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Found 19 results

  1. I have received admits from Columbia MS&E program, Johns Hopkins University MEM and Dartmouth MEM. So far I think: Columbia : + has great prestige, great location - quant heavy, class size >90, which makes it a bit more impersonal than the other two Johns Hopkins: + much cheaper than the other two, small size which helps creating strong bonds with faculty, co-students - not as prestigious as an Ivy, courses are not so exciting Dartmouth: + great curriculum, great networking, small size - location, very expensive Can anyone help me with this one. I am so troubled.
  2. Hey! Has anyone received interview invites for the Master's in Engineering Management program at Dartmouth?
  3. Has anyone heard back for Dartmouth MALS Fall 2020 course?
  4. Got admitted to Dartmouth Department of Computer Science, CMU Entertainment Technology Center, and UW Master of Technolgy Innovation. Which one do you think has a better reputation?
  5. Is anyone applying to the Dartmouth MALS program for the Winter 2020 term or Spring 2020 that is due on July 15th? If so, do you know when the results would come out? Or is anyone currently in the Dartmouth MALS program? I just took my interview and am working on my application, but I am pretty nervous. I would really appreciate it if anyone would like to share some academic specs, previous institution, or any statistics regarding the chances of admission.  Thank you!
  6. Is anyone applying to the Dartmouth MALS program for the Winter 2020 term or Spring 2020 that is due on July 15th? If so, do you know when the results would come out? Or is anyone currently in the Dartmouth MALS program? I just took my interview and am working on my application, but I am pretty nervous. I would really appreciate it if anyone would like to share some academic specs, previous institution, or any statistics regarding the chances of admission. Thank you!
  7. Hi all, I’ve been accepted to two online MPH programs — Michigan and Dartmouth — and am having a lot of trouble deciding between the two. Both will cost me about the same. I plan to work full time during the program and use the degree to move up within my current field (management consulting). I understand Michigan has an actual School of Public Health, whereas Dartmouth’s program is housed within the medical school. Does this matter? Which will look better to employers (should I decide to move firms)? Both programs look fascinating but focus on different areas of public health. Dartmouth’s program is hybrid (requires 3 campus visits a year) and has a heavy emphasis on quality improvement, policy, and data analysis. Michigan’s program is completely online and more of a traditional MPH. I have one week to make a decision! Any feedback/input would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Is is really that much important the reputation of the university? I have been accepted to the MALS Dartmouth, Queen's MA in Political Legal Philosophy, St. Andrews MLitt in Legal and Constitutional Studies and Sherbrooke University for the Master of Laws (LLM). So far, the advices I have received are really to go with the prestigious school - Dartmouth, Queen's St. Andrews and to not keep Sherbrooke University. However, I do believe there is a value in their degree -- LLM. It is normally quite impossible to enter in that degree without a prior law degree so I have to say that despite their lower reputation, I felt it was quite attractive to have this chance to study law at the graduate level. More particularly, if I had the chance to pursue a doctorate in law, I believe this program would be my only chance to pursue legal research or teach law later on.
  9. Anyone waiting for a decision for the MS CS program at dartmouth?
  10. What should one do? Pay $50,000 tuition at an ivy league university, or pay $0 - $10,000 at some other university (say any US university with QS world ranking below 250)
  11. Hi, I have recently been invited to an interview for a PhD program at Dartmouth and they sent an email that informed us on what would be the proper attire. According to their email "The event is casual so comfortable clothing is preferred. This is New England so bring appropriate outerwear for walking outside (gloves, hat, coat, boots for dealing with snow). I want to stress that you not wear business suits or dress shoes. Please bring warm outdoor boots, coats, gloves/mittens to keep you warm during walks around campus." I was originally planing on wearing black dress pants, a dress top/blouse, black flats, and a black blazer, but know i'm not sure what to wear. I was hoping someone could give me advice because I don't want to dress too fancy or too relaxed. Thanks
  12. Hi! I do not see any thread dedicated to Dartmouth MEM, Fall 2017. Please comment here in case you've accepted Dartmouth's offer. It would be nice to connect with all heading to the same program this year.
  13. DUKE Dartmouth Pros Lesser tuition Reputation (one of the Ivy leagues) Opportunities for funding in-terms of RA ship, TA ship and Resident Assistantship 20% tuition waiver, TA positions available Program is very flexible. All Technical electives can be chosen from any engineering department or can be replaced by business electives Low batch size (50), better faculty to student ratio Medium cost of living Excellent Industry and Alumni networks High campus activity. Lots of events all around the year in the department as well as the campus. Cultural diversity and high selectivity Excellent industry and Alumni networks More courses needed to complete the degree ensuring more exposure Very well-known and recognised brand label. Also excellent facilities for startups and proximity to RTP area, a high density of companies Proximity to Boston and New York, excellent employment opportunities Cons Huge Asian population each year, skewing the diversity of the student body More tuition and High cost of living Huge Batch size (>100) implying a poor faculty to student ratio Location is in the middle of nowhere. All restaurants, clubs stores are miles away. Curriculum does not seem to be as intensive The degree is only 1year, though can be extended to 1.5 years
  14. Hi, I don't have an acceptance from Waterloo yet, but I'm really confused between these 2 programs. Waterloo would probably cost less than half of Dartmouth. However, taking tuition out of the picture, which one in your opinion seems better? Kindly keep in mind that I also hope to get some exposure/work ex after my graduation. Please send in your suggestions. all your opinions are welcome and would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Got accepted into both programs for PhD and I'm having a hard time deciding between the two. Anyone has any comments, opinions? BU program is guaranteed funding for 5 years while Dartmouth is not. In terms of the biology program Dartmouth has a higher ranking and professors are very approachable. BU is in Boston and I love that city but Dartmouth is only about 2 hours away.
  16. Has anyone heard from Dartmouth Mech E for PhD Fall 2016?
  17. Hello, I've been accepted to both Columbia's and Dartmouth's MPH program. I am specifically interested in policy and while these both seem like great options, they are very different programs. I was hoping anyone who attended these public health schools could describe the program and their personal experience. However, any advice is welcome!
  18. I have an admit from Dartmouth MS-CS with 50% scholarship for first 4 quarters and remaining quarters free. I just need to know about the department in general and post MS job scenario.
  19. Hey guys, I got invited to interview at Dartmouth for the PEMM program March 2-4. What I'm wondering is the admission rate post-interview. They said they'll email you within 2 weeks of interviewing regarding their decision. But since they're paying nearly $800 per student (flights, hotel accomodations, food, bus travel, etc.) per interview, I would assume they've pretty much made up their minds already. It seems like a huge waste for them to spend hundreds of dollars just to decide later they don't want these people. Med schools don't pay a penny for you to come in for an interview, after all. According to recent statistics here: http://www.petersons...3825_10088.aspx 24 of 128 applicants were admitted and 15 of those chose enrollment. Based on the email list I received, there were 30 interview applicants (including me) for Fall 2012. So, are we basically assured a spot provided we don't massively blow the interview? It seems like no more than 20 people will ultimately choose enrollment anyways. Does anyone have any experiences with this?
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