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Found 183 results

  1. Bella72

    Can I justify a PhD?

    Hi, looking for some perspective.... i currently work in a senior administrative role in higher education, following many years in the corporate world. I love working in higher education, butI have been told that under new policies I should enroll in a PhD if I want to continue in my current role. I’ve been looking into suitable part-time PhD programs, and it looks like it will cost me between $60k and $100k over 4 years. i am in my 40s with two young kids and a hefty mortgage (I live in nyc). We’ve also just come out of a period with unexpected financial costs, which burned through a large amount of our savings. I would need to take out loans to pay for a PhD (the university I work at doesn’t pay for doctoral degrees for employees). It’s not like I’m going to get a significant pay raise (if any) from earning the PhD. I just don’t know how I justify the cost of this, yet if I don’t, it means I’ll be demoted in terms of responsibilities and title (although my current salary will remain the same). It will also limit my opportunities going forward. Much as I want to follow this path, i don’t see how it can be a financially responsible decision for my family. Am I missing something?
  2. anxiousarthistorian

    Dealing with the aftermath of deciding

    I am coming off of what feels like a string of amazing luck and yet I can't quite bring myself to feel happy about anything, because it has required a set of incredibly difficult decisions about my future. I applied to six PhD programs split between Canada and the US and I was lucky enough to be accepted to all of them. I visited each school and weighed the pros and cons of funding, POI, cost of living etc. and it ultimately came down to deciding between attending the program where I did my MA and a large, well-respected American ivy league school. I really tried not to let the "prestige factor" impact my decision, but everyone I spoke to still weighted it pretty heavily in terms of post-grad work and also spoke very highly of the program I ultimately selected. At the same time, this program offered full tuition coverage and a guaranteed stipend while the Canadian program offered great funding, but I would have to pay the tuition costs every year out of that stipend. I later found out that I was awarded a doctoral SSHRC that they would have let me keep the whole amount of, meaning that I could have been making equal to what I would make at a an early-career level position at any major museum. But, I didn't find out about the scholarship until after I had to make my decision. Now I'm dealing with the struggle of less financial security, because my chosen school doesn't really allow me to combine their stipend with my external award, and the costs of visas etc. that also would have been covered by some of the other American schools I declined. For reference, the major American competitor was a school of equal calibre, but one that I had heard very negative things about. It seemed to me that people in the program were not happy in general and not a single person I knew recommended that I should attend. But, they offered a larger financial package (in part due to higher cost of living), guaranteed access to campus housing and a better healthcare package than the school I chose. On top of ALL of this, I was blessed to be offered a year long contract position at a major museum as a curatorial assistant for a job I applied to mostly out of duty and did not expect to hear back from. In the end, I decided to turn down the position because I already have considerable museum experience and felt that I really should just get started on my PhD instead of delaying one more year. But now I am left feeling unsure about ALL of my decisions: did I pick the right school? Should I have taken the job and deferred my PhD (but I would have lost the scholarship)? Is it too late to change my mind? How do I come to terms with my incredible good luck and feel good about my decisions instead of feeling gut wrenched by overanalyzing everything?
