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Found 21 results

  1. Hey everyone! Some of us were commenting on the forum for 2020-2021 applications, so I figured I should create one for this year, so it's easier for people to find it. I've applied to the architecture programme 2021-2022. Let's be anxious together!
  2. Hi everyone this is a topic for people who have applied this year to DAAD Helmut Schmidt Public Policy and Good Governance scholarship programme for the intake 2022/2023. Please show yourself up so that we can discuss and interact with each other. Many thanks
  3. Hello all, I applied in October 2021 a DAAD EPOS scholarship at the University of Göttingen (M.Sc. Development Economics) for the 2022-2023 winter term. I received a confirmation email back then that I successfully submitted my application on the university's online application portal. Since then, I didn't receive any other email or or hear from them any update regarding my application (on the university's portal it only says application received). Let's share over here our updates for those who have applied to this scholarship, and preferably to this masters programme.
  4. I felt like it's time to start a forum for DAAD 2020. Who else just got finished with the application process for DAAD graduate scholarship? Is it just me or is it too soon to freak out about the waiting time for the results?🤔
  5. Hello everyone, I'm starting this topic to exchange questions and help each other regarding the DAAD "Research Grants - Doctoral Programmes in Germany, 2020/21" (N° 57440921). Also to let us know our application progress. Best of luck to all of us!
  6. Hi. I am planning to create a Whatsapp group for those who were shortlisted for the MPP programme at the Willy Brandt School under the DAAD Helmut Schmidt scheme. We'll use this to talk about and prepare for the upcoming interview. Please let me know if you have been shortlisted and would want to join the group. Thank you!
  7. Anyone here who is applying for the Master of Arts in Development Management at the RU Bochum under the DAAD EPOS programme? Let's support each other throughout the process.
  8. Who else here applied for the DAAD Helmut Schmidt Programme 2020?
  9. Hello everyone I just thought that the new board should be created, I applied for the scholarship for an MA, crossing my fingers.
  10. Hi everyone, I have applied for DAAD scholarship for summer school and last week my status got changed from selection made to funding. Does that means that I got the scholarship? What should I do? Do I need to write them an email because I didn't get an email from DAAD?
  11. Anyone here apploed for daad fine arts scholarship? Or anyone who avail it?
  12. Hi, I just finished my master degree and I'm considering apply for the DAAD short-term research grant hoping that I could research in some German archives. So, I need some advice from those with relevant experiences. According to the DAAD's notice, applicants are required for the confirmations from Doktorvater/-mutter(academic advisor) and the host institution. Following is the exact statement "Letter confirming supervision by an academic adviser in Germany, which refers to the applicant's proposal and confirms that the host institute will provide a workplace" I think this "supervision" means the case in which someone researches in labs, especially in the fields of engineering or natural sciences. But I don't think I would need advice or a workplace while doing my research because most I have to do will be find, read and collect primary sources in the archives. For historical researches, how should I prepare those 'confirmations'?
  13. A place for all who have applied for DAAD PhD research grant for 2018-2019. Share your updates
  14. Hello guys, is there anyone here who applied for the short-term grant of the DAAD (with the deadline on April 2018 ) and who is waiting for the results ?? Do you have any news? Good luck!
  15. Hi guys! I'd like to share sth that has just happened to me and see if there is anyone who has been through sth similar. I applied back in September for two universities in Germany, both in Environmental science. After applying for them I also applied for daad scholarship. I received the letters of award this week from daad including the confirmation letter for the language course in Munich on the 1st of April -- DREAM HOWEVER... right after receiving the good news above I received the email from.the two universities stating I wasn't accepted for the masters in their institution. I was confused and disappointed. One of the universities said they do not accept biologists only environmental and civil engineers, the other university said the application should have great knowledge of microbiology, biology and chemistry and they emphasized I only had a single course while in college. I tried an appeal letter but didn't succeed. -- nightmare Has anyone gone through sth like that? Please help me.
  16. Hi guys, I applied DAAD scholarship for my Masters( in Finance) studies in November and recently have been invited to the interview in German embassy. My interview is two weeks away and it's my first interview. Is there anyone who has experience with DAAD interviews? What questions can i expect during the interview? Thank you in advance)
  17. Hi everybody, anybody here applied for DAAD research grant with funding start this year? Havent heard back so far, status says paper copies received
  18. I applied to DAAD's Public Policy and Good Governance Scholarship for Developing Countries. Lately, this program has been renamed as DAAD Helmut Schmidt Program. I applied to two schools- Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and University of Osnabruck. While I have been accepted to both programs, DAAD is only willing to fund me for Osnabruck. Hertie, on the other hand, has offered me a tution fee waiver of 50%. So, I'm caught between the two choices- have an absolute free ride to Osnabruck's Masters in Democratic Governance and Civil Society program. DAAD offers a generous monthly stipend besides contributing towards travel, and health insurance. Tuition fee and semester fee is also paid in full. Hertie's program is however much more reputed and they have connections with elite institutions such as Science Po, LSE, Columbia. Hertie's program has a rather professional orientation compared to Osnabruck's focus on political theory. However, for Hertie, I will have to incur substantial debt to meet my living expenses and pay tuition. After 50% waiver, I will still have to pay € 16000. As for my future plan, I want to do PhD in PolSci at reputable US schools such as NYU or Chicago. I applied to these schools only as test cases without putting in my best effort for the personal essay, recommendation letters, standardized exams etc. I'm afraid by attending a rather average school (Osnabruck's) on full funding might not work out in the long run when I apply for a PhD.
  19. Hey all , I need someone who is familiar with DAAD scholarship I need to know more about DAAD scholarship about the preliminary German courses prior to the scholarship , is it funded ? when students take those courses ? I am asking these questions because I am working in a full-time job and I don't know whether I should consider quitting my job during the courses or not . One more question , Do I have to pass the preliminary courses in order to get the scholarship ? or if I was selected then I am selected and the german courses will have no effect on my chances ? Thanks all
  20. Hi all, I'm currently finishing up my second year of a combined MA/PHD program. I do not start working on my dissertation until year 4. At the start of year 4, I begin writing my prospectus for my dissertation, then do the bulk of the research, and then write and research as needed. I'm looking at fellowships to fund archival work in England/Germany (I'm applying German theory to British literature). I'm wondering when I should anticipate applying for funding for research (I'm looking at a DAAD research award and a Fulbright). On the one hand, if I want it for the start of year 4, I'd need to apply this coming fall, but I highly doubt I'll have my dissertation idea fully fleshed out, which is what is required for most fellowships. I could always apply and then reapply in year 4 for year 5, which would push my graduation back a year. I'm planning on talking to my future advisor about it, but wanted feedback from this community, particularly is anyone else has been through this process.
  21. To be honest, I'm not sure why there isn't a topic that's already started on this, but basically I applied for the DAAD study grant to the University of Passau for their International Relations program, and I'm essentially trying to determine what kind of a shot I have at this point. I can't seem to find anything on the competition statistics from years past, although the program did say it was about 1 in 4 last year. Although, competition changes every application cycle, and it'd just be good to get some dialogue going regarding this. Supposedly we hear back in March regarding the results.
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