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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the Grad Cafe, and am looking into a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology (to start in Fall 2018), specializing in the field of neuropsychology. I am Canadian, but will be applying to schools all throughout North America. I don't know much about schools with this program in the United States, and was hoping some of you could shed light on some good schools with a great clinical neuropsych program. What are some of the schools you applied to for a clinical neuropsych program in North America and why?
  2. I have my first interview in a few weeks for a doctoral program in Counseling Psychology. There are 5 faculty POI's, and I'm uncertain if each POI takes on one or two students. This school and POI are an almost perfect fit for me in every way. During the interview process, should my focus be on proving myself as a competitive candidate, or showing how I am a good fit? I think it will be quite easy to show that I fit in very well, but since I lack certain aspects of competitiveness I am a little insecure. My plan is to be prepared, be myself, and be as social as possible with everyone. I do bring a different background than many applicants that I hope works to my advantage. TIA!
  3. I want to pursue a PhD in History and am applying this month for the Fall of 2017. My Application: Strengths: Writing Sample LORs SOP Uncertain parts: GPA [3.18 cumulative, 3.48 at current institution (I was a transfer and screwed up on some Psych courses, which was my major at the time, during freshman year), and a 3.900 in History] GRE (I take it on Tuesday so don't yet have my scores. I'm anticipating good marks on the Verbal and Writing sections. At least 160 for V and 4.0 for Writing. *knocks on wood*) Certain Weaknesses: No Publications No Conferences No Advanced Degree No Relevant Work Experiences. What I Hope to Compensate for the Weaknesses: Independent Study course relevant to my field which taught me how to present on research, how to do research itself, and the paper resulting from it is my writing sample. Background in French language (relevant for an Africa and African Diaspora historian). Training in archive and work with handling antique documents Attended at least 5 seminars (not conferences, I know, but still) on campus led by my History professors Participating in the Appalachian Student Research Forum this year (though not officially until after I've already sent my applications out) Bonus: Dean's List 3x in my most recent semesters and on track for 5 semesters by May. Member of Phi Alpha Theta: History Honor Society. Member of multiple organizations and hold leadership positions in a few. Have also done several hours of volunteer work with a few causes. Applying to: Northwestern University University of Wisconsin-Madison UNC-Chapel Hill The College of William and Mary University of Memphis Howard University
  4. Has anyone heard anything back from Georgetown regarding admission into their Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Ph.D. program for fall 2016? The application deadline was December 1, and I have heard nothing back and my application status still says "submitted" on their webpage. I have a friend who said she was rejected without an interview last year right at the beginning of February with the same application deadline of December 1, and it is well past early February. No one on the results forum seems to have heard anything back either. Any interviews, rejections, or acceptances? Let me know! Thanks!
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