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Found 5 results

  1. Hello World! I was a little surprised to see that no one had started a forum for MFA Directing 2022 application season and as a long time lurker of this site, I guess it falls on me this year! Anyone else out there who applied for Fall 2022? How are your applications coming along? Where are you applying to? Any interview invites yet? Looking forward to connecting with you!
  2. Hello lovely people, Anyone know of English literature scholars or programs interested in avant-garde and radical drama? Anything from Artaud, Beckett, and Brecht to more contemporary playwrights like Joan Brossa and Susan-Lori Parks. I am most interested in finding a program with a strong emphasis on theory (especially psychoanalysis and contemporary Marxism). The programs currently on my list include Boston University, Washington University in St. Louis, Pennsylvania State, Columbia University, Rutgers, University of Illinois at Chicago, Purdue, University of Pittsburgh, and Northwestern. If you have any schools you'd suggest adding or removing, I'd love to hear your input. ❤️
  3. Who has applied? Where? Which schools do you think have the best program? Did you participate in U/RTA? Are you participating at SETC on March 4? Anything related to the MFA o Costume Design or within the Department of Theatre. Let the conversation begin!!
  4. ive applied for 9 programs but i really dont know where i stand. i am 35, with bushels of experience making work, performing, and teaching. my recs and statements are bold and strong. i worry about my antique undergrad GPA (3.24) and my 5 year old unpracticed-for GRE score (560/780/4.5). who do i even think i am applying for these schools, for applying to Brown and Stanford and UCLA and Northwestern and Berkeley.... but sometimes i think i am definitely going to get it. i've done so much, i've proven myself! essentially, i am lost. i have no clue. anybody else? any insight? other worries or relaxing?
  5. Greetings All, I am applying to Ph.D. programs in English this fall. The most useful knowledge I've gained from these forums thus far has been in the form of specific experiences with programs and knowledge of individual departments. I would really appreciate some input on the programs I am considering, but more importantly on other programs that I should consider. Here is my interest in a nutshell: My undergrad background is in Shakespeare, Joyce and Renaissance Italian works. I want my graduate work to focus on critical theory and the idea of authorial identity, particularly as it relates to the conveyance of a message from source to audience. I want to focus on literature, drama and film. The latter field has made program selection interesting. So far I have "definitelies," "probablies" and "maybes." Feel free to re-prioritize on my behalf and, more importantly, to suggest different schools. Definitely: U Chicago, Cornell, NYU, Brown, Rice Probably: UNC, UC Irvine Maybe: WashU, Yale, UCLA, Northwestern, Duke, UVA I am starting this as a resource for my own search, but I certainly have no problem with others using the thread to find their own "fit." I would also appreciate any advice on locations to find scholarly articles, as those tend to be great measures of "fit" with a given professor and I am a year removed from that wonderful undergrad JSTOR membership. Much obliged!
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