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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I am here to find out who will be attending CSUSM for their Master’s program in Speech-Language Pathology this fall? I will be accepting their offer of admission next week, and looking for possible roommates I was told many students in their cohort tend to get a place together!
  2. Hello, This is my second time applying to online post-bacc programs (since I was rejected from CSUN and CSULA). It took me awhile to get my confidence back up to start applying again and I applied to both ISU and CSUSM. I actually got accepted to Idaho's online program and am waiting to hear back from CSU San Marcos. Right now, I am in between choosing from Idaho State University and CSU San Marcos. Both programs seem great! I am a little biased towards the CSU option since I live in California (which shouldn't matter since it's an online course), the pricing is a tad cheaper, and the program will start in the spring. Idaho State also seems like a great option, it's a little pricier! But I'm more worried because I haven't heard any reviews about its program...and the program will start at the end of August, so I have to accept/decline the offer soon. If anyone has any insight on these 2 online post-bacc courses it would help me so much! Especially IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY, thank you!
  3. I applied back in November to CSUF, CSUN, SDSU and CSUSM and I am trying to see if anyone has heard from these programs as far as admissions!? I’m going nuts checking my email and logins !
  4. I have applied to 5 graduate programs tagged above (almost 6, I havent finished Emerson online). 3 out of the 5 programs require interviews around this time of year. I am getting very anxious about not receiving invitations for the interviews. I've heard Chapman started emailing individuals, and I havent recieved anything from them. I'm waiting for CSUSM and CBU. I really hope I hear from them soon. I wanted to come here in hope of other people informing me if they have heard anything about these programs. If possible, let me and everyone reading this know if you know anything about interviews, acceptances, or rejections from these or other programs. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I have a question. I've been reading the forums for a while and have read wonderful news about fellow potential social workers hearing of acceptance. I noticed many are receiving acceptances but are still waiting for more. Because of deadlines, I imagine that some are agreeing to the acceptance and paying the deposits such as intent to enroll but are still waiting for the other schools' decisions before making a true decision on where to attend. So my question is, are you allowed to agree to one acceptance and then change your mind if you find that another is best suited for you? Are there any ramifications other than losing out the deposit? I graduated from CSUF in Spring of 2018. I hope to return to school Fall of 2019. I applied to CSUSM, CSULB, and CSUF for their 2 year MSW programs. I would prefer CSULB and CSUF as the distance would be far better for me financially. I can only attend CSUSM if I am accepted by CALSWEC otherwise I would have no other way to pay for it. I can attend the other two schools on a Veteran Dependent program but not CSUSM so that's why I would need CALSWEC. I was offered conditional admission (they need official transcripts regarding Stat course) and have ONLY 2 weeks to confirm and pay the intent to enroll fee in order to reserve my seat in the program. I know they use the wording "reserve" as the universities understand that life happens and changes are made. I will be accepting the program but feel slightly frustrated as I know that CALSWEC will not reply until the end of March as stated in their emails. The CALSWEC program replies at the end of March and the interviews are the 3rd and 4th of April so everything (meaning my financial ability to pay and attend for the next two years) would be contingent on the interview going well and being accepted into the CALSWEC program. I am still waiting to hear from CSULB and CSUF and I understand that their invitation to interview does not mean automatic acceptance. Mainly, I am feeling anxious due to confirming my seat at CSUSM while not having a way to pay for it and I won't know until, best case scenario, Mid-April in hearing from CALSWEC. All while, waiting for an invitation to interview at CSULB or CSUF and then waiting 1 to 3 weeks after completing the interview to hear good or bad news. Logically, I understand that reserving seats are common and the students and schools are both accustomed to people changing their mind, yet I can help but feel guilty of not being able to make a firm decision yet for fellow applicants and potential social workers and worried that the schools won't allow you to accept their offer if you already reserved your spot for another. Has anyone ever accepted one university offer only to change your mind for a better-suited program and NOT receive negative ramifications other than losing out on a bit of money from the deposit? Did you lose out on a better-suited school because you reserved your spot and the CSU schools found out and removed their offers because of this? Sorry for the long message. Any information would be VERY helpful. 😊
  6. Hello all, I was invited to an interview at CSUSM on March 2nd. I’m really not sure what to expect, especially since I’ve heard that the interview process has changed every year. The email also stated I would have an additional language assessment during the interview. Has anyone heard of this? I would appreciate any suggestions, advice, or if anyone else has heard back as well! This is my first interview so I’m pretty nervous.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying to CSUSM's Masters in SLP for this Fall 2019 cohort and was wondering if anyone was willing to share their stats that got into the same or a similar program? CSUSM doesn't require the GRE, which seems good at first, but just puts more emphasis on your GPA. My last 60 units GPA is around 3.72 and I'm volunteering regularly on the weekends with a group that provides opportunities for those with mental handicaps. I would really appreciate any feedback or advice that anyone has; I'm freaking out! CSUSM is my #1 pick of graduate school and I just so badly want to get in there. I work full time also but I'm doing my best to keep my grades up as high as possible. I've also read/heard so much about the interview process, so if anyone has experience with that I would really appreciate that as well! ?
  8. Hi Guys! So it’s about that time! Schools are sending out their acceptance/decline letters. Let this be a place where you can share which CSUs you applied, which ones you’ve heard from and have yet to hear from. If you got invited for an interview please share some tips for those who haven’t had theirs yet. Let’s support each other and possibly meet people who will be in your program in the fall! My name is Selene and I applied to the extended programs for CSUF CSULA and CSUDH. I got accepted to CSULA and CSUDH but have yet to hear anything from CSUF.
  9. Hello Everyone, I was wondering what books you believe helped you with your studying for the GRE? Any you reccomend that helped you prepare? I keep reading reviews that some books are nothing like the exam. Also, what should I brush up on (for those of you who have taken it). What questions were the toughest? Thank you so much for you your time! ?
  10. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone who has been to an interview day for Speech-Language Pathology program at CSUSM could share a little about what to expect. Unlike other school, their interview process is 4 hours long and the faculty just told me that I have to stay for all 4 hours. They didn't tell me what to expect or what to prepare for. Did anyone else get an invitation to CSUSM knows anything about their interview process? Any insights are welcomed! Thank you!
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