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  1. *Note: I am asking this question specifically for those interested in academia, whether current or future professionals in the field. Question: how do you designate your language competence on your CV? Do you list your CEFR levels? Number of credit hours? Also, how do you highlight your competence in a certain language without devaluing your language work in other areas? For example, I know people who take one course in Syriac and list "Syriac (reading)" on their CV. But what if you have real professional working proficiency in another language (e.g., you can read professional articles or
  2. Hey all! I am applying for master's in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich. The guidelines for the CV dictate that there must be no chronological gaps in it even if one hasn't been in an educational program or gainful employment during the period. In such a case, say I am working on my "work experience" section in the CV and there is a one year gap during which I was taking a break. Then, it doesn't fit in the work experience section, right? Do I then place this under a separate section even though the timeline in the work experience section is now broken? And if so, w
  3. I'm applying for a summer research program in bioengineering (BE) to see if I want a PhD in BE. For the program, one lab asks for a CV. I do not have any prior research experience in BE, however I have been attending weekly talks to learn topics in BE. The summer research program will provide us fundamentals of BE research so no prior research experience is needed. I will get my master's in cell biology and entrepreneurship in 2021. What does a BE lab look for in our CV?
  4. Hello all, I have two questions for you today. Some background: I am a senior studying Art & Business applying for PhDs and Master's programs in Art History. I am also a visual artist and I have a not-too-shabby exhibition history. My exhibition history is on my CV because up until now, I've been using the document to apply for calls for art. Should I keep it on the version of my CV I'll be submitting to grad schools? I reference my art-making briefly in connection to my coursework in my SOPs. I'm just not sure if it will work for or against me on my CV. Does anyone have any related e
  5. Hi folks! I thought it might be helpful to create a place where those of us who are looking for a new position could critique/swap our CVs, resumes, and cover letters as well as discuss other topics related to applying to jobs. (I realize there is a "Jobs" subforum, but I felt like a thread with a psych-specific focus would be beneficial). I'll start! I recently discovered the perfect research position (would be my first paid), so I want to do everything I can to put my best foot forward. Some questions I had: Research fit is absolutely spot on, but my personal research experie
  6. I'm an American applying to management programs in France with no background in business (they accept all academic backgrounds). My cv is unfortunately very unimpressive so I'm looking to make the best of what I have. Any tips? The programs are in English so no need for it to be in French.
  7. Happy Sunday! I am preparing to submit my MPP application at the University of Michigan - Ford School. I am currently finalizing the Employment/Work Experience section of the online application. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on whether volunteer / extracurricular involvement should be included in this section? It seems Ford is primarily looking for paid employment? For additional context, I am almost five years removed from undergrad but have remained fairly active in different boards and nonprofit organizations since that time. This information is included in my resume
  8. Happy Sunday! I am preparing to submit my MPP application at the University of Michigan - Ford School. I am currently finalizing the Employment/Work Experience section of the online application. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on whether volunteer / extracurricular involvement should be included in this section? It seems Ford is primarily looking for paid employment? For additional context, I am almost five years removed from undergrad but have remained fairly active in different boards and nonprofit organizations since that time. This information is included in my resume
  9. Hello all! I am applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs and I have a question about experiment descriptions for my research and subject experience. I was a research subject first, then I was a research assistant for the same study. I have separated my CV into research experience and volunteer experience. I explained the experiment in each section. Is it redundant to explain the same experiment twice, in two different sections if the description is the same? Or is it better to name the experiment in the first description and just list the name when I refer to it later in m
  10. Hi everyone, I'm applying for an MPhil program at Cambridge, and am looking for guidance re: CV format. I'm all set on my resume for U.S. programs, but am not sure what the norm is for applying postgrad in the UK. Specifically, should I keep it to one-page like a traditional resume? Or can it be extended, as is preferred by most U.S. grad programs? Are there any things to include (e.g., relevant coursework) or not include (e.g., extracurricular leadership) as opposed to a U.S. resume. Thanks so much!
