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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, I am becoming a college senior this fall and I am making my list of schools (MA? not sure yet) to apply to at this moment. Kind of in lost for the tiers of school to consider as "reach" or "safety", I am seeking your advice. My situation is a bit complicated: I am currently double majoring in biology and classics. My biology GPA is kind of low (3.2 ish), while my classics GPA is higher (3.7 ish). I have conducted independent research in biology and have a publication on the way, but I am having trouble sparing time for my last few courses to complete my bio major graduation requirement. Therefore, I am considering dropping the bio major to concentrate on classics and grad school applications (sadly my school does not have a bio minor option). However, I worry that the low overall GPA would affect my chances to get into good schools. My professors said the Classics awards I had won in college would increase my chances, and experiences in science could be a good thing in applying to classics grad schools, but now honestly I don't know if or how much my low GPA in biology would pull me down. Should I apply to more safety schools and less prestigious schools for this reason? All thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Let me first start off by saying that I am not doing poorly in linear algebra because I don't understand it, rather there was a misunderstanding with my professor. I had my first linear algebra exam last Wednesday. I was up very late studying for the exam, however, at around 3 am I got super sick (it was something I ate). I was legit puking every 20 minutes, I couldn't make it to my morning exam. I don't have insurance so I didn't see a doctor and get a note. I went to the dean of students, and because of that my professor gave me an offer to replace my zero exam 1 grade with 2/3 of my final exam grade. ex. if I got an 100 on the final exam, my zero will be replaced with a 66. However, the exam averages in this professors class are in the low 70's, so going off of that I will either end up with a low B or C in the class, and thats assuming I score around 10 points above average for the rest of the exams. I currently have two W's on my transcript-- one in computer science from my second semester (retaking next semester) and one in actuarial science from my third semester (he curved the class so only the top 40% passed, also changed my major so I didn't need the class). I am currently in my fourth semester, so this means that if I drop this course I will have a W on my transcript for the third semester in a row. I think this creates a poor representation of who I am as a student, as it shows that I won't be able to handle a graduate school course load because I keep dropping one course every semester. I want to get into a good graduate school for economics. I am currently double majoring in math and econ. I am a transfer, My first semester at my new school was last semester, where I got a 3.3 GPA. I am trying to get this up by getting straight A's this semester and my last two years. If my GPA still isnt high enough, I would be willing to do an extra semester or two to take extra courses. Now, I do believe that I will get A's in all of my other courses, however, I think getting a 'W' in linear algebra will make this look not as impressive. I'm thinking about staying in the course, getting a B or C, and just retaking it over the summer online. The original grade will still be on my transcript, but it won't count towards my GPA. Would grad schools look past this? What should I do? This is such a terrible situation... :/
  3. Hey all, So I'm happy beyond belief to have been admitted to one of my top choices for graduate school but I'm an idiot and got myself admitted into both programs I applied to at the institution. I applied to two MFA programs at CalArts which are ESP (Experimental Sound Practices) and Art and Technology. I'm painfully awaiting a response from Columbia but I just wanted to ask... has anyone double majored in grad school and if so how was it? I know that a plethora of programs offer you a "focus" that might be a bit different than your field of study, but I have an interest in both programs so I'm interested in the idea of trying to tackle a double major.
  4. Hi, all! I had a relatively unique question about undergraduate GPA when applying to graduate school that I wanted to ask about! I'm currently looking to apply in the Fall 2017 cycle to Statistics PhD programs (unsure which ones yet, so speaking generally). However, I have, in a way, three GPAs of different calibers. My overall GPA currently stands at a 3.597 (which I suppose rounds to a 3.6), and includes both my major classes (a double in an engineering field and statistics) and classes from back when I was considering pre-med (including general and organic chemistry and several psychology classes). My statistics major is a 3.8, which includes quite a few upper level mathematics courses. However, my engineering GPA is a 3.348. My question, then, is this: will my low engineering GPA be a hindrance to graduate school applications even though my overall major GPA and my Statistics major GPA are much higher? Since I am applying to PhD programs in Statistics, will they weight that much heavier, or will the low engineering GPA give them second thoughts? Thanks in advance! Also, I'm new to the site, so please let me know if I've posted in the wrong section.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new and to tell you a little about myself I'm currently a Junior in my undergrad program at BU. I am a double major between Computer Science (my primary major) and Political Science. I'd like to apply to political science PhD programs, and I'm trying to narrow down on the programs I want to focus on. I am planning on taking my GRE very soon, and I'm currently applying for a research grant with a professor. My overall GPA is a 3.6, though I hope to make that a little higher after this semester. However, my CS GPA (3.4ish) is much lower than my Poli Sci GPA (it's a 4.0). I am primarily interested in Comparative Politics, with a focus on political economy, and tech policy. My primary question is should I expect PhD programs to focus on my overall GPA or will they only really care about my Poli Sci GPA. Based on this which programs do you think I should look at? Also how will grad schools look at my double major in general? Also I expect to have good recommendations from my professors, I keep up with almost all my Poli Sci profs. Should I reach out to them about Grad school and possibly setting me up with professors at other schools, a few of them went to pretty prestigious programs like MIT, and UCB. In other words should I reach out to professors at other schools about applying - i've heard mixed answers so far? Finally, I've spent my last two summers doing a CS internship (before this I did research assistantship at my school), this summer I'm looking for something more policy/research related. I've applied to public policy positions, think tanks, and such. Is there anything else I should look at? What advice would you have for someone in this stage of the process, what should I be focused on now, and what can I do to stand out at this point? Thanks for all your help! Any advice is much appreciated!
  6. Okay so I am currently attending school to become a Mechanical Engineer. I really want to take this one step further and double major. I am wondering what kind of double majors people can come up with. What other major could I pick up that would make sense in terms of a career? I am very interested in pretty much all sciences and business alike. I have been considering something like economics, business, marine biology, international business or chemistry. Feel free to tell me your opinions on that.
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