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Found 4 results

  1. Is it at all possible to pursue a PhD in History remotely from a good University in North America or Europe ? I am moving to Dubai where there is virtually no graduate school for the humanities. And I really really want to continue with my research at the PhD level. Any advice on how to conduct a Phd through distance ed / online / remote learning. Pls advise !!
  2. Anyone applying to Speech@Emerson for the January 2021 cohort? The GRE scores for this term have been waived, but should I still provide mine if I took them in summer of 2018? I got 4.5 writing, 148 Quant and 158 Verbal. My cum GPA was 3.5, but I majored in literature for my undergrad so I have none of the prereqs done. The admissions counselor told me this wouldn't be a problem, but I'm still a little uncertain.
  3. Hello, This is addressed to current and past students who have attended AND completed Eastern New Mexico's Masters of Communication Disorder's hybrid-program. If you have the same or similar questions please do not re-post question. If you have a different question addressed to this group feel free to add. Questions: What circumstances impacted your decision to attending ENMU? (i.e. family, affordability, distance, etc) How responsive are the faculty and the professors? If you had difficulty reaching them, what resources did you turn to? What was the most challenging aspect of the first semester? What were your thoughts on your practicum placements? If you were required to relocate, how far did you move? How do tests and finals work out? If you graduated, how prepared were you for your CF year and or your career as an SLP? Any other comments you may have on the program
  4. I have an oddly specific question. One of the program(me)s I'm considering is through the University of Wales Trinity St. David, but it would be through distance learning, so I won't be moving to Wales to complete the degree. I was looking into their program(me)s for a bit now and I like the coursework and the professors have similar research interests to me, so I thought it was a good fit. However, as we all are, I'm worried about the funding. Since I'll still be residing in America, if I chose to go to this program(me), what kind of funding would you suggest? I know they have a scholarship for distance learners, but that's only £1,000 and that'd only cover perhaps half of one class. Additionally, it's harder for me to find scholarships/funding because I'm turning 29 in September and often there is an age cut off for funding. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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