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Found 13 results

  1. In case anyone wants to provide an outsider's perspective, I am torn in a few directions emotionally on my decision, but the logical decision seems obvious. Basics: I graduated from an American uni in May 2020 and had to take a gap year due to exhaustion, covid, and not applying to many grad schools/funding the first time around. My goal has always been to return to the Netherlands to do my masters after doing an exchange semester there during my masters. After being much more prepared for applications this time around, I have been extremely lucky to be offered an Erasmus Mundus scholarship (which I never expected getting) for a Marine Environment master's. This is as much of a full ride as it gets. I also was offered a scholarship from Wageningen University for their MSc Environmental Sciences, but its only a tuition waiver, I would have to take out probably $15-20K in student loans to independently fund my living expenses (already have 30k in loans from my bachelors). The content of the courses are quite similar, with Wageningen offering a slightly more broad curriculum with less courses and the EM programme being more focused on the ocean, but I'm sure I could satisfy my academic curiosities in both programmes, even more so in MER though. A big plus for EM is that I can go anywhere to do my thesis, and I would most likely choose the Netherlands. The choice seems straightforward logically to me, but Wageningen was my top choice before getting the EM scholarship, as I never expected having such an opportunity a year ago. I have a strong emotional pull to the Netherlands, but I think a thesis there would satisfy that. The choice is strange for me and passing up Wageningen makes me feel I'm going against my goals/dreams of the last two years. I can't tell if a Dutch degree would give me much advantage in applying to a phd or job in the Netherlands after my masters as opposed to a fully funded EM program with study in 3-4 countries. Any opinions/insights are extremely welcome. Just trying to give each option thorough consideration.
  2. Hello, So basically I have got NYU Tandon MSCS for Fall 2021 and USC MSCS for Spring 2022. At this point I don't really have any interest in doing research. In terms of jobs I've heard that its better being in California due to the proximity to tech jobs. Another factor to consider for me is starting in the fall vs starting in the spring. I've heard a lot of differing opinions regarding this so any clarity would be good. In your opinion what would be the better choice? Thanks in advance
  3. I've recently been accepted to the MS HCDE at University of Washington, Seattle. I'm very confused as to should I accept the offer or wait for Georgia Tech MS HCI to roll out their decisions. Is UW better than GT or vice versa? I'm inclining towards UW because of the location but GT has a great reputation in HCI.
  4. Hi all, I have been admitted to 2 PhD programs. My top choice doesn't adhere to the 4/15 deadline and won't be announcing scholarships/assistantships until "early May". My second choice has the 4/15 deadline but has offered a guaranteed TAship with full scholarship. I thought about asking for an extension from my second choice, but I worry about negatively impacting the relationship with them and don't even have a precise date to ask for. Would an extension even be an option in your opinion? I feel like the best approach is to email my top choice, explain the situation, and ask if they're able to offer an assistantship before 4/15. Thoughts? Any advice on wording this or other approaches? Thanks!!
