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Found 18 results

  1. Masters in Clinical Psychology

    Hey, My name is Akshita and I am currently studying Applied Psychology in India, at undergrad level. I plan to pursue a masters degree in Clinical Psychology in either the US or Canada. I wanted to know: 1. whether clinical psychology has a functional masters degree or it is the Doctoral degree for it? 2. Is it possible to apply to the Doctoral degree straight after my undergrad or should I have work experience for atleast a year prior to it? 3. what is better, whether to go for doctoral after my undergrad or first do a masters and then the doctoral? 4. what is the difference between a phD and a doctoral degree? 5. does clinical psychology require a subject GRE test? I appreciate the help and guidance. Thanks!
  2. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this! I'm here to ask a question about GRE scores: will my GRE score, given the other desirable aspects of my application, limit my ability when applying to mechanical engineering PhD programs? Here's a (brief) overview of what I have to work with: 161 Verbal, 158 Quant 3.5 GPA 1.5 years of research experience 1 publication (2nd author) 2 years of industry-level medical device manufacturing experience So, really, my question is this: based on your experience of applying to PhD programs (or a friend's), does this application, including my GRE score, seem like it stands a chance at institutions such as NYU or Cornell?
  3. Hey, guys, I was wondering if any of you know anything about summer programs in comms for doctoral students, either in the US or abroad. I'd be mainly interested in departments that research digital & social media, but this isn't necessarily a requirement (sorry if this is a repeated post, I couldn't find anything related to the subject using the search tool)
  4. Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the Grad Cafe, and am looking into a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology (to start in Fall 2018), specializing in the field of neuropsychology. I am Canadian, but will be applying to schools all throughout North America. I don't know much about schools with this program in the United States, and was hoping some of you could shed light on some good schools with a great clinical neuropsych program. What are some of the schools you applied to for a clinical neuropsych program in North America and why?
  5. I haven't seen much from Counseling Psychology applicants so far, but I know y'all are out there somewhere! Feel free to discuss your master's or doctoral applications. Mine are an array of 7 doctoral, 3 master's, 1 master's in Clinical Psychology, and 1 master's in Counseling research.
  6. Contacting Program Advisor

    Hi everyone. I am currently in the final semester of my masters in education and have come to the conclusion that I would like to continue my education and pursue a PhD. I am currently completing a degree in Social Studies education, and would like to also pursue my PhD in that same field of study. My current program has led me to read a lot of academic work, and one such author resonated with me each time I read his work. After a quick search of his name in a bout of curiosity, it turns out he is the program director/doctoral advisor for a Social Studies Education program. The schools website, under the tab of Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education in History and the Social Sciences, states the following: "There are no formal prerequisites for admission to the program in History/Social Science Education. Experience in teaching history/social science is an asset and provides a useful entry point to many of these questions. But more important than any set of prior experiences is a boundless curiosity to understand how the past shapes understanding in the present and how we can learn more about designing effective educational programs. Candidates interested in this concentration should get in touch with [professor] at [professors email]." I do not have any teaching experience, yet, but since I have yet to take the GRE and haven't applied for the 2017 year, I will have a gap year in between my masters and potential doctoral programs in which I plan to receive teaching offers. My question is, what exactly, and how exactly, to say to the professor when contacting him? I am fairly certain of what I would like to research, and reading plenty of his work, am sure it aligns well with his ideology.
  7. Funding for Louisiana Grad School

    I applied to a doctoral program in Louisiana. I love it to death, and gladly would go except the funding is very low. Especially coming from Texas, the funding for students here is over 2x the amount. I have talked to students in grad school in LA but I really don't want to accrue a large amount of federal loans. Does anyone have any ideas of the funding options in the state?
  8. STEM Education Fellowships

    Dear fellow fellowship hunters - Besides the NSF GRFP, which now has a category for STEM Education and Learning, are there other field-based fellowships that STEM education PhD students would be eligible for? Or, perhaps I should be looking for fellowships related to Education? Thanks for any advice!
  9. Hi everyone – I have a quick question, one which may or may not require some degree of vague speculation: that is, does anyone know if it might hurt my chances at receiving an offer from a school's PhD program if I apply to their M.A. program a year prior, receive an offer, and turn it down? Does this depend on a particular admissions committee? Any and all perspectives are welcome, thanks!
  10. So I applied to ASU's LLT program as a backup. Anyone else an applicant in this year's cycle? Any thoughts on this program? I like how ASU has been named the most innovative university and also how since starting the new LLT program, ASU's college of ed has risen to #14 in the USNews rankings. Not sure how much that matters. 4 years of funding though, but it's really good funding.
  11. PhD or MS?

