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Found 17 results

  1. Looks like some people have been contacted for phone interviews by PIs...does anyone know if this is the standard? Or perhaps just PIs that have multiple applicants interested in working with them? Wondering if no phone call means your application is no longer in the running.
  2. Hi all! I asked this in Dev psych thread but wanted to reach bigger crowd and hear more opinions. I am contemplating between two sets of GRE scores: V 159/Q 167/AW 3.5 vs. V 155/Q same/AW 4.0. I did NOT expect AW 3.5 for the first set and scheduled a second set asa I got the first scores but apparently I suck at writing stuff under 30 mins. - Undergrad GPA 3.5 from one of the most competitive schools - 3 co-author publications, 1 first-author manuscript in progress (will submit the draft as academic writing sample), 5 first-author posters - Extensive research experience from undergrad + 3yrs post-bacc in a psych lab - 3 letter writers explicitly promised strong letters I truly believe that my AW scores do not represent my writing skills. So I've initially considered sending the first set, hoping that my other materials will show beyond the AW scores. But I am now worried if the schools have "hidden" cut-off scores and will drop my application wo giving a proper review? All of the schools that I am applying to indicate that they have "no minimum or cut-off scores for GRE" but I am also hearing that the admissions committees still have some "hidden" cut-off scores in mind. What do you guys think? Which one should I submit?
  3. Hi all, I got accepted to Penn GSE’s Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development and Columbia Teachers College's Developmental Psychology program. I’ve gotten a GAship from Penn but that’s only for 5 hours per week. No GA as of yet from Columbia but overall, Columbia is going to be financially cheaper than Penn. What do you all know about each school, program, culture and network. Any tips/advice in making a decision?
  4. I saw this type of thread for other majors and I thought I start one here. This in no way is meant to pressure individuals to make decisions but rather help the waitlisters in being able to know if there is hope in getting into the program of choice. I hope this thread will be helpful for everyone who is involved in this hectic process of grad school applications.
  5. Hello! I'm working to narrow down my target list of PhD programs (mix of social and developmental) with plans to apply this coming Fall. I've identified a number of professors at various schools (UK, UT Austin, UBC, Cornell, UCSC, UW Madison) conducting research in areas that align with my interests, however my true (long-term) passion is for teaching and I can't figure out how to evaluate programs' commitments to training in that area. I know all schools have some kind of teaching component, but I'd really love to end up at a program that is dedicated to teacher training excellence. I realize that research will always be a big part of any program, and that's totally fine, but I want to come out of my PhD ready to be an amazing teacher (either at Community College or small colleges, I don't need the high profile universities or research tenure positions). I would really love to hear any thoughts on this subject. I know I could just go after a Masters and technically get a teaching position, but it seems like it's so competitive now that even at the "lower" levels a PhD is needed, even if not technically required. Thanks in advance!!
  6. To preface this; this is a rough draft SOP for one specific program. I don't really like my intro, I want that I'm adopted to be in there somewhere but idk about the rest. I also want to make sure I have a good balance between what I have done and what I want to do, so advice on that would be helpful. And lastly I want to make sure my last two paragraphs are clear enough for why I'm choosing school X and that they wrap up the paper well. As an adopted person, adoption influences my every thought, action, and interaction with my environment. From questioning my identity, to being told that I should be lucky my parents adopted me, my personal experience has motivated to investigate the consequences that adoption has on an adoptee’s ability to develop attachment relationships. While there is existing research on how prior experience with neglect and abuse can impact the quality of attachment relationships achieved by adoptees, there has been little research on how adoptive parents’ motivations for adoption can impact parent-child attachment relationships. Adoptive parents may have a multitude of reasons for choosing to adopt rather than have biological children, whether it is due to infertility, personal experiences with adoption, or something else entirely. I hypothesize that the varying motivations for adoption will correlate to different levels of parental sensitivity which will result in changes to the quality of parent-child attachment. I have had the opportunity to work in multiple labs that have helped prepare me to investigate these topics in graduate school. My first undergraduate research experience was working in the X Lab. The X lab has allowed me to learn more about psychophysiological processes by conducting experiments that utilize blood pressure, cortisol levels, facial flushing, and heart rate. I hope to use psychophysiology to develop a more comprehensive picture of attachment quality in my future studies. In addition to the X Lab, I have also had the opportunity to assist with data collection for Project Y. Through Y I have gained direct experience with children