  5. Hi friends, I have most of my admissions results in, and I'd love to hear people's thoughts on my options! About me: I have an academic background in linguistics and computer science, and I've been working as a software engineer for a few years. I like what I've been doing, but I want to be able to focus more specifically on research in the domain of human language technologies (maybe in academia, probably in industry). I'm aiming to get a PhD in an area relating to Computational Linguistics. Here are my options so far: 1. CMU: This is a research orientated masters program, and I think it has a very good reputation. It's part of CMU's SCS, which is very well ranked, and it has a large number of faculty working in HLT. I think this program is also more CS focused, and would prepare me to re-apply to CS PhDs. The main issue is that I was hoping to start a PhD, not a masters program (I applied to their PhD program, but was admitted to the masters), and that this program doesn't guarantee funding. They say people often find at least some funding from research projects once they come to campus, but you won't know anything until you've committed to the program and the semester has already started. This set up makes me somewhat uncomfortable. 2. Georgetown: This is a PhD program in Linguistics that offers a Computational Linguistics track. I think the department has a good reputation in Linguistics, but the department's strength is more Sociolinguistics rather than Computational Linguistics. There are only 2 main Comp Ling faculty, but I'm very interested in both of their research, and with the adjunct faculty, there is a good variety of Comp Ling course offerings (this is notable because it's a somewhat coursework heavy program for a PhD). The program offers 5yrs fully funded, which is also significant to me. 3. UW: This is also a PhD program in Linguistics that offers a Computational Linguistics track. I'm actually still waitlisted at UW, but I'm trying to consider it now. I think UW has a good reputation for Comp Ling research, but I think that generally refers to NLP work in the CS department, and my degree would be in the Linguistics department. UW also as a pretty well known Comp Ling professional masters program, which is actually offered by the Linguistics department, so there are a good amount of Comp Ling courses (again notable because this program requires a good amount of coursework as well). There are a few professors that I think would be good to work with, and about half the PhD students in the program are interested in Comp Ling. Not being admitted, I don't have as much info on this program, but I think they also try to ensure that their students have full funding for 5yrs. There are also 2 CS PhD programs that I'm still waiting to hear back from, but it's so late that I'm assuming they're both rejections. I'm also trying to think about whether I would be better off in a CS program or a Linguistics program as someone who wants to do research in Computational Linguistics. I think it would be happier in a Linguistics program, but it's hard to deny that a CS program would be better for career prospects. I'm currently leaning towards Georgetown because it's a PhD program with full funding, and even though the Comp Ling section of the department is small, I like the curriculum, and I'm interested in the research going on there. So what would you choose in this situation? I'd be interested in hearing any advice on my options, including general opinions on the schools, or additional factors that I should consider in my decision making process. Thanks!
  6. I've heard from 2/5 schools I applied to. Is it me shouldn't I have heard from the others by now? The schools I've heard from have not offered any funding so far, which is also concerning. I'm trying to be patient and not panic, but it's hard.
  7. Hi guys! I'm an applicant for the CMHS year 1 program fall 2021 at UPenn GSE. My application was complete on 02/05 and I still haven't received any updates regarding my application, so I'm getting really nervous. I know this may be a long shot, but does anyone who submitted their application in early February hear back from the program?
  8. Hello all,I'm in a bit of a pickle right now when it comes to making a decision between which masters program I should go to. For the record, I think both of them are fantastic options.University of California - Irvine (UCI) - M.S. Biomedical Engineering (Thesis based) *Supervisor hasn't been assigned yet as I will complete lab rotations in my first year*orMcGill - M.S. Experimental Surgery (Non-thesis based)---------------I have a keen interest in biomedical engineering (tissue engineering) as I think it ties into medicine in a wonderful way and I like what UCI has to offer. However, McGill's exSurgery program offers an interesting curriculum and a lot of flexibility in terms of the classes you can select within and in other departments. As such, I would plan on getting involved in tissue engineering based research and courses offered in the bioengineering department as the exSurgery program is multi-disciplinary. Not to mention the course track for exSurgery is very enticing to me as it features classes with an interactive environment and observership opportunities.Cost wise, McGill will be far cheaper as I am a Canadian Citizen (30K Total for McGill vs. 100k total for UCI)*. This would also mean that I would need to worry about the process of getting an F-1 if I plan on attending UCI. However, UCI has options for financial aid that can be explored in the long run.For UCI, I would need to worry about the thesis during the 2nd year. That scares me a bit due to the unpredictability regarding the timeline.In the long run, I would prefer to stay in Canada to complete medical school and be (hopefully) a surgeon who participates in research projects. However, I am open to going to US MD as I am in the process on attaining a green card as a part of my family lives there. I just want to get into medical school in the end! However, UCI's program gives me a great plan B in case things don't work out regarding the medical school path (which I hope will not be the case).Not to mention the Corona-virus and its impact should be noted. As such, it makes me want to stay in Canada for the time being (Canada might be the better option).Before it gets mentioned, I'm choosing to partake in a masters as I am pursing something I am interested and passionate about before heading into medical school, and this is the perfect time to do it (IMO). --------------* The actual cost for UCI may be more around 80K compared to 100k (maximum estimates given). For McGill, the cost may be more around 20k in the end as well, but 30k is the maximum estimate given. Furthermore, UCI offers a lot of opportunities regarding financial aid and research assistant ship packages. That 80k can drop down to 50k (which will most likely be the case as a GSR position can be secured if you can find a professor). The same can be said about McGill and potential financial aid opportunities too. However, this is all hypothetical. Total cost refers to entire program duration. Edit: If I find a professor whose goals and interests align with mine during my program, can I switch to a thesis-based program pathway? This is referring to McGill's program.
