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Found 7 results

  1. I have been accepted on to Columbia's MSW (at CSSW) for the Fall of 2022. I am a British Citizen on a very low income (unqualified social work) and am looking for sources of funding as I have no savings. I am hoping to find out the following: - sources of external scholarships for doing an MSW as an international student in the US - information about charitable loans that do not require a US citizen co-signer Any help would be much appreciated as I am finding it really hard to get through to anyone at Columbia
  2. Hi everyone! I just submitted my application for the Spring 2022 term at Columbia. I was wondering if anyone else applied for Spring as well?? I know they said the average time to hear back is 8 weeks, but I do hope they start rolling out decisions earlier since they don't get as many applicants in the spring.
  3. Hello! I am having trouble deciding between the two schools in the title. I feel pretty set on Columbia but also wonder if it's worth the price tag and debt I'll possibly accumulate (assuming I don't grind for scholarships/fellowships lol) if I'll receive the same kind of education and opportunities at Maryland's School of Social Work. Plus, my therapist actually went to Maryland and she's fantastic to say the least. Additionally, I'm not sure if I want to stay and settle in Maryland since where you'd get your MSW can be indicative of where you'll stay to live and work as a whole. Anyone who's in or been in a similar situation please give me your thoughts!
  4. Any other Columbia hopefuls out there? It's my top school and I just thought it would be nice to have a thread started for CSSW applicants for 2017! I've applied for the standard 2 Year MSW program. Let's all keep each other updated on our application statuses and such!
  5. Hi, I am currently choosing between Columbia and Rutgers for Advanced Standing. Neither school will give me a financial package yet. Here is my problem: I don't think I want to be a social worker. I have a passion for higher education and helping first generation college students get equal opportunities. This is not the most social work related. (already heard many times I should have went for a masters of higher education degree). But I didn't. I've gone to Rutgers all 4 years and never lived in New York. My parents are very supportive of me going to Columbia (even though I don't know what's best for me). Rutgers uniquely has field placements that let me work with Rutgers students/higher education on their campus, while Columbia doesn't. However, I originally wanted to do everything I can to avoid going to Rutgers for another year. I know I want a more macro/administrative job with my degree, even though I don't know where my passion lies outside of higher education/college students. Should I try for Columbia? I read all those posts saying it isn't worth it and its just a name blahblahblah but I've been at RU for years and am definitely not passionate enough to be here an extra year. I am wondering if living in NY will give more more opportunities. Cost is an issue of course but I am trying to decide what's best for me without basing it off cost. Any insight? What does Columbia have that Rutgers doesn't?
  6. Hi all, I got into Columbia and Hunter MSW programs and I simply can not make up my mind. Does it really just come down to name value (Columbia) vs cost (Hunter)? I'm from Israel and been living in NYC for the last year and a half, studying in Columbia will be a great achievement but I can not afford it and will 100% have to take out loans. As you know, being a social worker won't make you a millionaire which makes gaining debt even scarier. That being said, I'm not sure will stay in the NY area forever and therefore the name value of Columbia holds great value for my career (I think). So, as you can tell I am very much undecided. If anyone here went through a similar decision or have any advice, it would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone, I wanted to start this thread because I haven't really seen much talk about people's experiences with the Rutgers MSW program. I am stuck between these 2 schools, both of which have great programs, but one is MUCH cheaper than the other. What are your opinions about going to an Ivy League school (& paying for the Ivy League name) for an MSW? Is it worth it to be (in my particular case) about $16,000 more in debt for Columbia than going to my state school of Rutgers with a great program? If anyone has experience going to school in the city, it would be nice to hear what that's like, especially since I currently go to school in New Jersey. If anyone currently goes to Rutgers, what is your experience like? Just for some background info, I am aiming to do the clinical route and would like to be an LCSW eventually. Thanks so much for any info/opinions/thoughts you may have, this decision is tough and I flip flop back and forth about which program I should choose!
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