  3. I am trying to decide between which two Biotechnology programs to attend in the fall. The first program is the NYU Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship Program which is great because of its interdisciplinary curriculum in both biotechnology and business. They also offerered me a generous scholarship. On visiting the campus and speaking with faculty it seems promising. I was selected for an additional scholarship and feel like the financial aid office is forthcoming with working with me to cover tuition costs. The research areas are good with opportunities to do research at the renowned memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center. Their career center also seems to be very effective with support for internships, interviews, jobs and whatnot and NY is at the center of it all. There is however no denying that cost of living and accommodation in the city is ridiculously high. On the other hand, Northwestern University's Biotechnology program comes with a minor in Engineering management/ Entrepreneurship with a similar flexibility to NYU but with a seemingly greater concentration on developing wet lab skills. It's location in Evanston, IL a Chicago school town is nice and it's a large campus. On visiting the campus, the faculty also seem welcoming and they have interesting personal development courses, site-visits to biotechnology companies on the east coast for networking, career fairs and great internship assistance. The tuition is much higher than that of NYU and the scholarship while generous, doesn't cover much. I would have to look to loans and aid to cover the chunk. The research areas are also nice with opportunities to work in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and cancer biology at the northwestern school of medicine. At this point, I don't know which school to consider because I would gladly go to any of them as they are both great schools and I'm privileged to be considered for both. I don't know if Northwestern is worth taking out large loans for in comparison to NYU that the tuition is mostly covered by scholarship. I can't imagine which program would make me stand out with limitless opportunities at the end of the duration. I need any suggestions, opinions, ideas and help that would enable me to see some light.. Thank you!!
  4. I am mostly looking at four programs that accepted me: UCSF, Princeton, Columbia, UCSD I mostly narrowed it down to UCSF vs Princeton, but I am still considering the other two. Leaning towards UCSF. It's almost ironic since UCSF and Princeton are basically polar opposites (huge medical school vs. no med school, no undegrads vs. undegrad focus, basic science vs. a lot of translational etc). I'm really undecided because I'm not sure if I want to do translational or basic (granted, UCSF has both and Princeton just basic). My main concerns are the cost of living in SF, that UCSF is just a medical center, and that Princeton is richer and more presitiougs (although UCSF is better when it comes to bio). UCSF pro Top-notch program Huge choice of PIs and labs Excellent research in genetics, genomics, RNA (my field of choice) Bay Area - connections with other great schools and industry (still undecided on industry vs San Francisco con Just a medical campus, no engineering or physics etc (although Berkeley connection) Crazy expensive (stipend is 37K, but SF is crazy expensive) Lesser known school outside of bio circles Princeton pro Fewer professors, but all of them are top in their field and full of funding. Quality over quantity. Excellent training, smaller program Tons of money and funding Would have more money and be able to save (stipend is 35K) Could work in a bioengineering lab since it's a complete university Prestigious name school (although in Bio UCSF is more well known con No Med school, no translational research Fewer lab choices (only 40-50 faculty) Less research in genetics, genomics, RNA (my field of choice) (but one could argue that it's just grad school, you can go into your field of choice later) Columbia In many ways like Princeton, but with a Med School. I just didn't click at the interview as much as I did at Princeton. Opinions? How does the faculty/research compare to Princeton? My interviews were meh, so I had a bad impression. But maybe I was just unlucky. Also, crazy expensive (39k, but nyc is nyc). UCSD Kinda like uCSF, but not as good. The two good things are tat it is a full university (with physics, chemistry, engineering etc) and that SD is way cheaper than SF (stipedn is 33).
  5. psychlife1

