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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all! I am graduating in December from a US university (MA International Studies and MSc Business Administration) and prospecting grad programs for admissions in August of 2021. As I gathered information about the respectability of social science degrees and universities in Europe the dual degree program launching in 2020 from LSE and SciencesPo stood out to me. It includes Double Degree in the Political Economy of Development (new for 2020 entry), with a Master's degree from the Paris School of International Affairs of Sciences Po and the MSc in Development Management of LSE’s Department of International Development. I know this is a new launch but was wondering if anyone is considering applying for the Aug 2020 cycle or have any insight into the program. I aim to pursue a career working with refugees in a human rights context (in NGOs or governmental positions) and am considering a PhD for my specified interests within this field. Any input or thoughts on this program (or others you think would be suitable) would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I got accepted to Berkeley’s Master of Development Practice and Johns Hopkins’ SAIS DC. I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a degree in Environmental Economics and Policy. Though I haven’t had relevant professional work experience, I attended community college meanwhile to take classes for my own interest. Berkeley’s tuition is about $48k/year and offers small funding ($3k/year) while SAIS DC’s tuition is about $47k/year with no funding. Cost of living in DC and SF bay area are similar. I know UC Berkeley very well and it seems like I may have some advantage getting campus jobs that I may be able to graduate debt-free. While these two programs are not exactly the same, they will help my career goal, which is to work in international organizations focusing on Latin America in the long-run. Here are pros and cons I see from each school: Berkeley Pros: Campus jobs that will help me financially Bigger campus, more departments such as ERG and Latin American studies Fellowship opportunities for the second year Cons: I spent 4 years there. I am not sure if there’s much I can get out of this school. But Berkeley is a big school and being a graduate student is different from undergrad. So I’m not sure if it’s a big con. SAIS: Pros: Being in DC SAIS is more known and prestigious than MDP. Emphasis on quant skills Cons: I have no clue how I can minimize student loan (or if possible at all). What do you think? I would like to get some advice from others.
  3. Hey! I was recently admitted to Brandeis University (M.A. in Sustainable International Development), University of Edinburgh (MSc in International Development), and Uppsala University (M.S. in Sustainable Development). The programs are pretty different and I'm having a difficult time deciding between the three. I think I'd eventually like to work with an intergovernmental or nonprofit organization in fair trade or corporate social responsibility. I'm particularly interested in human rights (and sustainability, but mainly human rights) within the garment industry but am keeping an open mind as I start my graduate studies. I'm curious how each of the programs is viewed by potential employers and those in the development world. For those who graduated from one of the programs, was it easy to find a job after graduation? I'm also interested in hearing thoughts on one-year vs two-year programs. I'm leaning towards the University of Edinburgh but am a little concerned that one year might not be enough time to prepare me for a career in international development. There are quite a few extracurriculars, and I have some time to figure out what exactly I'd like to do before the program starts, but I'd still only be able to take two core courses and four electives. I'm not sure it's enough considering I have no background in development. The other programs are both two years. For anyone who graduated from one of these programs, what were the pros and cons? I have to make a decision within the next few days and I'm completely torn. Any input from other applicants or graduates of the programs would be amazing
  4. Hi, I have gotten into the following courses for Master beginning Spetmebr 2016: 1. University of Sussex: MA in Governance and Development 2. SOAS: Development Studies 3. Sciences PO/PSIA: Masters in International Development I'm also waiting to hear from LSE - Msc in Development Management/ Development Studies. As an international student coming from India, which would be the best university for me? Major factors include: 1.College Ranking/ Reputation 2. Funding/scholarships available available: As of now I have no scholarship offers from any university 3. Cost of Living / total cost in one year 4. Career opportunities/ Placements directly out of university (esp. for internatioanl students) Any suggestions would be of great help. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I have been accepted at Oxford for the MPhil in Development Studies and at LSE for the MPA in Public and Social Policy starting october 2012, and I'm having a difficult time deciding where to go. Upon graduation I wish to pursue a career as a consultant for non-for profits (I have professional experience in the non-for profit sector, as well as in management consulting at a top strategic firm) in my home country Mexico. In terms of university lifestyle I understand that Oxford is better than LSE. I also understand that LSE's scope is much more pragmatic than Oxford. Could anyone help with insights into these programmes and universities? Thanks! Santiago
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