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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am from India and want to pursue a Masters in Computer Science. I want to specialise in Systems and Softwares with some breadth in AI/ML. I would like to know if there is a difference in quality at Purdue Fort Wayne and Purdue West Lafayette and which one is better. I get the professors will be different, but is there too much of a difference and how is it viewed in the industry?
  2. Hi, Has anyone applied for a PhD program in CS at UCL this year? I applied last month and my application was completed (with both references received) at 1st of this month. What is the typical timeline for UCL PhD application? What are the next steps?
  3. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has heard back in regards to interviews? Thanks ?
  4. Hello everyone, I am applicant from India wanting to apply for Masters program in Data Science/Data Analytics/Computational Chemical Engineering. My humble request is to review my profile and suggest me some universities I should target for applying to the Masters programs. Also, if someone could suggest any chances of obtaining a funded masters opportunity at some universities, it would be awesome ! Thanks in advance ! Profile: - Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) with GPA of 9.3/10 - Major in Chemical Engineering with Minor in Computer Science and Engineering - 2 years and 3 months work experience as a Data Scientist and Analyst at a BigData Analytics startup - GRE Score : 320 (153 Verbal, 167 Quant, 5.0 in AWA ) out of 340 - TOEFL iBT Score : 116 out of 120
  5. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of which schools have CSE and/or EE masters programs that have less of a focus on an applicant's research background and more of a focus on things like employability, salary, and GRE. Particularly masters programs that can be completed mostly or entirely online. My situation generally is this- I'm a patent lawyer looking to improve my technical background by getting a masters. I initially took the GRE on very short notice and got an annoying split (for someone looking to do engineering) of 162Q / 163V / 5.5. For the purposes of this question lets assume I can bump Quant. to about 165 to the extent that would help. I have some pre-law school engineering experience but have no interest in doing any research. It would seem to me that masters programs which can be completed online wouldn't have any reason to care about that, but I really have no idea and there seems to be an emphasis on research experience for master's programs generally. So any info people could offer on specific schools which might be known for valuing GRE scores, employability, or having a diverse class from a professional background perspective would be greatly appreciated. Also any info on whether there is a known difference with online programs (particularly non-thesis ones) and what they value. Thank you.
  6. Major: CSE GRE: 300( Q-164, V-136, AWA-2.5) TOEFL: 84( R-21, L-22, S-20, W-21) CGPA: 3.72 Job experience: almost 3yrs as a software engineer Research Interest: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Mining,NLP I know my profile is not good. But still there is a chance, right? I searched some universities. According to my profile, somebody can advise me to choose university correctly for Ph.D. It would be a great help to me.
  7. Hi, I am a CS graduate from Carnegie Mellon based in Qatar. GPA: 3.1 , GRE: Q: 170, V: 168. I have 2 years work experience setting up and managing Carnegie Mellon Qatar's SMARTLab with the Associate dean, a lab aimed at encouraging crossovers between computer science and other disciplines. I have little research experience, but I have been working with a Computational Finance professor at CMU on using deep learning to create a market making algorithm for the Qatar Stock Exchange (however, no publications). I do have an entrepreneurial streak and was involved in a couple of failed startups as an undergrad, as well as helping a bunch of students co-found an idea for an educational app about financial markets through my lab that recently got a $100,000 angel investment. I am interested in applying for a Masters in Computer Science, but I am unsure as to what programs should I apply for - should it be more applied or thesis-based. I am currently considering applying to CSE at Harvard, and M Eng CS at Cornell Tech. Based on my profile, what are my chances in these programs ? What other programs would be a good match for me? Thanks.
  8. I'm currently a senior year student in the EE department at a Bangladeshi University, and I'm 2 months away from graduation. I'm considering applying to US universities for graduate studies. I expect to graduate with a CGPA of about 3.8 (junior and senior year: 3.93). I am a bit confused as to what to choose for my Graduate research field. My research experience includes two different fields. First, I participated in an International Competition, developing a Machine Learning system (software) for classifying the origin of media recordings. Second, for my undergraduate research I've worked on nanophotonics, in particular, the enhancement of light trapping in novel solar cells via metal nanoparticles with computational methods. Now, while applying for graduate schools I'm confused as to which line of research would be better for me. I'm highly enthusiastic about modern (quantum) physics in general, so I am naturally drawn towards nanophotonics/solid state/ quantum electronics. But, I'm unsure about the future of these fields and the kind of jobs that these fields entail, and the chances of even getting a job. On the other hand, I am a good programmer, and I feel like Deep Learning/ Machine Learning programs would be a safe and good choice, because of the possibility of a lot of application of these fields in the near future. I do enjoy working on these also, but I have never before thought about going into these fields. So, could anyone who knows about the implications of working on any these areas discuss the kind of work that I would be doing and put forward any suggestions as to which might be a better choice. Any suggestion in general is welcome. Thanks a lot for your time.
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