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  1. I keep seeing that California schools are notorious for taking their own students, specifically CSU's. I think the reason why is because they have SO MANY specific pre-requisites that it's nearly impossible for someone to be as 'well-matched' and competitive as their own students. I went to SDSU and have a BA in speech language hearing sciences but am not applying to SDSU. For this reason I am looking into taking some extra classes that I didn't: Aural Rehab, Clinical Methods, AAC/Autism, and Speech Sound Disorders. I have a decent GPA and decent GRE and great experience working/volunteer but I'm not sure if I'm still a strong enough candidate. I'm curious what your opinions are on this? Is it worth it to take all of the extra classes and spend time and money to "catch up" to other applicants?
  2. Hello!! So I am from San Diego, CA (SoCal) and am looking at some Bay Area schools including: CSU East Bay, San Jose State, and San Francisco. Does anyone know anything much about these schools? I've looked up all the discussions I could find but I figured I might open up the discussion to others with the same questions. -Are there any red flags with these schools? -How long do you typically graduate? -Is there any strong reason why one of these schools is better than the rest? I'm considering not even applying to SDSU because of how competitive it is. I really like a focus on autism and special education but I know we should be well rounded. My stats are: 151V, 149Q, 4.5W. Cumulative GPA: 3.84, CSD GPA: 3.79. I have 7+ years working with kids with autism, 2 years as a behavioral therapist, 4+ years observing/volunteering with a SLP at a school district, NSSLHA member, deans list x7, bilingual in Spanish, and I just got an ASHA volunteer position.
  3. Those going through the application process for the California State University graduate programs at whatever campus, this is a place to share progress and ask questions. If we work together and support eachother we each stand a greater chance of success in admission to the CSU of choice. Please include your stats when pertinent.
  4. Hi All, I looked and it seems Sac State send out their decisions late March/ early April. So I am not expecting anyone to have heard back from them yet. But, in my exploration of decisions, I read that people did not like the climate of the program. I was curious if anyone could speak on their program at all? Do you like it? Do you not? Why or why not? Thanks in advance!
  5. Has anyone recieved an email for an interview from a CSU for a masters in school psychology? I applied to csula and I haven't heard back from them yet. I have a gut feeling I will get a rejection email next week and I'd rather know now. When I called and the lady said my file does not say I've been rejected yet, but the deadline is next friday...
  6. Does anyone have information (literally any information beyond that on the website) about Colorado State University's Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management Ph.D. program? I applied 1/15 which was the due date to be considered for a TA-ship/RA-ship, had a weird thing happen with my master's transcripts that was resolved, and as of 1/28, I have had "your application is ready for review by your department." I know my application was sent to my POI. But that is all. I searched in results, the only one was from 3 years ago. I Googled, searched on this site, tried using boolean operators with a variety of terms and...nothing. Well, one thing. That Peterson's site that has dubious statistics. It has been ~9 days since my POI received my application so even how much time has passed isn't yielding information. As I am sure everyone is aware, waiting sucks beyond the telling of it. Waiting and not even having the foggiest idea when to expect anything, how their process works or anything is killer. Any, ANY information would be great. I know I should call the department and just ask for a timeline, but it seems a little soon to do that and some of my questions they may not be able to answer. for instance: I would also like information on how their admissions work. Is it POI approval heavy? Does the admissions committee have the most weight? How many applications do they usually receive? What is their acceptance rate like? Again, I'll take any information at this point. Thank you!?
  7. My GPA overall is a 3.1, with a 3.7 during community college but during my last 2 years of college at my four year undergrad (I am studying abroad at the current moment in a "fifth year") I received a 2.49 GPA because I was beginning recovery from addiction and a dual diagnosis. I want to be a social worker to do marco and policy work advocating for populations in poverty and with high rates of mental disorders/substance abuse issues. I have 2 years of experience being an activist of a Chicano student organization (I am personally Filipino but they are open to allies) along with 2 years of being an advocate in an organization dedicated to reducing the stigma on mental health issues and diagnoses. I also spent a year volunteering for a presidential campaign. I am born and raised from a city with high rates of poverty and crime that I believe are fundamentally manmade and preventable with the right advocacy and policy. What are my chances to get into the CSU's in general and particularly Cal State San Bernardino? What about the private universities such as Loma Linda University or Azusa Pacific? I feel worried over my slip in GPA over the last two years and am wondering whether or not I should wait until the fall 2020 admissions cycle to apply instead of the fall 2019 one. If I delay, I will have an additional year of study abroad courses with decent grades along with further volunteering experience that will improve my application as well. But I wonder if that is strictly needed, as I would prefer to get started on my MSW sooner rather than later. With all this in mind, what are my chances for the Fall 2019 cycle in California?
  8. I thought I create this thread for all SJSU MSW applicants and find out who applied, which concentration, and if they heard anything yet... My concentration is in mental health.. I have 5 years working directly with autistic children and currently on my 4th year in case management for children with developmental disabilities. My GPA is pretty low... 2.8... but I was denied last year for insufficient background.
