement documents into CSDCAS, what type of format did you use? Did you address it to someone at the top (Attn: Graduate Selection Committee)? Did you sign it at the end? Did you include a heading with your name, address, information? Did you include the school's name, address, information in the heading? Or did you just include the body of the personal statement itself? Thank you for the help!
  3. How long are our CSDCAS experiences, descriptions/key responsibilities supposed to me? Is 2 brief sentences sufficient? Anyone have advice or experience with this? I've heard different answers from people.
  4. How many experiences are you guys listing for your CSDCAS and CAL STATE schools? It seems really redundant to keep putting the same things that are on your resume but I understand that it helps you stand out. Any advice? Thanks!!
  5. Has anyone had any issues with their CSDCAS GPA being calculated differently than what's on your 'official' transcript? Mine is dramatically different, for a specific reason. I started as a jazz performance major ?, did horrendously for a year, and then dropped out. After a 9-year hiatus I returned to school in my CSD program, and was offered to enact the policy of "Academic Forgiveness" which reset my GPA. This was awesome, as I started with a clean slate and didn't have to dig myself out of a GPA hole. All sunshine and flowers. After submitting my grad apps about a month ago, I rea
  6. Can anyone clarify for me how to go about doing the "academic update" for CSDCAS?
  7. Just a clarifying question - Recommenders submit one letter on CSDCAS and that letter is sent to each of the programs on CSDCAS, is that correct? One of my professors wants information about who to address his letters to, etc. and I just wanted to make sure for the CSDCAS programs, it'd just be a general salutation since it's sent to multiple schools.
  8. Hi everyone! For those who requested recommendations from employers, did you email them documents such as your transcript or a copy of your statement of purpose for them to review while writing the recommendations on your behalf? I'm applying to several programs via CSDCAS. I asked my supervisor and a special education teacher I worked with to write me letters. Do they need supplement items in order to write me a stronger recommendation? Or would it be better if I just submit the request form to them without those items? I would love feedback about this. Thank you
  9. Hey everyone , I know deadlines are here and we are all filled with anxiety but I came across a MAJOR issue ! i was unaware of the verification factor in my application I had my transcripts sent MONTHS ago so I thought that was all I needed to start . I did not know I had to pay to receive verification and just submitted my stuff this past Friday . Has anyone experienced this problem or know anyone who did their verification last minute ? I emailed most of the schools and only ONE said that it MUST be verified by the 1st ...all the others said as long as they have access to my i
  10. I got this really troubling email from csdcas and I’m not really sure what it means. Can someone explain this to me? Does this ruin my chances of getting in? A lot of my deadlines were by the 15th of January. I got this email just now so there’s nothing I can do about it until tomorrow, but I definitely plan on calling them tomorrow and sending out another transcript immediately.
  11. So I sent my GRE scores from ETS months ago to all of the schools I'm applying to with the correct codes and everything. A school reached out to me the other day saying they never got my GRE scores, which i thought was weird since I did everything right. I emailed CSDCAS about this asking them to verify, but they haven't gotten back to me in 4 days. The deadline for many of my schools is the 15th. After double checking everything, I realized that somehow I managed to enter my birthday on CSDCAS as one day away from my real birthday, which ETS has. I believe this is why my scores aren't posted
  12. So I sent my GRE scores from ETS months ago to all of the schools I'm applying to with the correct codes and everything. A school reached out to me the other day saying they never got my GRE scores, which i thought was weird since I did everything right. I emailed CSDCAS about this asking them to verify, but they haven't gotten back to me in 4 days. The deadline for many of my schools is the 15th. After double checking everything, I realized that somehow I managed to enter my birthday on CSDCAS as one day away from my real birthday, which ETS has. I believe this is why my scores aren't posted
  13. Hi everyone, I have a somewhat specific question and I'm hoping someone can help! I'm doing my post-bacc and planned on going to school full-time this quarter, but for financial reasons, I am taking two classes (instead of the four I listed as planned on CSDCAS transcripts). I'd like to update my planned coursework so my schools can see I'm taking the other two pre-reqs this summer instead, but it seems like I can't make changes to pre-requisite classes on CSDCAS since I've already submitted applications. When I try to delete the pre-reqs from my Winter 2018 quarter to add to Summer 2018
  14. I'm freaking out because I had a friend tell me that CSDCAS takes four weeks to "process" applications therefore you NEED to have all apps due 4 weeks BEFORE the deadline. I knew it was always smart to turn in applications early but I do not understand this. If this is true, why would they write the deadline as say for example, December 15, when in actuality this means it's all due November 15th? Also was does it mean that an application has to be "processed"? Does this also mean that when asking professors for LORs we should give them the 4 week prior deadline? I just need some clarification
