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Found 14 results

  1. I applied for Technology Innovation Management (TIM) for Fall 2021 since 4/1/2021 but uptill date my status is still showing recommended for assessment, I received a mail from Tim graduate coordinator sometime in February, saying decision will be made first weeks of march, am just curious to know if anyone also applied to TIM program in Carlton university and if they have gotten any response in regards been accepted, am always stress waiting to hear from them, I keep checking Carleton portal every 15 minutes and checking my mail, is anyone together with me in this boat? has anyone gotten accepted for TIM 2021 Fall session?
  2. I had a skype interview a couple weeks ago with a professor at one of the schools I applied to that I thought went pretty well. Later, by some random miracle I got accepted into 3 other schools that are my top choices and I am now deciding between. I wasn't sure whether I was still in the running for this earlier school I had a skype interview with (due to me drawing incorrect conclusions from stalking this website ) but I just got invited to interview there. I am not going to go to this interview because it'd be a waste of their money and time on me since I have other offers and will not consider this school anymore. I plan on sending a generic email to the admin assistant declining the invitation to visit and asking them to remove me from consideration. My question is what should I email the professor I interviewed with? Most recs for personal declining emails to professors say to just be straight about the program I am choosing. But I haven't picked where I'm going yet and won't know until my last visit in April. Would it be cocky if I say I am considering two other schools instead and name them? I don't want to insult this current school or professor. But also the professor got his PhD at one of the schools I'm considering. I just had a very honest/direct conversation with the professor during my interview and think he deserves the courtesy of my transparency, I just don't want to accidentally offend or come off pompous.
  3. Hi, I've applied to a 5 grad schools for Engineering Management and I'm yet to receive the decisions from 4 schools. One of the schools has offered me admissions as well as a scholarship offer. However, I've the deadline to respond to this in about another week's time. This school is my 5th choice among the 5 schools. Can I accept the offer now and then later decline it if I get into any of the other schools? Or should I ask for a date extension as to when I can accept or decline their offer?
  4. Around two weeks ago, I went for my final interview/campus visit. It was an unusual case because the department did not offer any official interview or recruitment days for prospective students, so my POI arranged a short visit just for me. After the interview trip, I sent her a thank you email as usual, but never heard back. Several days later, after thinking everything through and meeting with my current mentor, I made my decision to accept my offer elsewhere. I sent her another email saying that I was declining, and I really tried to emphasize how grateful I was for her efforts in arranging the visit, and how wonderful I think she is as a person/researcher, because I do genuinely think she's awesome. There were other factors about the school/program that kept it from being my top choice. I had really hoped to end things on a positive note and maintain a good relationship with her, as she knows my current PI well, and I expect I'll continue to see her at conferences in the future. With every other offer that I declined, the POIs responded promptly with very gracious and understanding replies. However, this POI from the last interview never replied (to either the initial thank you email or the decline email). It's now been a week and a half. She had always been very prompt and responsive before, which makes me worry that this is an intentional choice to not respond. I'm anxious that despite my best efforts not to, I may have burnt a bridge here. So, I am seeking your thoughts on two questions: 1. Is it common or uncommon for a POI to ignore an email about your decision? 2. To complicate matters, she had previously said that she could reimburse me for travel expenses, but did not offer instructions on how to do that. Now, given the circumstances, it feels super awkward to inquire about reimbursement. Should I just suck it up and accept the cost? (It's $200, which would not matter terribly in the grand scheme of things.)
  5. Congrats to everybody who received offers! I've narrowed down my choices to two programs. If anybody wants to weigh in, please feel free! Program A) Great community, really supportive faculty and students. Incredibly flexible program structure, so students can really tailor their training to fit their needs. However, I'm scared that I won't find a home lab, which may be a silly fear since there's ~190 faculty members I can choose from. Loved my visit there, but just didn't find a lot of labs that really excited me. Program B) Also seems like a great program structure, with flexibility for classes. Includes class that all 1st years take together that expand all disciplines within the program, which seems to level the playing field and bring each cohort together. Incredible PI's and labs, with projects that REALLY excite me. I'm totally in awe of some of the PIs there. The problem is, I'm really intimidated by the other interviewees and the PI's who I really look up to, and am worried I'll disappoint them. Because of this, I was too nervous and insecure to really relax and enjoy my recruitment event. Program B is also in a much more expensive place to live, but money isn't really weighing heavily in my decision. Essentially, I'm torn between a program I really liked, but didn't have labs that really excite me, and another program that does have labs which I think are incredible, but am scared of.
  6. I am currently a first year Ph.D. student. I received two offers last year, both of which were really good (at least at that time). I ended up declining one but said yes to the current one. Now it seems that I am wrong, mainly because the environment of the group as well as what I am really interested. I just wondering what is the chance that I reapply the other school and still getting in.
  7. Hi,I received an admit for the Ph.D. program, with a research assistantship from university A. I have to accept/decline the offer before April 15th. I am also waitlisted for admission in my dream university B which will announce its decision by end of April. If I accept the offer, from the university A and later receive an admit from the ambitious one I have to obtain a written release from the university A before accepting the other offer.Will it be a problem to get such release, and will it affect my career in future?Following URL gives the terms and conditions of accepting the offer.http://cgsnet.org/april-15-resolutionPlease provide your suggestion
  8. After literally weeks of trying to concoct the perfect email to decline am offer to a school I REALLY liked, I finally hit send (and died a little inside). I was hoping for a response that didn't require follow-up, but her exact words were, "Hi LAS22--well I'm disappointed, obviously, but best wishes in your future studies! Are you going to another PhD program?" Ugh. Now I have to respond and I've been panicking over it for a week now... How do I respond?? Do I tell her what school I'm going to? Do I tell her why? Do I reiterate how difficult of a decision this was? I'm the worst at emails. Please send help. ?
  9. I accepted an verbal offer from a faculty in a research university. I am expecting an official letter offer to sign. However, I just came to know that I might receive an offer from a program that I rank higher. Therefore, how bad will it look if I accept the new offer from the program and write a thoughtful letter to the faculty from the first school before officially signing his offer?
  10. I am very lucky that I got accepted into two universities I applied. I have made my decision to attend one of the universities (let's call it university A), and I am thinking about declining the offer from the other university (university B). Should I tell the DGS of university B exactly that I am going to university A? Or should I just tell her I am going to another university? Besides, two professors from university B have exchanged email with me to help me know more about their program. Should I also tell these two professors I am not attending?
  11. I was accepted into NYU MSW program, a mere two weeks after I submitted my application. NYU only gave me 4 weeks to accept or decline the offer. They ask for a non-refundable deposit of $300. I am still waiting to hear back from every single other school I've applied to. Can I pay the deposit, and later, perhaps, decide to go elsewhere? Will other schools know of my acceptance?
  12. If we all post where we expect to accept or decline, I think it will give some of the folks on waitlists some idea of movement. Where have you been accepted to/waitlisted? What are your top choices?
  13. I was recently accepted to my top choice (yay!) and have accepted their offer. I have declined other offers of acceptance but am unsure if I should also let other schools in which I've interviewed with know that I have accepted another offer even though they have yet to reject or accept me. What's the polite thing to do and how would I word an email essentially withdrawing my application due to the acceptance of another school. Thanks for the help.
  14. I'm having a hard time declining offers in general, but an especially hard time declining the offer from the school where I'm currently a senior (graduating in May). I know a couple of professors personally and respect them very much, I just think that I want to experience a different city and learn from a different perspective for my second degree. But this is causing me great anxiety, being afraid that I will seem unappreciative or disrespectful. Has anyone does this before or have any advice for handling this and maintaining good relations?
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