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  1. Hi all, I submitted my application to Ball State University today, but I didn't realize that the only way you can submit supplemental materials like your statement of purpose, CV and a writing sample is through an online portal that you will get access 1 to 2 business days after the submission of the general application. The problem is that there aren't any business days left before the deadline! My supplemental materials will be submitted late! I emailed admissions and the department of interested with the supplemental documents attached and explained that I will not have access to the online portal before the December 1 deadline. Is there anything else I can do? How screwed am I?
  2. According to the GRE website, test scores can take up to 5 weeks to be processed. Will schools accept late test scores if it takes ETS too long to grade an exam?
  3. Still haven't heard back from NYU. Anyone else still waiting to hear back from schools?
  4. I know that the final deadline for accepting offers is 15th of April, but I was wondering if it is possible to receive admission/GRA offers after that date if a faculty members wants you to join their lab.
  5. Hello everyone, Figured I would make an account to continue in the time-honored tradition of collective freak-outs in the month leading up to graduate admissions. Do you know of any school that has already sent out admission results to PhD applicants in chemical engineering for the fall 2019 season? If you've gained admission to a specific school, would you mind sharing your profile (GPA, GRE, TOEFL if you're an international, research experience, and so on)? Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favor!
  6. I have received acceptance for MA Statistics from Yale and Berkeley. My plan is to do a Phd, whether directly after masters or after some work ex is something I will decide later. while Berkeley has the "better ranked" department, i feel that i would get more individual attention at Yale. Also, Yale will have more diversity. The Bay Area is right there so getting a job after Berkeley. but my dream is to work at NPOs and international orgs (like uN, WHO, BMGF, etc) which are at the east coast. please HELP!!
  7. Hello everyone, I would appreciate any sort of advice for my troubles here. For the longest time, I have had 1 acceptance from the many schools I applied to: UCI. When I went and visited I loved it there and all the people within the program. During this time, I found out I was waitlisted at University of Michigan (which originally was one of my top schools to attend). Here comes my problem: Michigan recently informally told me they are planning to extend an offer. UCI wants their response by April 15th. As of right now, Michigan has not officially extended the offer yet. Even if they were to, I don't know if I would feel comfortable accepting without having the chance to visit the campus and meet the personnel within the program (I know I will most likely love it there, but I just can't be too careful since I'll be spending the next 5 years of my life there). In the best case scenario, they give the offer on Monday and then that leaves very little time to plan a trip over before April 15th. I am sure that Michigan would be more than willing to have a longer deadline; however, I don't want to deny UCI by banking on the fact that I would accept Michigan on the chance that I don't like it over there. So I guess my question is what should I do? I have emailed my points of contact at Michigan explaining my predicament last week and haven't received a response yet. Would it be a poor move to ask UCI for an extension? Is it possible that they would rescind my offer for asking? I apologize if that is a naive question - I am just completely out of my element here.
  8. I thought I had made my mind up, but I keep second guessing myself. Here is some objective information about the two programs (they are English Language and Literature doctoral programs, in case that's relevant): School 1: There is a faculty member here whose work I really admire (and admired before I even knew I wanted to go to graduate school). His area of interest and approach both reflect the kind of work I hope to do. I have corresponded with him and he has been beyond generous with his time and advice, and is very excited about the prospect of me enrolling. That said, there is only one other faculty member there who interests me at all. I also feel that the program could have the potential to track me too narrowly and not facilitate the kinds of interdisciplinary work I'd like to do (particularly, bringing in Philosophy and French language and literature). The program is not as highly ranked as the alternative, but they have offered me a special fellowship that they give to one student each admission cycle, which gives me six years of guaranteed funding and a huge stipend. School 2: There are quite a few faculty members who I'm interested in, but none so passionately as the person from school 1. The program here will allow me much more latitude in terms of building my own course of study. It will also facilitate my exploration of other areas, with an ethos that encourages cross-disciplinarity. The program is much better ranked and has a better job placement record. Everyone whom I've met from here has been kind and generous. The school is in a much smaller city than school 1, and cost of living is higher, but the stipend is still very generous (more than the base stipend at school 1, but not quite as much with the fellowship) and I'm guaranteed funding for 6 years. I thought I had settled on school 2, but now I'm second guessing myself--based on my descriptions, where does it seem I should go? Are there any important factors I'm neglecting? Thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I had a school get back to me saying that they will look at the international student pool only after their domestic quota is full, and that I should expect interview calls only in April. Is this the norm with most PhD programs ? Does the April 15 deadline apply to international student ? I had seen domestic students get acceptances in March and had completely given up hope. Does international admissions follow the same timeline as domestic ? Or do I still have some hope left ?
