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Found 12 results

  1. I have been agonizing over a decision regarding where I should pursue my PhD in theoretical chemistry. My choices are as follows: university A (US) has the best department in the world for my area of research, and my potential PI would be the perfect fit for my interests and career goals. University B (my undergraduate alma mater in the UK) also has a very good department (ranked 5th in the world), although the advisor fit would be less than ideal, since their group is mostly experimental, with only a few people working in theory. The group at university B is very large (~70 people), so the advisor is able to spend very little time with each PhD student. Both potential PIs are very renowned in their respective fields (h indexes above 60). Here comes the kicker: I am in a very committed 4-year relationship with my S/O, who is going to start a PhD at university B. He is supportive of me pursuing a PhD with my dream advisor at university A, which would involve starting a 5-year (very) long distance relationship. However, I can't help but feel selfish for putting us both through LDR hell. What would you do in this situation? Since both of us want to stay in academia long-term, I know that at some point in our relationship we will likely have to face similar choices again, so how does an academic couple balance the two-body problem for every new position they apply for? Any personal anecdotes or ways of solving this dilemma are very much appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I’m looking into online/distance SLP grad programs. I’m already $65k in debt, so I don’t want to pay more than $15k per year (I’m located in CA so I know there’s some restrictions because of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (NC-SARA). I have good grades (3.8+ GPA, great LoC’s and above avg GRE scores). I got accepted to emerson and NYU with scholarships but it didn’t cover enough of the cost. I really like North Colorado University, CSUN, and Akron University. Id prefer to do my clinical practice/extends hips towards the end of the program because I’m working as a nanny and committed to 1.5 years, they are flexible and will allow me to travel up to 3 weeks for clinical/labs. What is your best experience?
  3. Trying to see if anyone has heard from St. Augustine! I had my interview two weeks ago and was told I should expect an update between 2-3 weeks from the admissions board via email. I thought that was a little odd due to the fact that the deadline is dec 15th. Wanted to see if anyone else is waiting to hear if they got in!
  4. Okay so I have a bit of an odd question regarding NYUs online speech program. I applied to the program but it is not offered in the state that I currently live in. My husband has another home in another state in which the program is offered. I used that address because I am always there anyway-- I spend about 40% of my time there and 60% where I currently am. I currently have a job offer in the state I am currently in (where the program is technically not offered) and am considering taking it but does anyone think that it will affect anything? I keep telling myself its not bc the classes are all online so it doesn't really matter where I am, so long as I am in the other state by the time I do clinicals right? ? Someone please help me lol, I would really appreciate anyone's feedback.
  5. Hi everyone! I need some insight! I have about 5 years of professional work under my belt (all nonprofit, in development/fundraising) and have recently decided that I need an additional degree/accreditation to get myself where I want to go, career-wise (more into policy/program management than development). I already have an MA in the humanities (literature). I don't really want to work in local/federal government and am more interested in private/international/policy-based organizations. I am looking at online MPA programs because at this point I just can't afford going back to school full-time and need the flexibility to keep working. The thing is, I don't know where to start in choosing a program! I have been researching options and so far my top 4 are: American MPAP (I like the policy element) Rutgers MPA (well-regarded program) John Jay at CUNY MPA (I have a particular interest in criminal justice!) USC Price MPA (really really highly ranked) I also have UNC, Johns Hopkins, U Nebraska-Omaha, UPenn, and Columbia on the list (Columbia is offering a fully online MPA come 2020!). I know that at the end of the day an online degree and a brick-and-mortar one are the same to employers, and as long as I work hard I can get the same out of an online degree as I could a traditional one, but I have no experience with distance learning so I just don't know what I am really looking for when deciding where to apply/attend. I know this is a really big investment (time and money) so I want to make sure I make the right choice and balance prestige with quality of learning and value. Do any of you have any experience with these online MPAs? Insights into what I should look for when deciding? Other programs I should be looking at instead/in addition? Ideas where I should turn for further advice? Any and all input much appreciated! thank you!
  6. Hello, I am looking to hear from those who are or who have been a distance GRADUATE SLP student. What was your experience like? I personally can do the traditional on campus student experience right now, but in a year my situation could change. Therefore I am wondering if it is smarter to attend a distance program from the very beginning. Do you feel like you learned the material well? or do you wish you would have had more of the on campus research experience, and clinical involvement? Thank you for your advice.
