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Found 16 results

  1. Thought I'd start the thread for prospective doctoral students applying to start in Fall 2021. I'm starting it early so we can discuss and support each other given the added challenges of applying during a pandemic. I'm applying for my PhD in Social & Behavioral Health programs.
  2. Hi all! I wanted to start a thread for prospective DrPH students applying before Dec 1 2020 for 2021 matriculation. I was browsing similar threads from previous application cycles and thought this would be helpful! I’m planning to apply to Johns Hopkins distance DrPH program. -MPH -East coast -I’ve worked in hospital epidemiology for 10 years, currently in a leadership role. Nice to meet you!
  3. I feel like I was rejected last year because my letter of intent sucked! I'm in such a great need for someone to assist me. I'd love to get at least 2 acceptances into a DrPh program this up and coming year - 2022! Help please.
  4. Hi everyone! So I was in the PhD/DrPH 2021 Application thread and we started talking about pursuing doctorate studies while balancing family responsibilities, raising kids, and/or planning to start a family. It was very comforting to realize that so many of us on this forum were on the same boat as me, and to know that I was not crazy thinking perhaps I can work, raise a kid (and plan for more) and do doctorate all at the same time! 😅 Since it helped me feel a lot more positive and confident about my decision to keep chasing my dream, I thought I should start a thread in hopes that others may also feel empowered and encouraged to continue pursuing their academic endeavour whilst having a loving family at the same time. ☺️ I want this thread to be a friendly and supportive environment where we can help each other! 😊 To start, here is my experience so far with being a parent and schooling. My daughter was not planned and I had her two weeks before my final year of master's program started. I studied and worked on my assignments whenever she was sleeping. My days and nights were flipped, and my sleeps were no more than 3 hours at a time. I honestly don't know how I survived that year lol! It was super difficult but what helped me get through it was my daughter ☺️ I am so in love with her! I am so happy to be her mom. 💖 My daughter is 3.5 years old now and I am back at work part time. She loves her daycare so I am really grateful for that. I am so proud of my accomplishments so far but I really hope I can continue studying this coming academic year as a doctorate student!! Now if I can get the schools to give me ANYTHING at this point.... that would be great!! I am not good with the waiting games and schools being radio silent is not helping whatsoever!!
  5. Hello, I went through the DrPH 2019 thread and I found it quite informative. I will be applying for DrPH in Fall 2020 and thought to open this forum so others who will also be applying can join in. Looking forward to connecting to the others interested in this program.
  6. I had recently submitted my SOPHAS application. A couple weeks ago, I made the request for my transcripts to be be sent from an institution, but it is taking a while for the registrar to process the information. Additionally, I had ordered my GRE scores, but I have no guarantee they will make it in time for my December 1st deadlines. My question is, how do departments evaluate SOPHAS material that come in later? Will I be penalized for the delay in the getting some of the supporting documents in, or am I ok so long as it has been postmarked before the deadline? My SOPHAS applications are showing as received but no verification yet. I'm assuming it would only happen on a business day. I have never used SOPHAS before, so this has been quite hectic for me.
  7. Hi folks! First time posting on grad cafe! I wanted to continue the tradition and start a discussion forum for those applying to DrPH programs to begin in Fall 2019! We can use this topic to discuss and share our experiences through the application cycle.
  8. I need a buddy who's currently applying for a doctoral program, from outside the US. Will be great to have a companion to pace ourselves, ensure WES and other steps are correctly done, etc
  9. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to create this topic for those who are applying to DrPH programs to begin in the Fall of 2018! I'm beginning to look at programs and browsing through this board, so it would be great to hear from others who are doing the same. We can share our thoughts/updates/support here throughout this application cycle that we are about to begin soon!
