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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, I submitted my MSW app to CSUDH and CSULA on January 13 and have been nervously waiting ever since. I wanted to create a space where people can talk about any correspondence they receive from their programs so that we all have a timeline to reference and hopefully ease our nerves. :) This thread is open to all MSW programs in the CSU system (or any SoCal program really) to vent or inform other people. I applied for the 3-year part-time MSW program at both CSUDH and CSULA and have not received any decisions yet. I will keep you all informed as soon as I receive any info tho. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Hello, I applied in early January for csula, csuf, csulb and csusb. I applied sometime in mid January for csudh. at csulb they said they could not review my app because after some supplemental deadline. I turned it in before January 15 though. I still have not heard anything else besides my application is in department review. I am getting more and more discouraged everyday because I have not even heard about an interview or anything. This is my second time applying so I don't know what will happen if I don't get in this year.
  3. I’m applying to Csudh Msw fall 2019 program, if you have applied what are your stats and when did you or when are you turning in your application. Do you know when they start sending out acceptance or denials? Why did you choose CSUDH?
  4. Hi guys, I noticed there isn't any School Counseling information here so I decided to create a thread. I only applied to CSULB School Counseling program for fall 2017. Had my interview March 18 and was notified via email on April 6 that I am on the wait list I was wondering if any of you that were accepted to csulb program are not going there after all? I don't know where I am in the list they wont let us know... I am so hopeful someone decides to go to another program or the program is able to get more funding (PLEASE!!!) just wanted to see where everyone is at right now, thank you guys!
  5. Hello, I wanted to create a place for all of us to chat and compare our stats. Also, to congratulate each other when some of us get in and people to plan a second try who don't. Good luck to everyone, and I hope we all hear back soon!
  6. Hi Guys! So it’s about that time! Schools are sending out their acceptance/decline letters. Let this be a place where you can share which CSUs you applied, which ones you’ve heard from and have yet to hear from. If you got invited for an interview please share some tips for those who haven’t had theirs yet. Let’s support each other and possibly meet people who will be in your program in the fall! My name is Selene and I applied to the extended programs for CSUF CSULA and CSUDH. I got accepted to CSULA and CSUDH but have yet to hear anything from CSUF.
  7. Hi everyone! Its my first time here, I have a few questions regarding applying to the CSULA and CSUDH MSW programs this fall. I am still in the process of applying, how hard/easy is it to get into these two MSW programs? and what are my chances of getting in ? (taking into account turning in the supplemental applications beginning of January? Overall GPA: 3.39 CSULA GPA: 3.43 (I'm graduating with my BASW this May) volunteer experience: Kids Hope USA (mentored a child for 3 years) No work experience No GRE scores Inducted into the Tau Eta SW Honor society and NSLS (National Society for Leadership and Success) <--- But I don't think this matters much in MSW Grad school Apps
  8. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here and my case is pretty weird I'm an International Student and I got denied from CSUDH for MA of Sociology program. And the reason is my TOEFL score is below the requirement. 1/ International notification: I got denied because my TOEFL score is below the requirement. However, I met others requirements so they advised me to study the Conditional Admission program. 2/ I double checked the English Proficiency requirement for International students and I submitted not only 1 English certificates but 2 (TOEFL: 80 and IELTS: 6.5). I argued with the International department about this problem and the admission evaluator responded to me that please disregard the notification about Conditional Admission program. She will contact with Sociology Department to check about my case. I also advised contacting with a Dr who is the Graduate program coordinator. I emailed him 3 times + 1 voice message and no reply since April 3/ Since there is no news from the school or the Dr so I came to the Sociology Department and requested the secretary to contact with the Dr to check about my case. I guess they have ignored me the whole time until I actually came to the school. After that, I got a notification from them that they will check about my case and update me shortly. Sorry for long post, do you guys think any chances for me? Fall 2017 semester will start in August and I really don't know what is my application status at this point....
  9. So I had a situtation where I had not gotten a response from CSU-Dominguez Hills about the MSW application I submitted back in November. I called last week only to find out that it wasant reviewed because it was "incomplete". My 3rd reference forgot to submitted a letter of recommendation. I wasant being notified because the lasy mistyped my email. Really?! Long story short, I fought for that letter and I was able to submit it and now my application is being reviewed. I wouldnt know of my admissions status 1-3 months, maybe sooner. The admissions coordinator was really sweet and had said i lucked out. I met her in person. The other lady said I would probably get an email that same day about my GPA verification. Didnt know CSUDH did this? But i havent heard anything since. Should i freak out again? Half of me is paranoid yet the other half says this is a sign and a yes but who knows. Thoughts?
  10. Hi Guys! I was wondering if you guys could give me feedback on CSU-Dominguez Hills. I applied to 3 Cal State for the MSW (Master of Social Work Program) being CSULA, CSUDH, and CSUSB. I got my rejection letter from CSULA on Friday. I was so sure I had my foot in the door there cause I completed my BSW there but it wasan't the case. I'm currently very discouraged yet paranoid! How hard is it to be admitted to CSUDH? these are my stats: CSULA BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) graduate 3.1 cummulative GPA from last 90 quarter/ 60 semester units 1.75 of experience in this field. (After school teaching/ mental health group homes) I applied early October and submitted my full supplemental application on November 20th. Idk if I should take this long wait period as a good or bad sign.
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