  15. Hey everyone! I'm finishing up with my CSDCAS application, but had a few quick questions about the transcript entry. First of all, if I have a class that's listed on my transcript as withdrew (but not due to failing, just because I decided I didn't want to take the class), what would I list it as under grade? I wrote W (withdrew), which is what is written on the transcript. I tried looking it up but only saw WF, which would mean withdrawn fail, which I obviously don't want to put. Also, would I write this as 0.00 credits? Since I didn't earn anything? Also, I do have a course that I
  16. I am worried sick... I just submitted a few applications through CSDCAS and I thought I had all of my materials sent in (GRE, official transcript from my main university, letters of rec) but because I entered grades for a community college I am attending at the moment, I am also required to send in that transcript (I did not realize until after submitting). The college only sends transcripts through mail and because it is the holidays, I fear my request will not be processed any time soon. In the confirmation email, CSDCAS requires all "required transcripts" to be submitted before m
  17. I understand that CSDCAS needs to verify your application and this can take up to four weeks to complete. However is it just transcripts that need to be sent in for CSDCAS to verify? Or do they need EVERYTHING including evaluations/letters of rec? What exactly does CSDCAS need in your account for them to move onto the verification process. I am especially wondering because I am nervous that my professors will not get in my evaluations four weeks prior to my application deadlines but I still want my application to get verified before the before the deadlines.
  18. Hello everyone! I am slightly freaking out because I waited to get my official transcripts sent to CSDCAS from my university. I have a graduate school app due tomorrow, and I submitted everything. My CSDCAS application needs to be verified. I am nervous that this will inhibit me from applying to grad schools and not having my application looked at. It said it'll take up to 4 weeks, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with how fast this process takes and if it prevents me from meeting the application deadlines of specific graduate schools? Thanks for your input, I am nervous a
  19. I have been researching these and can't seem to find definitive answers. If anyone has some insight, it would be greatly appreciated!
  20. I was wondering if anyone knows of SLP Masters programs that only use CSDCAS as part of their applications (no online school-specific applications or supplemental fees). This is because I have been considering adding a few schools to my list to increase my chances and if they are only on CSDCAS that would make my life super easy because my CSDCAS is pretty much filled out and I would not have too many extra fees. Thanks!
  21. I'm just curious about how long the verification process took for others based on the time period they sent their first application. I know that it's on a first come first serve basis so it probably takes longer for CSDCAS to verify later in the application cycle I am planning to submit my first application in around 11/19. For those who remember, when did you turn in your first application and how long after was it verified?
  22. Hi everybody, I'm back from my long hiatus and am doing exactly what I did last year: starting the new thread for new applicants right before CSDCAS opens. Hopefully by 2018 I'll have gotten in and won't be here doing this anymore, lol. This thread is for everyone applying for 2017. That includes spring, summer, and fall applicants from any and all countries! Are you guys ready for this round? Who else is applying again that didn't get in before? How's life? etc.
  23. Hi guys, So I know that CSDCAS takes all grades and puts them into one cumulative GPA (including professional schools which makes no sense). However, my first choice grad program uses CSDCAS and also requires transcripts to be sent directly to them and another application filled out for their university. They specifically state that they don't require all transcripts, only those from undergraduate institutions. So, does anyone know if in that situation they are only going to look at GPAs from the transcripts I send instead of just CSDCAS? My GPA for professional school was very low and ev
  24. I do not mean to make this post long-winded but I do want to take a minute to verbally articulate my experience going through the Audiology admissions process for Fall of 2017. I applied to 10 schools altogether, 5 through the CSDCAS system and 5 through individual university application portals. As for background, I attend a competitively ranked research institution and will end with a 3.3 GPA while scoring +315 on the GRE. My undergraduate education is in neurobiological/ cognitive sciences and I have plenty of relevant research and shadowing experience. I quickly found through this ap
  25. Hi everyone! I can't find a forum for this, but wanted to know what to do/ if anyone else has gone through this. My undergrad GPA is above a 3.5; however, CSDCAS calculated my undergraduate GPA to be 3.45..... does anyone know if schools base their decisions off of this or my actual transcript? I'm freaking out because the 3.5 cut off is critical and they just put me under it. I'm calling them tomorrow, but am unsure as to if this happens to everyone or not.
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