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Found 11 results

  1. So I have accepted a PhD offer at a very prestigious institution, but I am concerned about the PI that I will be working under. He has exhibited a lot of red flags, and I am under the impression he is not a good mentor, bordering on labor abuse. Is it possible to defer my other PhD admissions for a year, granting me time to see whether my concerns are valid, or if the relationship can work? If so, how should I phrase this to the other institutions?
  2. Hey guys, Here is the situation: I was accepted last year to an MFA program and had to defer it for a year. So I'm starting my program this fall. It's going to be time to apply for a visa very soon. What documents will I need to apply? Should I get new official acceptance letter and new I-20? Also, my TOEFL scores are expired - should I take this exam again? Please tell that I shouldn't!!! And please don't tell me to address those questions to my international student office - those guys proved to be utterly useless. If someone here went through a deferral please share your thoughts! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have been admitted to a PhD program at a Top-3 university. I have an external scholarship which requires me to have a one-year research attachment prior to my graduate studies. Therefore I have to defer the admission for one year. I wrote to the admission committee but they said deferral is not allowed and I have to reapply next year. Technically speaking I do not occupy a quota since I have my own fundings. Any suggestions how to appeal for deferral? Anybody has similar experiences? Thank you.
  4. Hey everyone, I just received a great offer for my first choice master's program at Johns Hopkins. I'm elated, but going into this application cycle, I had actually planned to defer for a year in order to subdue my student loans a bit, earn some money and hopefully do some volunteering. My idea for the year is to join the Americorps NCCC. It's something I've wanted to do since high school, and as I'm about to be 24, the cutoff age for being a team member in the program, now seems like the perfect time. They also offer an education grant after completion that would put me in a much better financial position to enter grad school. Tulane made my deferral as easy as a quick email to my advisor, while University of Colorado gave me no choice on the matter, stating that I must reapply next year if I don't matriculate. However, JHU requests that a "detailed letter" be sent to the admissions office with my reasons for requesting a deferral. My question is, to anyone with deferral experience, do you believe that the reasons listed above would qualify as "acceptable" to an admissions counsel? I'm aware that nearly all students entering grad school are pressed for money, so I'm not really sure if economic matters are viable reasons for deferral, or if it's mainly saved for students with more acute issues. Any insight is much appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, maybe someone went though this too and can advise. So, I got my I-20, paid SEVIS fee, got denied a visa twice, accepted a deferral from my school. Will I have to pay the SEVIS fee again next year to receive the new I-20 and hopefully get a visa? The only thing that will change in my I-20 would be the program start date - a year from now. Thanks!
  6. Hi there, I recently got multiple offers for 2016 fall semester. And I accepted one of the programs and paid the deposit. However, I am still concerned about my financial circumstance so might ask deferral if it does not go well. The problem is, I am not sure that the program I accepted will grant deferment to the next year. So I hope that it is legally possible to keep admission status of the other program-my admission status is valid for one year in this program?? (I do not have to pay any deposit, so it's not "deferment" but delaying the acceptance decision, right?) If this is possible, I would be more financially stable after one more year and have a back-up program(even if I fail to solve my financial issues this year and the first university declines to grant deferment.). If anyone knows about holding an I-20 of one program and keeping the admission status of the other, please help me out!!
  7. Hi all, So, I have been accepted to a great funded MA program that I'm excited to matriculate to. The thing is, I was also accepted to teach English in France for one year. It'd be a great opportunity to a) polish up language skills b) read more widely/deeply on prospective MA thesis topics c) take a break after undergrad and see the world. Not too worried about funding, because it's relatively noncompetitive. I haven't accepted either because I'm not sure how to do so. If my aim is to get a deferral, should I accept the MA position and then broach the topic of a deferral for the year with the Chair? Or should I speak with the Chair about a deferral before accepting the MA position? The rub? BOTH must be notified on Friday the 15th. Thanks for your thoughts!
  8. ClassApp


    Hello! As we're all figuring out our plans for next year, I have a question that doesn't seem to have come up yet. What's the deal with deferrals? It seems that few graduate departments have their deferral policies listed on their website, and certainly no mention is made of it at visiting weekends so far. I know that our cohort sizes are quite small, so discouraging deferrals to an extent makes sense--but to what extent are they discouraged? What are acceptable reasons for deferring, if any? I haven't made my decision about graduate school yet, and I don't want to frighten any grad schools by asking about this and making them think I won't come next year (I do intend to attend grad school next year... but there is another great 1 year thing--originally a back up plan--that I'm waiting to hear about). Help?
