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Found 10 results

  1. Hey all, I would love to connect with some people who will also be starting their PhD at CU this Fall! I know there are some grad student housing options, but I would honestly love to live slightly outside of Boulder (maybe Broomfield?) anyone have any advice on this?
  2. Hey Everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Teachers College at Columbia University! I thought I would start the thread with my program of choice and stats. I think we all would love for people to ask questions, share stats, share acceptances/denials. :) Program: Higher and Post Secondary Education GPA: 3.81 Undergrad Major: Sociology I'm really scared about this whole process and anticipating results!!
  3. Hi everyone! I have been accepted to the MA program in SLHS beginning this fall. I am unable to attend the open house, so I was hoping to get some current or former student insights regarding the program. I’m most curious to hear: -Did you feel supported throughout the program? -How many students were in your cohort? -Was the process of getting clinical placements easy? -How prepared did you/ will you feel upon graduating? -If applicable, was the process of receiving in state tuition through WRGP difficult or competitive? Also, I am from Southern California. The prospect of moving to Boulder is very appealing but I do plan to eventually move back after the program. I am hoping that my credentials from CU will allow me to work in either a school or medically-based setting. Thank you in advance! Have a great weekend!
  4. Hi! Wanted to start a thread for those who were accepted to CU Boulder! I was accepted and will be attending in the Fall. I AM SO EXCITED. Is anyone else pretty sure or strongly considering Boulder?? I will also be at the open house! Anyone going to that? I know for people flying in it's a holiday weekend. For people applying to Fall 2019 who might end up reading this thread : I attended a very early information session in Oct where the presenter gave a TON of helpful information. I worked very very hard on my personal statement that had a decent amount of personality and voice and was by no means dry. I had a ton of people read it! I think out of everything my personal statement was my strongest. Good luck to all who apply next yr!
  5. Just was accepted into both programs. From Colorado and interested in Epidemiology. Wondering if a big name program will make a big difference for jobs even though it comes with a higher price tag. Also, wondering if I would get the same education from Colorado even though its a newer program. Any advice is appreciated! Cheers.
  6. Hi All, I was admitted to UPenn and CU's Chemical Engineering master program and I am having a hard time deciding which program should I pursue. Both names are great and their ranking are very close. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas if possible and any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. AkinnaW

    AuD costs

    I am applying to 4 AuD programs. Cost is a huge influence for me, and so I have been calculating all the costs for the different programs. This has been challenging since every school has a different way of breaking tuition down, and I am finding some to be much more clear than others! Is there anyone else out there that is doing this for these schools and could verify I did this right? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Also, I am calculating resident costs, since I am applying to schools only on the Western Exchange Program (since I am from Colorado). The schools I am applying to are: University of Utah (Salt Lake City), University of Colorado (Boulder), University of Northern Colorado, and University of Washington (Seattle) Here is what I have so far! · University of Utah: Cost if resident: o First year Fall semester (13 credits): approx. $4,519.34 o First year Spring semester (12 credits): approx. $4,270.31 o First year Summer semester (9 credits): approx. $3,505.74 o Second year Fall semester (11 credits): approx. $4,021.28 o Second year Spring semester (11 credits): approx.$4,021.28 o Second year Summer semester (6 credits):approx.$2,732.43 o Third year Fall semester (11.5 credits): approx. $4,270.31 o Third year Spring semester (10.5 credits): approx.$3,763.51 o Fourth year Fall (9 credits): approx. $3,505.74 o Fourth year Spring (9 credits): approx. $3,505.74 o Total cost for resident= $38,115.68 University of Colorado Boulder First Year: resident, using estimator · Fall Semester: 13 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o fees: $927 · Spring Semester: 10 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Summer Semester: 1 credit o Credit costs: $1,860 o Fees: $780 Second Year: · Fall Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Spring Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Summer semester: 8 credits o Credit costs: $4,960 o Fees: $927 Third Year: · Fall Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Spring Semester: 15 credits o Credit costs: $5,580 o Fees: $927 · Summer Semester: 4 credits o Credit costs: $2,480 o Fees: $808 Fourth Year: 9 credits · Fall Semester: 4 credits o Credit costs: $2,480 o Fees: $808 · Spring Semester: 4 credits o Credit costs: $2,480 o Fees: $808 Total Cost: $57,433
  8. Hi guys, I am currently in the process of applying to PhD programs in sociology. My interests are mainly in crime and deviance. My top school is CU Boulder but I'm having a hard time locating their GRE requirements. What would be defined as "competitive scores"? Has anyone here gotten in there- what were your scores?
  9. So, a little background first: My undergrad degree is in English, but I realized (after it was too late to change) that I'm actually interested in computer science and linguistics (thus Computational Linguistics). So, I'm going for a Master's degree in CL. My GPA is great and my GRE scores are pretty ok, but I'm applying to schools for a field I have zero background in. I've been accepted to Indiana University (Bloomington) and University of Colorado at Boulder. I haven't heard from Brandeis yet. I'm not getting funding from either, but I didn't really expect it, since I have no background in this field. I'll be paying for school with loans as I'm not at all wealthy. My question is, which school has a better reputation in the field? Boulder is where my home and my boyfriend and friends are, so logistics-wise, CU is the easiest choice, and I've heard from a few people that it's a good school for CL. Also, there's a great start-up tech scene here, so it may be easier to find an internship/job in the industry. Google has an office here, and while I don't really expect to have a chance, it's a secret wish of mine to work there (and one of their guys told me they do hire Computational Linguists). Indiana has a dedicated Computational Linguistics MA degree, as opposed to CU's Human Language Technology certificate. I have heard that Indiana has a better reputation in Linguistics, but I don't know that for sure, and I want to work more in the Computer Science side of things, anyway. Indiana might also end up costing less, even at out-of-state tuition rates for the first year. But, the obvious cons are that I know no one there and am not sure of the opportunities for internships, etc., and I'd have to leave my boyfriend. It feels more risky as a choice. There are professors at both schools who are doing things that interest me, so looking at the faculty has not been too helpful. I don't know what my chances are for funding at either school, and tuition is looking similar (~18-20,000) for both. I'd like to hear opinions on Brandeis as well, on the chance I might get in there, too (though I probably can't afford it). I want to work in industry ultimately, but I'm very tempted by a Ph.D if I could do some interesting research and get funded. Stanford would be my dream school for that, but I'll try to be realistic... I'm the first person in my family to go to grad school, so I kind of don't know what to expect, or what I should prioritize. Thanks for any input you can give about the relative merits of these schools!
  10. Hi everyone, Anyone else got admitted to the PhD program? From Southeast Asia.
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