    master psych decision to make

    Hey folks, I need to make a decision on a master's program, and I was wondering if I could get some input. I have offers from MAPSS UChicago, Ball State Clinical Psych, Brandeis General Psych, American University General Psych, NYU, and Pepperdine. They've offered me similar levels of funding, so it's really a comparison of the programs that I need. Any input? I'm thinking MAPSS and Brandeis are my top 2 right now.
  6. HooHooHooHoosiers


    Which school have you decided to attend? Did you get into your top school and already commit? Have you decided but haven’t told the school yet? Have you declined offers from other schools? April 15th is a bit away, but this will still be here then! Connect with others attending your school
  7. Hello, I have applied for master of Mental Health Counseling program. I've got a few tough decisions. 1. Can I withdraw from my last choice even after I've accepted? I truly feel horrible about it. 2. Do any of you know the pros and cons between Williams&Mary vs Johns Hopkins Uni vs (BGSP)Boston Graduate School of psychoanalysis? I know BGSP is more specific, and I don't have psych background. Thank you so much to anyone who answers. This is weighing so heavily on my mind.
  8. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go... So: Where are you going? What factors are influencing your final decision? What criteria for assessing the best fit have emerged during this decision making process? How are you sharing your decisions with programs, family, employers, and that old psychic woman from the results thread?
  9. The deadline to confirm my admission is the 1st of May, but I'm still waiting for UCI and USC to release their decisions? Should I email them, asking for my application status, or request them to let me know before May 1st? If I tell them it's because I need to get back to another university, will they be more likely to reject me because I already have a seat? I'm losing my mind waiting and I would really like to get into either of these school? Any advice is helpful!
  10. Hi guys, I have been accepted to the MA program at Johns Hopkins SAIS, the MIA program at UCSD School of Global Policy and Strategy and the MGA program at Munk School of Global Affairs. I have read tons of info about these programs and I have attended the Open House events at SAIS and UCSD. However, I am still undecided. What do you think is the best program in terms of employability and education considering that I am an international student who wants to find a job in North America? My area of specialization is international economics and I would like to work in consulting/think-tanks/business/banks. Thanks!!
  11. 35mm_

