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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks, Seems nobody opens the '20 EAS topic - hah, let me be the beginner!! If you have also applied for the similar discipline(s), have a shout and support each other! Studying postgrad isn't an easy decision - that's why I open this topic hahahaha~ ---------------- Anyway, a short bio about me - gimme some time to say: (not for solicitation!! Apology~) This is Christian from HK. I've applied for my second MA in East Asian Studies, the following 2 are the "uniss" that I've applied: 1) The University of Alberta (Edmonton >>> not "Deadmonton") - with the RP topic regarding Derivative Music in Hong Kong (very new topic!!) 2) The University of Toronto (Toronto) - with the RP topic regarding Premodern Literature (Six Dynasties) Yes, I am mainly focus on Canada... because I did not have enough time to prepare for my IELTS and GRE! (Plus I completed my first MA at the CityU, both universities exempt the demonstration of the English proficiency... ahhhhha~~) With GPA 3.14, Christian will be turned down by UToronto (120% sure) but Christian still wanna try! Christian may also be turned down by UAlberta too! Because Christian knows his research interests, and what he wants to pursue in these 2 years clearly, (perhaps his research proposal for 5-6 pages, and SoP (fulfilled the general requirement) can demonstrate how much he wants to study? hahaha) Err... work experience, serving at the Chinese University as a Project Coordinator, coordinating editing matters... yes, I am helping my boss to edit a book about NLP (google it by yourself) and eLearning! Christian did also teach at the university in Canada during his working holiday time!... the course was about Chinese etymology. Christian did also contact the PoI ("professor of interests")... still not sure if he could enroll in the programme successfully... A hiccup for Christian is that he is too worried!! What does he need? YOUR SUPPORT!!! hahahaha Serious: how much chance could I enroll to the UAlberta? Any past experience? Anyone can share your experience? Research interests: (if we have similarities, write me, reply this topic, and we can share!!) Hong Kong Studies, Premodern literature (esp. Six dynasties), Sinophone Literature, Sinitic languages and linguistics. Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Hokkien (they are all "from fluent to native") some Teochew, some Finnish, and some French!! "Sorry for 1999" <<<< the typical Cantonese slang means "sorry for explaining with unclear words..." (bad translation) Honestly, at the moment, I feel calm and released after sharing this... If you stay at the end, thanks a lot for listening to me! As I've written at the beginning, this role has never been easy! Hope we could support each other!! NICE MEETING YOU ALL~
  2. I figured that there's no thread for the East Asian Languages and Cultures 2019-2020 cycle. I hope everyone's doing well, and feel free to post anything related to the EALC application cycle under this thread!
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