  9. Hi Guys! So it’s about that time! Schools are sending out their acceptance/decline letters. Let this be a place where you can share which CSUs you applied, which ones you’ve heard from and have yet to hear from. If you got invited for an interview please share some tips for those who haven’t had theirs yet. Let’s support each other and possibly meet people who will be in your program in the fall! My name is Selene and I applied to the extended programs for CSUF CSULA and CSUDH. I got accepted to CSULA and CSUDH but have yet to hear anything from CSUF.
  10. Has anyone gotten interviews or admission decisions from any of the Cal State Counseling programs? If you have applied in previous years when did you hear back? CSUN - MFT Program - I applied in Jan, got an interview email on 1/30, and interviewed on 2/7. The interview email said that "selection letters will be mailed by May 1st" but I am realllly hoping to get an answer before then. Thanks so much & good luck to everyone!
  11. I started a facebook page for anyone interested in the UC or CSU MSW programs. The purpose of the page is to provide another outlet for those of us anxiously awaiting news about admission to talk, and support each other. In addition, this page is for anyone who is interested in these MSW programs at any stage of the process from just being curious about the process or wanting to learn more, to those who have graduated and beyond. The group is open to all, so please join and say hi! The group is called : UC and CSU MSW Applicant Resource and Support Group
  12. So I'm planning to work down the road as a therapist, I'm therefore going to have my degree on the wall in my office, and when people look me up on places like psychology today it's going to say where I went to school, front and center. Here are my options... Cal State University Long Beach aka Long Beach State OR other CSUs like CSU Fullerton which all rank similarly Cost: Very doable $10k per year and about 35 miles away commuting 2-3 days per week with practicum in the LB area Ranking: 78th for MSW, 39th for regional universities Western US, and 9th for regional public universities all by US News Semester system, full time 2 years. University of California Los Angeles aka UCLA Cost: $20k per year and about 65 miles away commuting 2-3 days per week, with practicum closer to home Ranking: 12th for MSW, 21st for national universities, 1st for top public schools nationally all by US News Quarter system, full time 2 years. What would you do if you were admitted to both? I was offered admission to CSULB, but not yet to UCLA and I'm thinking to myself, if I got admitted, would it be worth the extra cost and drive time for 2 hard core years of work at UCLA? What say you?
  13. I'm applying to several MSW programs in the Cal State University system These schools have their own applications in addition to the big CSU application (CAL APPLY) that is to the school Need help with Cal Apply This is asking me for an SOP, to list achievements, experiences, and documents (a section on each) but I've already filled this kind of info out on the MSW application, do I have to do both? CSU APPLY is asking if I'm independent, which I am, but it wants 2016 Tax information which I do not have yet. I don't see why they need this other than for their stats, this isn't a FAFSA app I've been full time and not earning money this year so I'm guessing I'll put 0, but it's an estimate and this makes me uncomfortable... thanks
  14. Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a great day!!! I am writing because I need some guidance. I am applying to MSW programs for the Fall of 2018. I am currently looking at CSU's. While looking at their admission req's they seem to be pretty low (i.e. 2.5 gpa for the last 60 credits, etc) I am wondering if anyone knows about how difficult and competitive the CSU MSW's are... I have been looking online everywhere for guidance about ranking, difficulty, acceptance rates and cannot find anything. I am looking for schools where I have a chance of getting in, so even though their req's are low they typically accept way above that... I have emailed the admin counselors for the schools I want to get into and never heard back... when I call the offices they give me non-descript answers. I feel like I am not finding help anywhere.... I am so nervous! I applied to an MSW last year, SIUE, and they denied me and didn't even tell me why! That is why I am so nervous applying again! For background.... My last 60 credits GPA is a 3.708- I graduated Cum Laude (the school I transferred to does not take into account prior GPA's from other schools) (the CSU's I've looked at look at the last 60 credits) My total is a 3.3 GPA I interned at the Public Defender's office in Veteran's Courts, produced research from my experience, and help produce change to better protect veterans in the justice system I am volunteering with veterans now ( but do not have a year under my belt) I was very involved in campus activities I am (attempting) to write an inspiring personal statement I have great lor's I am thinking about apply to CSU: San Marcos, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fullerton, Bakersfield, Long Beach, LA, Northridge, San Bernardino, Loma Linda Azuza Pacific.... Does anyone have any comments about the schools above? Does anyone know about MSW's who are not super selective? Do my accomplishments seem to be in line with the school I am applying to? Does anyone know of some concrete resources I can go to for help? Does anyone have suggestions for other MSW's? At this point I do not have any direction and feel totally in the dark as to the schools I am applying to. I am so lost and anxious and it is killing me! Any direction would help! I apologize for the long post!
