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Found 15 results

  1. Hey all! I am applying for the MASc in Systems Design and Engineering at University of Waterloo for the next winter semester (January 2022). The application deadline is the 31st of May, 2021. Now, I have a couple questions about the proof of English language proficiency. I have graduated from an institute where the language of instruction was English and it states so on the transcript (but English is not the native language in my country). On the University of Waterloo website, it's mentioned that a medium of instruction certificate from the graduating institute will not suffice. However, on the application portal, it is written that if the primary language of instruction of the graduating university is English, an ELP test isn't required. I am confused. Do I need an ELP test or not? Secondly, if I have to give IELTS, the closest available test slot is on the 11th of May, 2021. The test centre has informed me that I would get the results 5 days after the test date, after which I would have to select universities to which to send my scores. From then, it would take another 15-20 days for the online test scores to reach the universities. So, even in the best case scenario, my score would reach the university just on time or a little late. Is it alright if they reach a week or two after the deadline? The rest of my application would be complete and submitted. Only the IELTS score would be a bit delayed. Is that okay? Have any of you been in a situation like this? I’m also applying to McMaster University and have the same query regarding IELTS score deadlines. One last thing, if I add two different programs to the same application, would I have to pay twice the application fee or just once? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Sorry about the long post.
  2. There needs to be a universal location for deadlines for programs so you can easily search what programs you have left. I suggested this in the questions sections and @TGCA suggested making a Google Sheet. So, I have done just that. How to use the Deadlines List Google Sheet: Use this link Deadlines List to access the Google Sheet Select the "Filter views..." icon on the right hand side of the top menu bar and Select "Create new temporary filter view" from the drop down menu. Select the drop down arrow on any tab to select the filter option A filter menu will appear. Navigate to "Filter by condition..." and click the arrow next to it. In the drop down menu, select "Text Contains." A field will appear that says "Value or formula." Type in the name of the university, program, etc (as applicable for each tab) and select "OK." The tab will now display all items that match that criteria. You can use multiple filters to hone your search. How to enter data in the Google Sheet: Use this link Deadlines List to access the Google Sheet Under "TGC University," type any portion of the University name. Find the option that best fits and select it from the drop-down menu. Under "TGC Program" type in any portion of the name of the program you're applying to. Find the option that best fits and select it from the drop-down menu. Note: If you've applied to a program with a very specific name such as " Underground Construction & Tunnel Engineering" and you can't find it in the drop-down list, type the name as is, but only after you're sure you can't find it. Under "Degree Type" enter in the type of degree the deadline applies to. (For example, a Master's in Science would be entered "MS.") Under the "Deadline" column, enter in the date in the following format: DD/MM. (For example, March 1st should be entered in as "01/03", which the program will convert to "1-Mar".) Finally, under "Application Season," type in the season in which the deadline applies to. (For example, Fall 2019 will be written F19 and Spring 20 will be S20. In the event of a Summer deadline, type "Summer19") Data entered in the Google Sheet is crowd sourced and is on an integrity basis. We are hoping to have a simple method for people to find application dates for programs or schools they're interested in. If data for that year is not available, they can look at what the deadlines were last year to get a general idea and then enter in a new entry with the deadline once they find out. If you applied to or hope to apply to a graduate program, please take the opportunity to update the Google Sheet with the previous and current application deadline. The more data we have, the better it is for everyone. Remember that sweet tool you used from 2013 to get an idea of GRE acceptance scores? Well, make this tool available to future applicants.
  3. As the title says, why has no one created a website for all the deadlines for applications, sorted by program? And if there is, someone tell me what it is. Most of you will be thinking that it is because it is very time consuming, but it is easily something that can be written and designed for community imput. Meaning, you can let users submit the deadlines to the schools they are applying to. That way it allows for the most accuracy, despite the occassional troll. I mean, there's clearly a community of us who are willing to do things like that...this website being a great example of that. Software engineers, where are you on this one?
  4. Hello everyone, Figured I would make an account to continue in the time-honored tradition of collective freak-outs in the month leading up to graduate admissions. Do you know of any school that has already sent out admission results to PhD applicants in chemical engineering for the fall 2019 season? If you've gained admission to a specific school, would you mind sharing your profile (GPA, GRE, TOEFL if you're an international, research experience, and so on)? Thank you and may the odds be ever in your favor!
  5. A school that I like a lot, but that is not my top choice, is pressuring me to accept by April 1. However, I am still waiting to hear back from my top choice, and am currently waitlisted at my #2...if accepted at either of these schools, I would almost definitely immediately say yes (pending some financial considerations)...is it ethical to say yes to #3, knowing full well that I may change my mind very soon? I like all three schools very much, they all have strong programs in my field, and if I only get into #3, I will certainly go there.