  9. Hi All, I have an offer to a funded doctoral program that I am very keen to enroll in, but have had to defer for a year due to personal circumstances. The program was very understanding and accepted my request, but let me know that funding is not guaranteed next year as it is handled by a different department. I am a bit worried about pressing the matter as it was incredibly generous of them to allow me to defer. What is everyone's experience with this situation? How likely am I to get any funding after my deferral? (as a note--I don't know how competitive the program is, but it is a bit niche so it's not like I will be competing with a Harvard or Columbia grad pool next year)
  10. Okay so this is my problem: I applied to grad school this year (masters) and I chose not to tell my friends about it. First, because I wasn't expecting to get in and second, because I really didn't want to make a big deal about it. This may sound like a superficial issue, but we are a really close knit group--so keeping such a big thing secret is like betraying the friendship. So anyway I found out I got in and I am feeling super guilty about it all. I feel like I should have told them, maybe we all could have applied together or at least they would have known. Now I am confronted with the task of telling them. i am afraid they're going to be like "so why didn't you tell us in the first place?" "did you not trust us, why are you secretive?" etc. etc. It's really putting alot of stress on me and I am acting really rude and nervous around them. i don't know how to tell them! I feel so bad...to the point of I'm thinking of deferring admission (if possible) so that I would just avoid this fiasco. Yeah, right? I sound insane. But I really value my friendships and I don't want to strain it over a secret like this!!! Need advice, food for thought, please?
  11. Hello all, I need your help! I am an applicant to Master's programs in Middle East Studies. I have been accepted to my top 3 programs - Georgetown's Master's in Arab Studies (MAAS), Harvard's Center for Middle East Studies (Harvard CMES), and the University of Chicago's Center for Middle East Studies (Chicago CMES). In addition, I am currently waiting on the second round decision for a Fulbright full grant to Jordan. My research interests lie mostly in modern Middle Eastern politics. The majority of my undergraduate work has centered on Syria and Lebanon in particular. I am in my fourth year of college level Arabic study, and have traveled extensively in the region. I anticipate pursuing a career in government (foreign service, intelligence, etc.), but academia remains an option. The various offers look like this: Harvard: No funding. Will not allow deferral for Fulbright. Deadline (04/16). University of Chicago: 1/2 tuition funding. No deferral. Deadline (05/01). Georgetown: Waitlisted for a tuition scholarship. Likely deferrable. No information on deadline yet. Fulbright: No decision yet. However, my university has an excellent track record with the program, and the primary advisor seems to think that my chances are good. Will hear back anywhere from late April to mid May. Note that I need to decide which university I am attending before I hear about Fulbright. Here's the rub: I need to decide between these three programs. Georgetown has a net benefit over Harvard and UChicago in that it would likely allow for deferral if I received a Fulbright. The extra year would allow me time to apply for external sources of funding. Since I am on the waitlist for a tuition scholarship, there is some chance of funding right now. UChicago is clearly the best option if I'm looking to avoid debt. According to the website, second years in the program frequently receive full tuition funding. My impression is that UChicago's program is not geared towards the modern Middle East, but instead to the ancient Near East. Harvard is my first choice, but is accompanied by serious disadvantages. First, if I accepted their offer (on their rather early deadline), I would have to turn down Fulbright if I got it. Second, since they do not fund A.M. students, I would need to go into >50k dollars in debt to attend the program in the first year. With this said, it is a top notch program, and its branding may be important in the long run. This is especially true in the Middle East, where Harvard has made an excellent name for itself. Finally, Fulbright is very important to me. In this field, experience and language proficiency is critical. My grant would give me an opportunity to accelerate my language ability while making connections in the region. In other words, I would be heartbroken if I received the grant and was obligated to decline it. Summary: What would you do if you were in my position? Would you take Harvard, forgetting about the Fulbright and going into debt? Or Georgetown, hoping for the Fulbright and funding, but missing out on Harvard? Or finally, would you "follow the money" to UChicago, passing up on Harvard and Fulbright? Thank you all in advance for your opinions!
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