  15. Here is the scenario I'm trying to work out in my head... I'm applying to like 5 CSUs for their MSW programs, all programs have an application period from October to late January. Notifications are often on a rolling basis, meaning you apply early you hear back early. You also have an advantage by applying early because there are more open spots and it sounds like it becomes more competitive the closer to the deadline admission notification goes. Some people hear back as early as February, many hear back in March. All of the MSW grad programs have a time limit to accept, usually between one and two weeks after notification. So if I am to find out the good news that I was accepted to CSULA in mid February, I would have till basically the 1st of March to decide, but that means I would be missing out on other schools that notify later, like UCLA. The UCLA MSW program is my top choice. UCLA does not send out acceptance notifications till mid to late March. I'm worried I will hear back from a few great CSU grad programs with good news early because I plan to apply early to give myself that advantage, but then will have to give up on UCLA. UCLA might not even take me, but there is a good chance as I have a high GPA and some pretty good experience, it would be a dream come true to go there but you never know, they might not admit me. What is the penalty for accepting admission to a CSU MSW program and then cancelling it after finding out you got into UCLA? What are your thoughts about this problem?
  16. So I could not find any other active forums about CSUB which is why I'm making this one. Has anyone applied to CSUB? If so have you heard anything back yet? I applied the 1st week of December via email. Still waiting on a response...
  17. Hey I'm just wondering who else applied to CSUSB and has been accepted. I have been accepted into their 2 year program and I have my title iv-e interview April 17th. Just trying to see who's in my cohort (:
  18. I would like to invite anyone who has attended or is currently in a Cal State MSW program to please share your thoughts and experience on the program. As an applicant, I felt there wasn't enough information out there to make a decision on which schools would be a good fit for me. Some examples of questions I haven't found many answers to: What kind of social work interests you? Did/do you enjoy your overall program experience? What was faculty/staff like? What was the internship process and experience like? Is self-care emphasized in the program? Did/do you feel prepared going into the field? Thanks for sharing!
  19. Anyone out there accepted or considering CSUMB for MSW?
  20. So the programs I'm applying to have the main CSU Mentor application and a separate application for the school I just need help with a few things 1) On the grad school application on CSU Mentor on page A7, section H and again on page B2 it asks for me to list all courses I am in, and all courses I plan to take. It only gives like 5 spaces to do this and says please attach additional pages if needed. This is an online application, I don't want to have to mail it in just because I need extra space. Is there a common solution to this? 2) I'm applying to grad school as a senior with a year to go, do they want me to list my courses that I'm taking for the next year? 3) For GPA on the CSU Mentor application on B 2, it asks for "estimated overall GPA" for various institutions you attended. Well does that mean your CSU transferable only GPA, or is that all classes even if they don't transfer? 4) I am a transfer student, some of the applications ask for the last 60 semester units or 90 quarter. At the time of application I will be half way through my second set of 90 units, my upper division. If I just go back exactly 90 units that puts me at half way through community college, so that is where I start counting from, really? 5) What about academic renewal, do I count classes that I applied academic renewal to? 6) Finally, on the separate application for the school, it asks for my cumulative GPA from all institutions. It gives no further direction. I emailed them and they basically restated that it's for all institutions and gave nothing further. Does that mean CSU transferable courses only, does it mean all courses ever, does it include the classes I used academic renewal for? Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated, and I wish these applications were more specific. Attached are the pages I was talking about from CSU Mentor A7 and B2, and the cumulative GPA question from one of the applications to the school itself.
  21. Hi everyone, I am applying to school for the MA program that will help me prepare for my doctoral study. Here is my list of schools: USC CSULA CSUN (MA in Clinical Psych) CSUF CSUDH I want to see if there is anyone who knows which school has a better reputation of getting their graduates straight to APA accredited PhD programs in clinical or counseling psychology? In other words, which school would help me gain rigorous research experience so that I can be a strong candidate for these programs? Thank you!
  22. I had my interview for the Career and Counseling Program at Colorado State on the 13th of Feb and I was told that I would hear back in two weeks. The faculty finished interviews last Friday and I still haven't heard back. What's worse is that CSU's scholarship applications are due on March 1st (today) and I can't apply until I'm accepted. Does admissions consider the deadline for scholarships when admitting students into their program? Is this a sign that I may have been rejected?
  23. Wanted to start a Colorado State University- Fort Collins thread. Does anyone know how competitive it is to get into CSU's MSW program? Has anyone been accepted/ rejected?
  24. I applied to CSU San Marcos on January 3rd with my transcripts from the 4 year university i went to, the 3 letters of recommendation and my personal narrative. Today I get an email stating that I need to send in transcripts from Mira Costa Community College ( I took a summer class there years ago). I'm very frustrated that it took the university a whole month to contact me. On top of that I have now found out that I am not in the priority applicant pool anymore. I know it is my responsibility to have the transcripts in, but it is also the universities responsibility to communicate accordingly and I don't feel that has happened. To make things worse, my father has emailed the Department Chair of the MSW Program asking that once my transcripts are recieved to be put back in the priority pool. Now I didn't ask him to do this, he did this on his own without talking to me. So my question is: am I in the wrong to feel this way? What can I do?
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