  10. Hey all! I've just been informed that I received an assistantship at University A that I'm really excited about. It covers a fair portion of tuition and has me doing some really unique work. It's a great opportunity, but I'm still in the running for a similar assistantship/ scholarship at University B. Unfortunately, University B has stated that their decisions are slated to be released late April/ early May, and University A is asking for a decision by the end of this week (April 5th). Though I'm excited, I'm obviously extremely reluctant to commit to anything before I have all the information in my hands! Would it be inappropriate to contact University A and ask for a deadline extension? And, perhaps more importantly, has anyone had success with being granted an extension in a similar situation? Thanks in advance!
  11. I heard back yesterday from the first school I interviewed at in early Feb, saying I had an acceptance offer and to respond by Feb 26. However, I know for a fact that the other 2 schools I interviewed at send out offers in early March. I'm really looking to get into these other 2 schools but don't want to lose the first acceptance offer if I get rejected by both. Should I email the director of the first school to ask for an extension, or ask the other two schools for an earlier notification? (I'm leaning towards the former, since it won't hurt me as much). Also, all these programs are tiny so all the directors know each other well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hello! I was wait listed for Columbia's Environmental Science and Policy MPA program (in SIPA), and I was wondering if anyone could give insight as to when usually would be the last day to receive a final decision for somebody on the wait list. Or when might the decision deadline be for accepted students? The thing about this one year program is that it starts in early summer, so trying to find examples from other conventional 2-year programs that start in the fall hasn't been helpful. I really don't know the details of how the wait list works (other than the concept of getting an offer when somebody turns theirs down), so I'm trying to become more informed so as to stress out less. Also if anyone has any clue as to how many people from the wait list usually receive and admissions offer for this program, that would also be appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, this is my first (hope its the last) question about my graduate admission application. The school I am applying for has an original deadline at Jan. 5th 2018, but I missed it, so the manager e-mailed me a notification that they have extended the date to Jan. 7th 2018 and told me to submit soon. However, I completed all materials today (Jan. 6), the system seems to not know the deadline was extended and hence the department selection does not have the one I want to apply... I e-mailed this situation to the manager, but he will not come back till Jan. 8... Is it only tech problem or what else can I do? Thank you all for any solutions!!
  14. Hi everyone, Is there anyone who understands the application timeline indicated on UoT website? They indicate "Applicants interested in applying to one of the Sociology graduate programs need to complete an application and pay an application fee by December 1st. They must also ensure that two referees upload letters of support by the final application deadline of December 15th. Along with the online application form, the application includes: 2 academic letters of reference, one 10-25 page writing sample, a 1-page statement of interest, academic transcripts, a curriculum vitae, and english language proficiency scores (if relevant)." But Graduate Administrator in her mail says You have until the 15th of December to upload all of your supporting documents. Does she refer deadline for my referees or other documentations such as writing sample and CV? Thank you
  15. I'm starting to gather my LoRs and already feeling nervous about it. Have a few questions about the etiquette. I emailed a professor in whose subject I got an A to see if I could set up a meeting for a LoR. He hasn't responded yet. I understand that some people say one should always ask directly in person. I'm willing to do that, but turning up at their office without an appointment might seem bothersome. Hence I emailed first. Now what do I do? Follow up by email again? Do Profs really miss some emails or is this a convenient way of saying No? I'm currently in another class in which I've been doing fine. Would it be ok to ask the professor right after class or is it better to set up a meeting by email first? I was wondering if this prof also doesn't want to write a LoR but might feel uncomfortable in saying so directly. I had given up a decent paying job to pursue a PhD and I don't have any plan B. I hadn't factored in the fact that I might not be able to apply due to lack of 3 LoRs.....I'm starting to feel a little depressed as the deadlines are coming closer. Just graduating with a MS would do me no good. Are there other options to get into a decent school without LoR?
