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Found 9 results

  1. Given that funding is uncertain at every stage in the UK, what are the odds of continuing onto a funded PhD/DPhil in Oxbridge after MPhil? How many students in social/cultural anthropology convert successfully and how many of them secure full funding? If they don't get a satisfactory offer at Oxbridge or in the UK, what's the next best option? US anthro PhDs typically take 7-8 years over 3 in the UK, so is it a good option? Also, how are Oxbridge MPhils seen by US adcomms in sociocultural anthro? Alternately, what are other good places to do a PhD? Leiden, ANU etc. What's the preferred order?
  2. I recently got a Skype interview with Oxford for DPhil in Organic Chemistry, does anyone have any advice on how to prepare or anyone willing to share their experiences? Thanks!
  3. Hi folks, After browsing numerous info on funding resources for DPhil candidates at Oxford, I found that there isn't a separate thread for this year's (Fall 2017) Clarendon Scholarship discussion. So here it is. Please leave a comment if you are waiting for the result coming out (and maybe the degree you applied for) OR if you have received the scholarship. Let's get some peer support! Good luck everyone!
  4. A thread to post about progress in post graduate admissions for PhD Fine Art programs. Post here listing the school, if you applied/plan to, had an interview (add date), received an acceptance/rejection (add date). AARhus-Denmark Oxford-UK PhD Arts/Leiden-Netherlands Royal College of Art-UK, PhD Fine Art, Accepted 1/15
  5. anyone else get into a program in the social science division and was nominated for the clarendon? i learned that last year, the website changed on apr 3 to say that the majority of successful nominees had been notified. so perhaps this topic would be wildly unproductive way to spend the next couple of weeks waiting. personally, i'd love to know how many nominees departments/programs can have, and what proportion of these nominees are awarded.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the forum so please let me know if this thread already exists. I couldn't find one. Has anyone else applied for Oxford Uni DPhil programmes? Anybody heard back yet? Interviews, acceptances, rejections? I applied for DPhil in Zoology and haven't heard back yet. So nervous and keep refreshing my email every 10 seconds.... I want to know already!
  7. I am an american student who has been admitted to finish a DPhil in the Medical Science Division. I graduated with a 4.0 in undergrad, and completed a Masters at Harvard. How difficult will it be for me to receive full funding from Oxford?
  8. I was offered a place for a DPhil within the Social Sciences division at Oxford U., and now I'm super-edgy waiting to find out the Clarendon results...has anyone gotten Clarendon funding at Oxford yet? If so, from which division? Barring that, is there anyone else in the same boat who wants to commiserate?
  9. The Oxford Doctoral (DPhil) Programme is designed for students wishing to pursue academic careers in leading universities. The School administers a variety of scholarships and award schemes to support doctoral students. The admissions office will help you to identify and secure a suitable scholarship to support you during the course of your doctoral studies. The Oxford Fidelity Scholarship and Alliance is intended to spur research in financial economics, with a particular emphasis on understanding the behaviour of asset prices (such as stocks, bonds, commodities and foreign exchange), and the practice of investment management. The Alliance provides full scholarship funding for up to two simultaneous students pursuing a Doctoral Programme at Saïd Business School in the financial economics route. The application deadline for October 2012 entry is 13 January 2012. Information on how to apply can be found here: http://www.sbs.ox.ac...onsProcess.aspx
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