  11. Hi all! I have a question about including something on my CV. So, I have a section in my CV about presentations where I put poster presentations I have done. I also am thinking about including the fact that I gave a speech at my departmental graduation when I graduated a few months ago. I am not sure if this is important or not, but I think it can maybe make me standout compared to other applicants. The speech was about my time as an undergraduate, in particular detailing my love for the department and my fellow graduating classmates. (The department I graduated from was small, so I got f
  12. I'm editing my CV for sociology PhD applications and am unsure of two things. Perhaps there is no right answer, but I'd love to hear any advice. 1. Should I create a separate "Research Experience" section or is it alright if I simply put all positions (excluding irrelevant positions like part-time kitchen jobs, of course) under a "Work Experience" section? 2. I have been credited on publications before (e.g. "Research Assistant Esenabla assisted with this piece" written at the end of a report) but I have yet to author my own work. Would I create a "Publications" section for the works
  13. I have worked for 10 years after graduation and am applying for PhD within the field I'm currently working in. I haven't been involved in academic research at work, only several research-heavy projects. I wrote to potential supervisors, and they assured that I meet the application requirements of their programs given my degrees and previous experience. To gain some research experience, I volunteered in a research lab in a local university a couple of months ago. I was asked to help research the literacy and compose part of the funding application. There will be opportunities to collect an
  14. Maybe a little off-topic from this forum, but who knows, maybe this is a common dilemma. I need to send my CV to a professor who's considering me for an RA-ship at the school that I've already been admitted to for my PhD that I'm starting this fall. What's the best way to put "incoming PhD" on my CV? I don't have anything close to an estimated completion date or anything, but presumably I would put the fact that I am actually attending the school on my CV, right? I already have my MA, but if I don't put anything about starting the PhD on my CV there won't be any indication that I'm in the
  15. Hi, I'm in my second semester as a Ph.D. student in Comparative Literature. I know some people might think that it's too early for me to start worrying about what to do to get hired, others might be thinking that it's never too early, others might be saying "you're a comparative lit. major, there are no jobs" lol, but please just stick with me a moment. I'm looking for advice on how I can become a more competitive applicant when applying for assistant professor jobs (and similar jobs) after I finish my Ph.D. I'm technically first-generation college student (my parents dropped out of coll
  16. Hi everyone. New here. Applying to eight graduate programs in the Humanities. I am due to give a paper at an international conference this March. Since it will be my first, it could really improve my CV and accordingly, chances of admission. I am just not sure whether it is customary to put down a paper you've yet to deliver on your CV, and if so - how to phrase it exactly. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  17. I know it's common for those in the hard sciences to list research experience on their CVs, but does this apply for those in religious studies? I'm working on my CV now for PhD apps this fall and I'm wondering whether such a section is necessary. For example, would I list the different major papers I've written with a brief summary in a section on my CV? Or is that best left for the SOP?
  18. How do you recommend describing language ability on a cv/for a grad school application? For example, I just started taking German and plan to continue taking while I apply in the fall and until I (hopefully) begin grad school. How do I indicate that I am a beginner but plan on improving the skill prior to entering grad school? I speak French (conversationally) and can read it. I don't want to exaggerate my language abilities but I also don't want to undersell them. I also took 3 years of Latin in high school (most of which I've forgotten) but I feel like I would be able to learn it again
  19. All of a sudden I'm second guessing everything including the CV. So far I've got my degrees, gpas, conferences, work experience, miscellaneous stuff. I'm wondering if you're supposed to put down all the relevant courses you've taken as well??
  20. Hello!!! Currently applying to psych PhD programs. I am in the process of perfecting (if you will) my CV for upload to application portals. My question is whether or not to include future positions on the CV. Last week, I was hired on as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology, though I will not start teaching until the spring semester (way after apps are due). Do I include this in my CV? I feel that the position will look excellent to admissions, but since I have not started the position I am worried it will come off as presumptuous and weird. help!
  21. Hi everyone, I recently received an email by NYU SCPS encouraging me to apply for their MS in Global Affairs. The thing is that I got 90 on my TOEFL exam, and my GPA is currently at 3.60. They say that I can take their English Language Assessment exam. I thankfully have a CV full of experiences, including a Study Abroad experience and founding a Student Association at my University. I would like to know if anyone thinks those things count for the admission officers. Also, I would like to know about anyone who has already applied in the past to tell me their admission process experience.
  22. Hi there, I have 2 masters. The official graduation date of the first program is 6 months after the beginning of the second program. I started to study in the second program in January, but the certificate shows that I graduated from the first program in June. Would this be a problem? Should I offer detailed explanation in SOP or CV? Thank you!
  23. Hello I graduated in a low rank university with 3/4 GPA however, I am finishing my master's degree in the best university of a foreign country (universally known better) (My MSc university is a well-known one. around 400 in QS ranking, though locally the best one). My stats are as following: B.Sc. Biomedical Engineering GPA: 3/4 M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering GPA: 4/4 TOEFL iBT: 100/120 note: It is expired. I am taking a new one in 2 weeks. hope to score higher. GRE: Q: 162 V: 147 W:3.5 Publication: 2 peer-reviewed jo
  24. So here's my issue. I'm about to get my second master degree, the first one a regular MSc and the second one a MRes. Over the course of this time I have conducted and taken part in a number of research projects. All of them have involved extensive fieldwork abroad. Now I am looking for jobs that are related to the practical application of my knowledge. (Btw, I'm in the development field as you can tell from my profile) It was never my goal to stay within academia, but I saw these two masters as a chance to build on my skillset and I am convinced these skills are transferable to the 'appli
  25. What are some great online resources for writing a CV? I've found OWL (purdue's resource) really excellent for anyone else wondering, but it's without samples. What are some others anyone else might know about? I'm applying to PhD clinical psychology programs. Thank you, in advance. Link to OWL website: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/641/1/
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