  16. Hello, all, so I'm interested in applying for ut-Austin MSBA program, and on their website, it says that The Texas MSBA program enrolls one class per year, in the summer semester only. The application for the Class of 2019 will open August 1, 2017. Round 1: October 16, 2017Round 2: January 8, 2018 (Final deadline for international applicants)Round 3: March 19, 2018 Round 4: May 1, 2018 This program starts from Summer - Fall - Spring. (10month) Is that mean that If I want to start in 2019 Summer (graduating 2019 Spring), I will have to apply before May 1, 2018? That's one year before the program start.... so it confuses me. Also, do yall have any comments or ideas about this business analytics program? Thank you so much. I'm new to the forum, sorry if I made any mistake.
  17. The school I applied to extended their fall deadline to April 10. I applied by April 10 and now I am wondering when they will send a acceptance or decline letter since usually fall acceptance letters are sent by April. Anyone have any idea?? Thanks!
  18. Hello! I am panicking. Does anyone know what the deadline is for accepting an acceptance offer from Sarah Lawrence? I assumed it was April 15th, but could I be wrong? Their application portal says: Please note the enrollment deposit due dates below:MFA Writing Program: March 15th (If for any reason you would like an extension, please contact Paige Ackerson-Kiely, packerson@sarahlawrence.edu) March 15th (TODAY!) is crazy, right?? I haven't even heard back from all my schools! And they're on Spring Break right now, so I can't seem to get in touch with anyone. HELP.
  19. haleyclo


    In order to be considered for scholarships (graduate assistantships offered by the school and things of that sort), did you need to have submitted a FAFSA report? Or is that after you are admitted and then you submit the FAFSA to then receive funding? Is it too late to already send it in to be considered for funding? I'm just a little confused...there was no indication on my application to send in FAFSA before the grad application deadline and some applications asked about tax info but I thought that was it....?
  20. Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share that SWAA has extended their submission deadline to the end of February. It's being held in San Jose, CA this year, which is a pretty awesome place, and the theme is Parameters of the Possible. Submit an abstract and come to San Jose this April for some conference experience, Here's a link: https://swaa-anthro.org/submit-an-abstract/
  21. Hello, After a great chat over the phone with my potential advisor at Simon Fraser University, I received an offer of acceptance from the school immediately! However, the school wants me to decide whether I accept or reject their offer by Feb 21, 2017. This is one of my top schools but I still am waiting to hear back from Oxford and LSE, and I am pretty sure I won't hear back until early March. How do I request SFU to give me more time to decide on the offer? Any help will be appreciated! Thank you so much! Bella
  22. Hi! I'm looking for advice. I've been accepted to my second-choice school, but I'm still waiting to hear from my first-choice school. My #2 school wants a decision by March 1st, but I don't expect to hear back from my #1 school until mid-March... Can I ask my #2 school to extend my decision deadline? Is that even possible?
  23. I just received my grades for this semester and did very well. I'd like to let my prospective schools know, as this semester shows a significant improving trend for my GPA. However, many of my application deadlines have passed. Is there a way in which I can notify these schools about my performance? Should I try to send an updated transcript? Is there any precedent for this? I feel that this issue is very common for students whose semesters end in late December and have early December application deadlines. Thanks.
  24. The Rutgers deadline says 12/1 for MS in Statistics. Does this mean 1 December 2016 or 12 January 2017?
  25. I had two applications due on December 1st. One of my recommenders submitted one of her letters and didn't submit for the other one. I figured that she would get it done in a few days and I didn't really worry about it, because the program said that was fine. So, I just sent her a reminder through the application itself. Well, the program messaged me and said they needed it by the 15th or they wouldn't accept my application. I emailed her to tell her this on the 9th. She still hasn't responded or uploaded her letter and I have two more applications do that day, so I'm really apprehensive that it won't get done. What should I do?
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