and families from a variety of backgrounds. This firsthand experience with a family population has allowed me to watch families grow and change over the course of a longitudinal study while also learning about the different methods of data collection used when working with children. My most recent lab experience, Z, has strengthened my observational coding skills and has allowed me direct contact with adoptive families. The project that I am most proud of is my investigation into name. While this project started out as an experiment for a class, I took it upon myself to get the most out of the opportunities I had been given. I spent hours outside of class working on this project with another student and we eventually presented the results as a poster presentation at two different conferences. This project was the first project that I was able to see develop from start to finish. Of all my experiences I feel that this one has prepared me the most for graduate school because of how involved I was able to be, from developing the idea, to selecting the measures, completing data collection and analysis, all the way to presentation. It was after working on this project and developing a clear understanding of how research is conducted, that I made the decision to complete an honors thesis. My developing honors thesis is an investigation of how socioeconomic status impedes securely attached children’s ability to regulate their heart rate during a strange situation task. I hypothesize that children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds will have a slower return to baseline than those from other backgrounds due to the influence of chronic stress associated with low socioeconomic status. If this hypothesis is correct, it would support the conclusion that the protective factors associated with a secure attachment are not enough to mitigate the negative physiological influence of low socioeconomic status. This project represents the unification of my previous research experiences and I believe that these experiences will likewise assist me in my ability to conduct research on the graduate level. I am excited for the opportunity to work with Dr. name because I believe that with his guidance, an investigation into the relationship between motivations for adoption and parental sensitivity will expand upon existing the knowledge of how attachment relationships are formed within the adoption triad. I am most enthusiastic to work with Professor name because of his research on ____________. I feel that these topics will provide a strong theoretical base for my research interests. While I’m mostly interested in Dr. name's work, I feel that my abilities would be equally appreciated by the name Collaborative. The multi-method research approach is very appealing to me as a researcher and my ideas would fit well within the department. More specifically, I believe that my background in psychophysiology allows me to look at attachment behavior more holistically. By developing a clearer picture of how adoption influences the lives of adoptees, it is my hope that preventative programs can be created to reduce the negative life outcomes that are frequently associated with adoption. I believe that a PhD from name will assist me in becoming a competent researcher within the developmental psychology community and that my findings will directly contribute to this development.
  7. Hi everyone, I have a BA in Education & Linguistics (double major) and will soon be finishing my MA in Learning Disabilities (Special Education) in Tel Aviv University in Israel. While the focus of my degrees is education, I realized during my master's that my true passion lies in developmental psychology. Therefore, I wrote my master's thesis under the supervision of a developmental psychologist and have worked in 3 developmental labs (one at NYU). I have 2 conference presentations (one at SRCD as first author) and 3 papers as first author which are currently under review/in preparation. GPA=4.0 in both undergrad and grad studies, and GRE- 161V, 158Q, 5AW (might retake). Do you think that the fact that my degrees are in education, rather than psychology, would hinder my chances of being accepted into a good PhD program? I actually applied recently to two master's programs: Villanova- MS in general psych, Cornell- MA in developmental psych. I thought that having a degree in psych would improve my chances of being admitted into a PhD program, while also helping me adjust to the American academia (which is very different from the Israeli one), and allowing some networking with leading American researchers. However, I know that a master's degree is not as prestigious in the US as it is in Israel, and so I worry that having two master's degrees might actually look weird. What do you think my current chances are for getting admitted into a top 20 developmental psych PhD program? Would you study towards a second master's to have a psych degree in this case? Thanks!!!
  8. So I've been doing research with a couple of the professors in the specific program that I'm applying to in a couple years, how will this influence my application process? I think it will help that I know their work so well already and they have seen how I work as a RA, but I don't want to feel to confidently about our relationship in terms of my application versus other candidates.
  9. Any advice for emails telling the graduate admissions people and your POI that you're rejecting their offer? Based on funding, location, program ranking, and slightly off research fit, I'm going to reject and reapply after gaining more experience. Not really sure how to word the email.