    UK vs US PhDs

    Hey everyone I wanted to start a thread about choosing between UK and US PhD programs. As many of us might be stuck between these very fortunate but equally distressing choices, I felt some advice from folks here might prove helpful. Some of such questions that have crossed my mind so far: What are some of the major differences that one should consider while making a decision? Does a three year PhD from UK disadvantage you in the US? Does one make you better prepared for the job market than the other? How much weightage should one give to accessibility of archives? I have been told that US programs typically prepare you more for teaching while in the UK one has to actively seek these opportunities? Are certain fields more popular in one place over the other? (For example science and war seems to be huge in the US while themes about empire and science seem to be more widely discussed in the UK) Thanks! P.S I am a history of sci&tech applicant currently deciding between UPenn/Princeton and Cambridge (HPS) / Oxford (History of Science).
  12. strawberrykat

    Help - Stanford vs VTech

    Hello, I am in search of last minute advice. For context, my field is engineering. And please don't just say Stanford without reading Stanford Pros: strength of program, diversity, wealth of opportunity, name recognition, interesting faculty although no particular connection with any one. Funding! Generally funding for the MS degree is really hard to come by but I somehow managed to get tuition covered as well as a good stipend per quarter, probably not including summers (I have to TA for this stipend though 20 hrs/wk in addition to trying to find a research advisor) Cons: there is no direct PhD program (trying to do PhD) and not everyone is able to find an advisor to do one, advisors do not or take forever to respond to my emails and contact (including the guy I would want to work with), not leaving with a PhD would put me back at square one (here), cost of living Virginia Tech Pros: the advisor I want to work with is amazing and super responsive despite being super busy, and I'm super passionate about the research (like this is what I got into this field to do). Opportunity to start my research immediately and get involved in teaching if I want, low cost of living, best funding package by far Cons: not as well respected, lack of diversity, big football school, not as competitive (I want to be pushed by my peers to some extent)
  13. Hi you all, So I have been admitted to the International Studies master program at Josef Korbel College at U of Denver with an annual scholarship of $10,000 and I'm really struggling with my decision as the deadline approaches!!!! Can anyone help me if I should choose Korbel?? Someone can give me some info on its course/professor/employment situations and just the general info of the program?? Is it worthy? Also, it would be the best if there's any alumnus that can talk to me about their experience at Korbel!! Plus, I'm an international student, just some background info. Please helpppp! And congratulations on everyone's offers too! Thanks!!:)
  14. Three weeks ago I was accepted through notification email referring me to X's online portal, which had an acceptance letter from the Graduate School of Admissions. I was quite excited as X is a good school with a great reputation, and the program seems like a great fit for me on paper. However, this program will only be 1 year old this Fall, so I was hoping to get more insight into the development of the program and its vision. I have emailed the generic 'info@' address and the director of the program, along with follow-ups and have yet to receive a single piece of communication from the program itself. I have gotten in touch with a professor and current student, but wanted to ask your opinions on if it is common for admitted students to expect informative communication post acceptance and pre-enrollment. Thanks in advance.
  15. I was just wondering if anyone ever declined a fully-funded Ph.D. offer and chose to re-apply? I have a BA in Comparative Literature and decided to apply only to Ph.D. programs. In retrospect, I probably over-estimated myself and only got in a few programs that are on the lower end of my list. I know this sounds really bad and that a lot of people would be really happy to go to the programs I got accepted into, but a little part of me wonders if I should work on my apps and re-apply next year/get an MA first. Most of my professors are against it - no need to go into debt and do a masters that's not too hard to get in. I'm just not sure. I'm afraid I won't like the program, and am worried about placement...any suggestion/comment would be helpful!
  16. I am trying to choose between two offers, but I feel like the brand of one of the schools affects me too much. Ultimately, how much does the brand name / ranking really matter in making a decision? Would you choose funding over brand name, or vice versa? Those of you who chose one over the other, do you have any regrets? What would you consider given what you know now? Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi all, I need help deciding which grad school to attend. I have been accepted to MSW programs in University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee and Loyola University Chicago. I need to make a decision within the next few days and I have no idea what to do. What do you guys think? Besides the tuition, is there a school that is more credible than the other? Would an MSW from Milwaukee or Loyola be better? Please please help.
  18. Hi, I am in a very perplex situation and need your advice to take a decision: I did my undergrad and graduation in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from a leading Institute in India. Graduated in 2017 and working as an Analyst with a major European investment bank. My current research interests revolve around Bayesian statistics, statistical modeling (time series and regression) and model order selection. I do not have a specific preference between industry and academia post Ph.D. and would like to keep both options open and decide over time At the moment, I have accepts from Ph.D. programs in statistics from UW Seattle, NCSU, and OSU. I am waitlisted at UMich and will probably receive the decision next week (before 15th April). I got rejected from the Statistics Dept. at UT Austin, however a prof from the dept. has been trying to shift and get my application accepted to Information, risk and operations management (IROM) dept at McComb School of Business at UT Austin since most of the Statistics prof. are also associated with this dept. I do not have a lot of idea about the IROM dept at UT, however from initials gaze, it gives a vibe of a business school, rather than Statistics dept. One of my concerns is, whether the dept not being a pure statistics dept, Will this in any way affect my research? Or, the research/ thesis will be totally governed by the professor I am working with? Another concern is, will pursuing a Ph.D. in a non-statistics dept (although still doing statistics work) affect my chances in academia? Given my interests in Bayesian statistics, how would you rate UW Seattle Ph.D. program (pros: highly ranked [US NEWS Ranked 5th in statistics], diverse dept, interdisciplinary research) vs IROM UT Austin (pros: decently ranked in business schools [US news ranked 17th], Strong bayesian heavy statistics dept) vs NCSU (Pros: Highly ranked [US news ranked 10th in Statisitcs], very diverse dept, research triangle advantage)? I have not added OSU because I feel other options are stronger than it. Did not add UMich since I have not yet heard back from them on my waitlist status. But Please feel free to let me now your comments on the same, in case I missed something. All the opinions are welcome and will really appreciate your help. thanks!
  19. I am interested in studying American politics (specifically political psychology). Should I apply to UCLA, Northwestern or the University of Michigan? If admitted to one of these schools, which one should I choose? What is the important thing to consider when deciding what graduate school to attend? Is it faculty fit? The overall quality of the program? Placement record? Resources available at the University? The funding package? How the graduate students get along with each other? Is it the program flexibility? Any insights on these topics? Thanks!
  20. Climate_Health

