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Found 8 results

  1. Hello & Welcome! This thread is for anyone looking for information on the Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) Degree and/or those looking for support and insight into the application process! Below, you will see comments with information related to: · Why a DSW? · Current Programs · Current news on accreditation, etc. Please note, the users here do not represent any universities or programs and their opinions and insights are their own. This space is meant for support and insight. Please feel free to add any information you have found helpful! Best of luck!
  2. Hello, I am a current graduate student working on my Ed.S. degree in School Psychology. I am considering applying to USC’s DSW program. As a school psychologist I will be working with children and youth. I would also like to work with adults and provide mental health services but as a school psychologist I am limited. Therefore, I feel that a DSW would be a good fit. Has anyone here applied to the DSW program at USC or considering? I am considering this program because of its flexibility (online), 2 year to complete, and no MSW needed. Also, are there any school psychologist who have provided mental health services for adults outside of school?
  3. Anyone applying for a PhD in social work? What is your story?
  4. Hey all, As I am transitioning into my Masters program, I am planning to pursue my DSW (instead of a Ph.D) and I am trying to find data as to which schools will be able to provide a more advanced clinical education, and I was hoping y'all might know! I am going to be attending Smith for my MSW, and I am aware they have a Ph.D program, but I would love to see where my options are as well. If you are in the DSW program, how is it so far??? Thaaaaaaanks
  5. Hello all, this is my first post, so please forgive any errors or faux pas I may commit. I was considering going back to school for a doctoral degree in Social Work. I have several years experience in clinical social work, so the idea of a DSW appealed to me. However, I am concerned about the implications of choosing this degree over a PhD. Has anyone seen or heard anything about how a DSW degree is accepted/received in the real world? Thanks in advance, Alison
  6. Hi, Has anyone applied to any DSW (doctor of Social Work) programs this year? Did you have an interview? Did you get your admissions results yet? Why did you pick the DSW instead of the PhD? Thanks
  7. HI, I just had an interview yesterday, for my number one choice school. I was so nervous I think it went badly. I know some people send a follow up email thanking the interviewer. Should I do this? Is it ok to restate my reason why I want to attend this program? (That's one of the questions that I messed up.) Also, I told her I had three main interests (pediatric mental health, grief/loss, human-animal bond). Should I say that I am primarily interested in one of them? Thanks
  8. Quick question, what criteria is the U Penn DSW admission committee looking for? I called them and they didn't give a straight answer. I was told that grades and publications and stats don't matter, it just depends on the individual. What does this mean? What are they looking for? Has anyone been accepted to this program? What stats do you have? Thanks!
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