  6. I'm feeling pretty discouraged about my chances this year (I'm already 3r/0a/3p), so I'm looking for some last minute schools that still take applications that I might have somehow missed. Any programs still accepting applications?
  7. I recently submitted my app to GWU (like two weeks ago) and they require you to submit unofficial transcripts from any transfer and study abroad credits. Unfortunately, where I studied abroad wouldn't let you download an unofficial transcript and I had to request for an official one to be delivered by international courier. I'm worried that it will make it way after the deadline (deadline is Jan 7 for funding, and transcripts are coming from Egypt). Will this be an issue at all or will it'll be acceptable? Of course the office says theyre swamped so won't answer calls or emails.
  8. Has anyone heard back yet from UT on their 2018 spring application for the MSSW program? I know the deadline was only four days ago but I just wanted to check in and see! Good luck to everyone!
  9. Has anyone heard back yet from UT on their 2018 spring application for the MSSW program? I know the deadline was only four days ago but I just wanted to check in and see! Good luck to everyone!
  10. I applied to three graduate schools in the US for their Art Therapy Programs. I got accepted to the best program and they want to know my decision before I even hear back from the other two schools (I have interviews coming up for the other two programs soon). The program I got accepted to is the most expensive out of the three and the only way I could realistically go there is if they give me a good financial aid package. What is the polite way to tell them I am excited about their offer but I am worried about the cost of the program and have more affordable backups in progress? But I would 100% go there if they make it more affordable?
  11. Hello guys! Do you know any graduate schools with late deadlines? Around April or May or even June? When will those schools send out acceptance/rejection notices? I wish we can all go to our dream schools, but do you think is it necessary to apply (as backup plans) for some schools with late deadlines? I’m tired of waiting and waiting and waiting…. feeling hopeless…. Feel like I should do something…
  12. With most of our applications submitted, and people hearing back from schools right and left, I thought it would be nice to start a thread for those of us who are still waiting to hear or stuck on a waiting list. List where you're waiting to hear back from and your waiting list woes! If you're one of the lucky ones who has been accepted to multiple schools, list where you won't be going! This can also be a place to ask questions about waiting list etiquette, deadlines, how to choose, etc! I've been accepted to MAT programs at Tufts and WashU, still haven't heard back from University of Illinois at UC, and I'm first on the waiting list for my top choice program at UMass Amherst. And the waiting is driving me crazy!!!
  13. This past Monday, I was accepted to a PhD program, but they have given me a two-week deadline to accept their offer. From the acceptance letter: "Please respond as soon as possible, or at the latest within two weeks, as assistantship funds are limited." I've also been accepted to two other schools, both of which are giving me until April to make the decision (and both of which have not sent final information on the funding package). I may not have funding information from those schools until the end of the month, after this two-week deadline has passed. When my advisor told me about the two-week deadline over the phone and I expressed my concern about needing to decide so quickly, she told me that because this program is part of the management school at the university, they have different deadlines, and they require a quick decision since they only admit one or two students a year per program. She seemed surprised that other schools were giving me until April. However, the university's graduate school website indicates that offers of acceptance and financial assistance made before April 1 should remain open until April 15. Though I expressed concern, I have not yet formally asked for a deadline extension. Are there other schools (and specifically business management schools) that require such a quick decision prior to the traditional April 15 deadline? And if I am told that they cannot accommodate an extension, should I point out the deadline information from the graduate school's website?
  14. Hi, I am grasping at straws here to understand if I stand a chance at all. My profile looks somewhat like: GRE: Q: 157 V: 155 AW: 4.0 TOEFL: 112 Work Experience: 1.5 Years as Project Coordinator for a Social Entrepreneurship based out of Kolkata dealing with last mile Solar Solutions to bottom of pyramid households; Summer Internships in Credit Suisse & IDFC Mutual Funds; Vice President Human Resources AIESEC Kolkata (1 year); Voluntary Community Service for over 5 years. Undergrad GPA: 8.99 out of 10 Applied to: Rutgers, Cornell CIPA, Sciences Po, Hertie School of Governance I wanted to understand if my profile would be deemed suitable for any aid. Please help.
  15. Kind of a nightmare scenario here--I lost a lot of my data this afternoon, had to rewrite my personal statements for 3 schools from scratch on the last day. I got two of them in, but missed the third deadline by about 45 minutes. The online system doesn't allow submissions after the deadline. Do you think the school will make accept my application anyway? Is that even technically possible, given that it was an online system? I guess this is my fault for not submitting my files before the last day. Needless to say I didn't bank on lost data.
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