  7. Hello, I applied for a PhD program and was accepted. I became pregnant after acceptance and had baby in fall so I took the first semester as mat leave which is unconventional but they accepted that. They are discussing with me whether I want to make it as a deferred acceptance to Winter or next Fall. Here is the problem. My university is in a different city. Years ago I was living there and finished 3 courses in that same program and left after for personal reasons. I have since moved to a near by city. I thought when I applied this time I would be able to travel for courses once or couple times a week and miss some classes. Now with baby it is very hard and help I expected not working out. Drive is 3 hours. I can take one course as directed reading from home. Other 2 courses have to be in class. I am faced with the option of dropping out from my entire PhD due to these 2 courses being offered only in class. I can come to campus couple times a semester but not weekly. My department said only in person works. I almost have no way out of this situation but thought of asking here first for any thoughts, similar cases, or grad regulations. (note: I know it is different from university/department to another but still seeking ideas). Thanks, A.
  8. I have been working on my Doctor of Education /Educational Leadership/ Curriculum through a large online program. My committee has been assembled, My subject matter approved and a few chapters / detailed outline have been distributed. However, my committee chair has severed their relationship with the school. While finding a replacement chair, legislation has been issued that might unravel the quantitative portion of my study, causing to make me rethink my path. Now, the replacement Chair has been incapacitated and will not be able to serve. I am thinking that I might want to change schools so that I might either (a) get the right advisor/chair to work with me, and/or change the specialization area/topic. Here are my restraints: I am 50ish with a full time great job in my chosen field in Healthcare that I am not willing to leave. I live in the middle of nowhere, so online is the way to go. Is this possible without having to redo the coursework which is 95% finished. jarwiz
  9. Hi everyone, I’m hoping you all could give me some advice. I’m deciding between two unfunded MA programs for English, BU and UIC. (I know how financially irresponsible this is, for all you in that camp.) BU is a 1 year program, and UIC is a 2 year program. They actually run about the same in tuition costs. BU has offered me a $5,000 scholarship, but compared to the total cost of tuition, it is a drop in the bucket. Does anyone have some sort of formula to weigh pros and cons of schools? I attended BU’s open house, and I really love the feel of the campus, and I think I would be happy there – but the cost of living in Boston is higher than Chicago. Also, Chicago is closer to my home – I could take a train home easily if I needed to. Right now, my gut is telling me BU, but the other part of me is saying UIC, (less distance, less expensive, I’m familiar with the city.) Thank you for any advice you can give.
  10. Any fellow Eau Claire Distance applicants out there? What are you doing to pass the time? One professor told me we would hear back beginning of Feb, and another said by the end of Feb. Did you apply to any other programs? I applied to Idaho State, but my first choice is Eau Claire.
  11. I am going in to the final year of my Bachelor of Arts program, which I have done by distance (the program is through a public university and is considered the same as an on-campus program, just lectures are streamed instead of requiring on-campus attendance). I have a 3.67 GPA on a 4.0 scale and have worked full-time while completing my degree. I have done well in my profession, but am hoping to switch fields after graduating. Extracurriculars have been virtually non-existent as a distance student, but I do volunteer regularly and took part in a short-term exchange program through my university. I would really like to do an on-campus Master's degree. Do I have any change of getting in to a good school, or any school, having completed my Bachelor's degree via distance learning? I am especially concerned about any science requirements for Master's admissions, since lab work is impossible through distance learning. Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. So I'm new to the forums, but would like some insights from other grads. I just got an offer from PSU for their dual-title History/Women's Studies program. I am really excited about it and planning to accept the offer, but I'm nervous about what will happen with my boyfriend and I. He is doing a master's at a university in the Rockies (where we're both from) and plans to work at a specific lab in Denver once he is finished. I am hoping to get a job in the Denver-area after grad school, but in the meantime I'm not sure how we'll cope with the distance. We've been together for four years and did semi-long-distance during college (he was in WY, I was in CO), which I suppose makes us decently equipped to handle it. We are both committed to staying together so a "break" or break-up is not on the table. I just hate the idea of waiting 5-6 more years to start our life together. So my question is: does anyone have any tips on how to do a long-distance relationship during grad school (or anything to avoid)? I would appreciate any advice/insight from folks who have experience with this. Thanks!
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