  10. I have a basic question that I have asked of most faculty members/staff where I work, and have gotten a different answer every single time. I want to know a few key things regarding a DrPH in epidemiology when compared to a PhD in epidemiology. Is a DrPH really viewed as less prestigious when compared to a PhD? Can someone with a DrPH conduct focused research (ie cancer, chronic, infectious diseases)/is a PhD preferred for this? Do graduates with a DrPH usually obtain jobs with "Hard Funding" (guaranteed funding not dependent on grant money)? What are the pros and cons of a DrPH versus a PhD in your opinion.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to this fourm but I read a couple questions on here and figured this might be the place for me to process my options. I am currently working on a college campus in New England at a Rape Crisis Center as a Prevention Educator/Advocate and also getting my MPH. I've a lot of work experience with them and while did my undergraduate kind of recently I will be done my MPH this time next year. I feel like currently my interests are really wide and I could see myself doing a lot but which is great, but also stressful. In thinking about my current job I love working with the victims I see often in a 1 on 1 setting and I also love facilitating larger trainings and implementing prevention on a large scale, hence the MPH. I do a lot of training and guest lectures for undergrad/graduate classes and could see eventually sitting in academia but don't know if that is the most immediate goal but would like whatever I do to have that as an option eventually. I really enjoy my MPH program and it feels like it was the right choice as what i'm learning is directly applicable to the prevention work I do every day. This leads me to my first option which is a PhD or a DrPH. In general I like the idea of a DrPH more because of its focus on practitioners and less on research however I don't love that pretty much none of them are funded. Also I like the idea of teaching during the program and that's more likely to be in a PhD program... and those are generally funded. However, research is more the focus which is fine but not totally what I'm about. Lastly the thing I am comparing public health to is a clinical psychology PhD or PsyD. I know this may feel like super out of left field but I work a lot with these folks at the University I work and love the work they do. Same dilemma with the PhD and PsyD around practice vs research and the funding in all my investigation of the programs. So I guess I am reaching out to see if someone has information on a program i haven't research that I would be interested in? I have plenty of time to narrow my options down and decide and if I were to do a public health option I likely would work more after my MPH before jumping in whereas a psychology one I would one to move into it more quickly after my MPH. Lastly I love working on a campus and could see myself in student health promotion or counseling so some kind of higher education option I wouldn't hate browsing either. An option/next step i'm thinking about is interviewing my friends that did these specific programs and ask what they liked/disliked so that's on a to do list I've started.Any guidance you all have is helpful--I know this was super rambling but I'm struggling to narrow down into as it feels like a super big decision and there are just so many options. Thanks!
  12. Hello all, First of all, best of luck to everyone applying this cycle! Just wanted to start this to hear updates from everyone since it doesn't seem like it has already been started. I have applied to the following (all DrPH); University of Colorado - EOH Georgia Southern - Leadership Tufts - Public Health Generalist University at Albany - EOH University of Georgia - Public Health Generalist University of Kentucky - Health Management and Policy University of Pittsburg - EOH University of Arkansas - Leadership Heard back from two so far, no decision, though. University of Georgia (UGA): (January 19th) Supplementary Essay Request: “What leadership and management abilities do you hope to gain from the DrPH program to strengthen or reinforce the context of your work?” (Up to 500 words) The Georgia Southern University: (January 25th) "The Jiann Ping Hsu College of Public Health (JPHCOPH) has forwarded the recommended admission decision to the Georgia Southern University College of Graduate Studies." Whatever that means......
  13. So I thought it would be nice to start a new board for those applying and waiting to hear back regarding DrPH programs. This isn't my first rodeo. I applied previously to 4 programs, got into 2 but decided those two weren't the best two for my career goals. The two I didn't gain admission to were better fits. So this cycle I reapplied to both program and added one more. I am waiting to hear back from the following schools: Johns Hopkins University of Illinois Chicago University of North Carolina Would love to hear where everyone else is trying to go, who has had interviews and who was accepted (or rejected :-/) Let the waiting begin!
  14. Hi all, Starting this fall, I will be applying to Genetic Counseling programs. Eventually, I would like to go for my DrPH. I'm highly interested in integrating public health and genetics together and doing research based on community genetics, screening programs, and the like. I know that I don't want a Ph.D. I feel that the DrPH is much more aligned with my goals. That being said, I don't think I would be applying to DrPH programs with an MPH, just my MS in genetic counseling. Would programs still consider me?
  15. I'm seriously considering applying for a DrPH, but am unsure about if I should over a PhD. For those who have applied -- why did you apply for a DrPH instead of a PhD? In your opinion, what are some factors that should be considered before pursuing a DrPH? Would love to read any and all input. Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello, George Washington University has offered me an interview for the DrPH program for Fall 2016. Has anyone else here interviewed with them? Can anyone provide insight on how best to prepare for the interview? I appreciate your advice!
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