  9. Hello all! I was offered admission to two PhD programs. Program A is my top choice. The research is aligned very closely with my own interests, the funding is good, and I very much feel like I fit with this program. Program B is a really great program as well, however, the research is not closely aligned with my own interests and the funding wasn't as good. The interview with Program B was also not good. It felt like they were using scare tactics and manipulating me (they put a lot of pressure on me to make an early decision and told me I would never find a job unless I chose their program). All this said, I have solidified my decision to attend Program A. My concern is I told the recruitment of Program B I would attend the visit weekend, and nothing has been planned yet. Is it okay to go ahead and tell them I have narrowed my selection down? Also, what are your opinions on accepting an offer before you visit a program?
  10. Hey guys, so I applied to 6 graduate schools in the US as an international student, so far I've only heard back from one (rejection). Should I start asking for updates or do graduate schools usually just get back to international students late.
  11. Hi Everyone! This was actually @xinyu_uynix's idea, but I agreed and wanted to hear folks' plans or opinions during the decision making process. I'm probably not the best one to start the conversation because I applied to a mixture of French, Comparative Literature, and Romance (French/Spanish) PhD programs. But I think this is true for a couple of others as well. So far I've been accepted and offered funding at Penn State Comparative Literature and U of Michigan French. I've been accepted with funding but no official funding package yet at Comp. Lit. UC Berkeley. I'm interviewing / doing a visit weekend for USC 's PhD in French and Francophone studies track of the Comparative Studies in Lit. and Culture. I was rejected after an interview with Yale French. I was rejected at Emory Comp Lit, and I still haven't heard responses from NYU Comp Lit, or Romance Languages and Literature at Harvard or Duke (though I suspect those are rejections). How is everyone feeling about the decision making? I'm not making any final choices until after my visits.
  12. Hey guys! I have to decide by Monday which school I will attend. I know that both programs are great options, I would like to go to the school where in the end my degree is more accredited and I have better job opportunities! If anyone has some insight into either program please let me know
  13. Hello everyone, I have been accepted into Elliott's Security Policy program with 14k a year funding and Korbel's International Studies program with 10k. I am having trouble deciding which one would be the best decision. love the program at Korbel. It is extremely flexible and would allow me to take more classes overall but particularly more skills courses. The skills courses at Korbel are more relevant to overal future careers (project management, data analysis, regulatory policies, etc). I also really like the faculty and the research being done at their centers mirror my exact interests. There also seems to be a strong sense of community and I was told by current students that faculty made a point of being readily available to their students. I would also enjoy living in Denver more than DC. Elliott is also a great program but it is more rigid. I could only take three skills courses and the program is going through a transition right now and actively looking for a new program director and faculty members. Elliott has classes or institutes focusing on almost every region in the world and one of the only schools with an active focus on Africa which is my regional interest. Korbel will be nearly twice the cost and not located in DC. I have been told that Denver has many opportunities but no matter what, DC obviously will have more. I already live in DC so if I choose Elliott, I will not incur moving costs but COL here is very high and the commute is awful. I would appreciate any advice from people who have chosen a more expensive school due to better program fit or vice versa. Or any insights at all really that might be helpful in making this decision. Thanks!
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