    MPH: UCSD vs. NYU

    Hello, I have been accepted into both UCSD's and NYU's Master of Public Health programs, and I have to make a decision by April 15th. These are both new programs (I believe NYU's MPH is in its fourth year and this fall will be the first year for UCSD's MPH), and I'm having difficulties deciding between the two. I'm interested in epidemiological methods, environmental health, and especially climate change impacts on health. I also plan on pursuing a PhD after this MPH, and I am quite interested in UCSD's JDP PhD. Does anyone have any suggestions or have any useful information on either of these programs that could help me out? Thanks in advance--I appreciate it!
  21. tacosforbreakfast

    Washington State or U of Florida

    Hi I've been admitted to a few PhD programs this cycle, and I'm now struggling with making a final decision. I'm currently in the stage of soliciting advice from anyone and everyone on what to do next. I know many of you have (or are currently) gone through this same thing so I figured I'd post a thread here. I've mostly narrowed it down to these two, though I'm leaving the door open on a couple other programs I was accepted into in case I have a last second change of heart (I'm hoping to finalize this decision soon so I don't interfere with the opportunities of students on the WL, but I also don't want to deprive myself of an opportunity if I happen to change my mind) The issue is both programs seem like equally good fits. I'm focusing on right-wing extremism and I found great advisers at both programs. I've talked to students in both programs and they've all had nothing but great things to say about each professor I'd be working under, and the quality of the programs in general. Relationships between cohorts seem very positive at both schools. Florida's stipend is a bit larger, but WSU offered a two-year scholarship so overall pay is basically identical over 4-5 years (health insurance is also included at both schools). Reported placement records seem pretty similar. I think either would be a solid choice, but what concerns me is that I wasn't able to visit either campus. I made a point of applying exclusively to schools outside the region I'm in (I'm currently in a master's program in Ohio), and both schools are 1000+ miles away, which makes visiting in the middle of the semester kind of difficult. I've researched both towns, but obviously nothing can replicate the experience of physically being there. I've wanted to move out west for a while, but Gainesville is significantly larger and more active than Pullman. In short, I'm absolutely 50/50 right now. I'm not at the point yet where I can choose one and accept losing out on the other. So I'm trying to gather as much information as I can as quickly as I can. I really don't even have a specific set of questions here, but if anyone's had experiences with these schools (graduate or undergraduate) and/or towns, I'd love to hear it. I would gladly take general advice as well.
  22. Hello, With the April 15th deadline for decision at GW fast approaching, I have been facing a lot of stress in deciding between two programs for IR. I was accepted into the IR and Latin America and Hemispheric Studies program at the elliot school and also received admission to Uchicago's Committee on International Relations. I was able to attend an online admitted student session for the Elliot School in addition to a campus visit day last summer- I came away from both of these events feeling very encouraged and amazed by the vast resources and opportunities Elliot has to offer, and have recently been in contact with several alums who have had nothing but positive experiences to share with me. However, yesterday I attending the admitted student day at Chicago and now feel torn between the two programs. After comparing both of the academic presentations, I feel as though these programs are moving in different directions; Chicago has a mandatory thesis requirement with intense focus on academics, Elliot seems more geared towards professional development. Are there any alums from either of these programs that could comment on their experiences and maybe provide some more clarity to this decision making process? Anyone else making this decision- what are some of the areas that you think stand out from each program that made you decide to pursue or not pursue one or the other? Of course I feel very lucky to be given a choice between these two great programs and most definitely appreciate any advice/comments about either experience.
  23. Hello, I have been accepted into both UCSD's and NYU's Master of Public Health programs, and I have to make a decision by April 15th. These are both new programs (I believe NYU's MPH is in its fourth year and this fall will be the first year for UCSD's MPH), and I'm having difficulties deciding between the two. I'm interested in epidemiological methods, environmental health, and especially climate change impacts on health. Does anyone have any suggestions or have any useful information on either of these programs that could help me out? Thanks in advance--I appreciate it!
  24. I'm a fourth year ChemE student at an engineering college in India. I've applied to pursue M.S in ChemE in the US and received admits from Cornell, UMich, CMU and Northwestern. All this while, I was dead sure I was going to go to UMich, simply because I felt it was a really selective program and I loved the fact that you could do interdisciplinary projects that were funded by industrial partners. A couple of weeks later, I heard from Cornell University, which was initially the place I really wanted to go because of the research, before applying for the unis. UMich was quite an ambitious college. Most of the professors who I talk to, they all recommend Cornell because they're very aware of its prestige. I'm aware that the job situation is grim for international students in Chemical Engineering. Could you please advise which university would be better for me?
  25. I just found out that I'm admitted into the New School for its Master in Psychology. They offer me a full tuition waiver with a stipend of $20,000 per academic year. It seems like this master program is connected with their PhD programs. After completing MA for the first two years, I can apply for its PhD program. The fellowship lasts for 7 years and the stipend is provided for 5 years. I'm curious how current and past students evaluate their program, especially in terms of research opportunities and academic quality? I'm also curious what people think about their psychology department, e.g. faculty, research, support for grad students, flexibility with students' concentration etc. I'm mostly concerned with their academic quality, because a friend of mine said that although the school is associated with big names, their academics has been going downhill. However, that could totally be a biased opinion. On one hand the program's ranking doesn't seem great, and there is a limited number of faculty members to work with. On the other hand, it's a good school that offers appealing financial supports and it's in NYC. (I know the stipend is not much, but I think it covers housing. I can afford other kinds of living expenses, which I think won't amount to more than a few thousands dollars per year.) I only applied to three schools for PhD in Psychology and was not admitted into any, so I'm surprised with this offer. My other options are master programs at the University of Groningen, St. Andrews, Manchester and others, but all of them are in Europe, where I want to explore after staying in the States for college as an international student. However, none of the European programs offer scholarships. But I'm very interested in going to Netherlands for both studying and living there. I love exploring new cultures and places, and the expenses for going there is not that much - still more expensive than accepting the New School, though. I'd appreciate any kind of advice, thought and help! Thanks so much!

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