  10. Hello! So, I have been making myself crazy the past few days deciding which school to choose for my Master's. Here is the deal. I have narrowed it down to Appalachian State and Illinois State. Illinois State offered me a tuition remission and a small stipend (about $420 a month). Appalachian State offered me in-state tuition and a small stipend (about the same as ISU). I know, it seems obvious, but there are other factors. First, ISU is a Developmental Psychology program. My eventual goal is to go into Clinical Psychology, but I am interested in research that merges Developmental and Clinical. Most graduates go onto Social or Developmental PhD programs, but I imagine just having the degree is all that really matters. The program at ASU is an Experimental Program, but the mentor I was assigned to said that I would just need to work with a Clinical faculty like him. Second, I really prefer ASU's campus. I know I shouldn't care about this, but I just get a better feeling at ASU -- the library is amazing. It's shallow, I know. Illinois isn't a bad campus; it just doesn't feel as comfortable -- the library sort of sucks. So, should I go for the funding or go for what feels better? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone! I figured I'd start this thread up especially since I haven't seen a similar thread for this cycle yet. I applied to 13 Ph.D. programs: U of Denver, UCONN, Rutgers, Penn State, Boston U, Catholic U, U of Maryland (BC), Temple, U of Houston, U of Pittsburgh, George Mason, and Yale (because I currently work there as a postgrad) Feel free to divulge whatever details you'd like to share here! And once interview rounds start approaching and decisions start pouring in, questions and other related things are more than welcome!
  12. Hello everyone! I figured I'd start this thread up especially since I haven't seen a similar thread for this cycle yet. I applied to 13 Ph.D. programs: U of Denver, UCONN, Rutgers, Penn State, Boston U, Catholic U, U of Maryland (BC), Temple, U of Houston, U of Pittsburgh, George Mason, and Yale (because I currently work there as a postgrad) Feel free to divulge whatever details you'd like to share here! And once interview rounds start approaching and decisions start pouring in, questions and other related things are more than welcome!
  13. Hi everyone! I've been quietly scouring this site for the last couple years, actually, and now that I've officially applied for the Fall 2017 cycle, I figured I'd start this thread up! Especially since I haven't seen a similar thread for this cycle yet. I applied to 7 Ph.D. programs: - Boston College - NYU - Penn State - Rutgers - UChicago - University of Maryland - USC ... And 1 Master's program (the concentration was in an area my research interests are related to) at Teacher's College. Feel free to divulge whatever details you'd like to share here! And once interview rounds start approaching and decisions start pouring in, questions and other related things are more than welcome!
  14. Someone created this last year and I thought it was a great idea to get different perspectives and see how others were coping with their rejections! I think it will be good for us to start one this year, and begin to decompress/start thinking of plan B (or C, or D, E.. etc) after rejections come trickling in. Use the following template if it helps! School: Area/Degree: Rationalization: Comment: Coping tactics:
  15. Hello! I was wondering if anyone here has applied to/heard back from the Psychology department at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. I visited back in October and was told that their "graduate applicant day" is usually held at the end of January. Here we are in the middle of January and I have not yet received an invite (nor have I seen any posts about Brock). Getting nervous!
  16. Is anyone else applying to developmental psych programs this year? If so, what schools? I've applied only to Canadian schools: UofT, SFU, UBC, and McGill. I'm getting a little nervous because I know Canadian schools are notorious for being slow - I'm hoping I don't have to wait until June to find out.
  17. Hi all, I applied to 5 schools: --University of Oregon (Developmental Psychology PhD) --University of Virginia (Developmental Psychology PhD) --University of Hawaii at Manoa (Social Psychology PhD) --Simon Fraser University (Social/Developmental Psychology PhD) --UC Davis (Social Psychology PhD) I'm wondering, has anyone heard back from these schools yet? I'm very nervous, and I've been stressing for a bit now. I'm also a little scared of my GRE score, which I've seen a lot about here. I do have a good GPA, have 5 years of research experience, had a GTF and GRF position at my current institution, worked at a local non-profit research firm, and have a Master's that will be completed in March of this year. Do you think my chances are good? Thanks everyone for listening!
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