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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am a recent graduate. I am planning on starting my Master's in Fall 2020 however, I am not sure of which field to focus on. In the future I want to work for an NGO, and focus on program implementation and evaluation. I'm also interested in healthcare administration. What would be the best concentration to focus on for my masters? Also, if anyone did a general MPH, what were your career options? Any comment will be appreciated!
  2. I got waitlisted at my top choice, and now I am trying to decide between Kent State, University of Akron, and Bowling Green. I visited both Kent State and Akron, and I liked them but wasn't wowed. I have never been to Bowling Green or the area at all. Anyone have any opinions on any of these grad programs?
  3. I'm attempting to decide between West Chester and Salus University and I'm having a hard time. I'm interested in medical SLP but I heard West Chester is more focused on schools and children, which would make Salus a perfect fit. HOWEVER, WC is cheaper and accredited (Salus is a brand new program). It also is a closer commute. If anyone has information about West Chesters program please let me know!!
  4. So I’m sure this is may be a stupid/silly question and may not matter at all but when a program says the deadline to accept is April 15th is that right before midnight on April 15th their time or would it be by 5pm or by midnight on April 15th wherever you currently are? Thanks in advance!
  5. Not to count my chickens before they're hatched, but as I applied to 10 different universities, have already been accepted to one and offered to interview for another, I think saying I will have more than one option is fairly reasonable. However, I've never been in that position before. For undergrad, I only applied to the school I attended. For my MA I attended the only school that accepted me. I've never had to choose between schools. Obviously money will be a factor, but what all else do you consider when deciding which offer to accept? How do you weight your considerations? Do you use pro/con lists? A chart? Flip a coin? Help a sista out and tell me what y'all do.
  6. Out of curiosity, how many of you are worried about your career in the sciences in this political climate, because it's been bothering me a lot. Do you have faith that things will turn out alright? How are you coping and does it really affect you? I've personally applied to one Canadian school in addition to US schools, and because I'm more in environment-related sciences, I'm having fears and doubts about whether or not I should just go to the Canadian school instead. Honestly, the state of science in the US is worrying me more than my pending applications right now.
  7. So I've come to the realization that several of the schools from which I've received offers have student health plans that are not good enough to meet my needs. It really sucks to have to choose a school based on something like medical care. Has anyone else run into this situation? What did you do? The other schools have much better health plans, but apparently the insurance company has to approve one of my meds before they'll pay for it. Anyone know anything about that process, and how likely it is to get approved if the doctor recommends it wholeheartedly? I've tried to get answers out of the insurance companies, but they can't tell me until I'm a plan member actually making a claim. Which sucks a lot.
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