    I'm currently applying for a doctoral program and I'm a little worried that I may be unqualified to attend as a doctoral student. However, I'm bent on pursuing doctoral studies in that program (because of the researchers I want to work with). My questions are: How often do you get offered admission to a masters (instead) if you're rejected from PhD programs? Should I just apply for a masters instead and roll it over to a PhD? Should I ask the program director about this? Thanks in advance.
  12. When to ask?

    Hi everyone. So, I am currently in a Master's program and have come to the decision that I would like to pursue a doctoral degree. My current school didn't require any post-secondary exams so I have yet to take the GRE. Because of this, I will have to wait until next application cycle to apply to doctoral programs. This current program will end in May. I was wondering when I should inquire about potential LOR's for doctoral programs? By the time next application cycle comes around, I fear the professor will not be as familiar with my work or ability as a student. Further, asking now seems rather odd. Has anyone faced a situation like this where they intended to take a year off between degrees? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi there! I have an offer from IU that I would be CRAZY not to accept. Thought this would be a great place to chat with others about the preparations for IU. Maybe even share tips and tricks relating to apartment hunting and other fun (stressful) activities. GO HOOSIERS!!
  14. Hi: So I'm a couple of weeks away from my comprehensive/qualifying examinations and I still have several books that I need to read. I'm looking for honesty - how often when you were studying did you simply read the intro/conclusion of a book AND/OR just book reviews? I'm the kind of person who enjoys reading as much of the book as possible - but it's crunch time and I'm looking for comfort in numbers. Thanks!
  15. 2016 Wait-list Blues Counseling Psychology..

    Hey All!I saw this thread created in previous years and thought it would be great to have a support network! Applied to 12 clinical and counseling programs this cycle. Have completed 3/4 interviews so far. I was wait-listed for a two programs post interview, and alternate for one program pre-interview. Not sure how to feel at this point. This is my second application cycle. Any who.. Looking for a judgement-free zone to discuss the process and offer support to my fellow wait-listers...
  16. Hi fellow grad cafe users! I have a bit of a difficult decision coming up as to whether attend University of Utah or remain at my current program. Unfortunately I know very little about the psych program there or even Salt Lake City in general. I'm hoping some people can shed some light on it and give me their experiences of attending or living near there. In particular, I am concerned about the match between my current research and other graduate students/faculty. I study ingroup-outgroup processes and am very much focused towards continuing this line of interest. U of U seems to be heavily focused on health and clinical psychology, is this the impression others got? I want to be sure that I have outside resources besides my advisor (e.g. other students/faculty who are interested in similar concepts or can provide input on my projects). Additionally, if anyone is in the psychology graduate program I would love just general feelings and thoughts about the program! Thanks for reading
  17. PhD applications for 2012-2013 chit chat...

    Hi all... I imagine that I'm not the only one applying to doctoral programs this year. I figured that this forum might be a decent place to share our experience, strength, hopes, and let-downs this year. Best of luck to you all...
  18. 2012 US PhD Program Applicants

    So who is applying to PhD programs in public health for Fall 2012? I think it would be good to have list of applicants so we can encourage each other and have a place to post results as the application season continues. I'll go first I'm applying to programs in Health Behavior at U Michigan Johns Hopkins Emory U North Carolina Chapel Hill U South Carolina Columbia Tulane U Pittsburgh I received my MPH in '05 and I am currently working and preparing to return to life as broke graduate student! I finished my apps awhile back and now I'm focusing on training for my first triathlon so I won't go crazy waiting to hear from schools.