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Found 12 results

  1. I had an underwhelming GPA in a difficult major from a top 10 but underrated public research university. I'm also in my late 30s - I've been thinking of grad/professional school for a long time, but I know it will be very challenging, and may not be worth it.For a while now, I'm been thinking of applying to the M.A. in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley and the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies at University of San Francisco. I'd much prefer Asian American Studies, but very few schools offer an M.A. in that - the closest one seems to be UCLA, and I'd like to stay local and commute to school. There's an M.A. in Asian American Studies at SF State, but I know that SFSU doesn't have anywhere near the name recognition of UCB. My goals for those programs is to write, get published, be a "thought leader" (sorry if it sounds arrogant; it's not meant to be) in Asian or Asian American Studies, maybe lecture, and possibly teach in some capacity. My main goal would be to be a published author, whether through books, articles, journal papers, online digital content, etc. I just think of these master's programs as giving me a jumping point into what I want to do. I'd also love to go through the grad school experience - it would probably be very personally enriching. Also, like many people, I've always thought I would go to grad school, and it would be great to go to grad school at a top university. Any thoughts on the M.A. in Asian Studies at Berkeley, the M.A. in Asia Pacific Studies at USF, or the M.A. in Asian American Studies at SFSU? Has anyone gone through those programs, or know people who have completed them? How hard is it to get into those 3 programs? What is it like taking those programs, what do you learn or get out of it, what are the courses/students/professors like, and what do students do after they get their M.A.? Any other schools/masters programs you can recommend to me that are in the Bay Area, close to San Francisco? I'm also open to online masters programs, but there are hardly any offered in these fields, and they're from no-name and questionable schools.
  2. Hey folks, Seems nobody opens the '20 EAS topic - hah, let me be the beginner!! If you have also applied for the similar discipline(s), have a shout and support each other! Studying postgrad isn't an easy decision - that's why I open this topic hahahaha~ ---------------- Anyway, a short bio about me - gimme some time to say: (not for solicitation!! Apology~) This is Christian from HK. I've applied for my second MA in East Asian Studies, the following 2 are the "uniss" that I've applied: 1) The University of Alberta (Edmonton >>> not "Deadmonton") - with the RP topic regarding Derivative Music in Hong Kong (very new topic!!) 2) The University of Toronto (Toronto) - with the RP topic regarding Premodern Literature (Six Dynasties) Yes, I am mainly focus on Canada... because I did not have enough time to prepare for my IELTS and GRE! (Plus I completed my first MA at the CityU, both universities exempt the demonstration of the English proficiency... ahhhhha~~) With GPA 3.14, Christian will be turned down by UToronto (120% sure) but Christian still wanna try! Christian may also be turned down by UAlberta too! Because Christian knows his research interests, and what he wants to pursue in these 2 years clearly, (perhaps his research proposal for 5-6 pages, and SoP (fulfilled the general requirement) can demonstrate how much he wants to study? hahaha) Err... work experience, serving at the Chinese University as a Project Coordinator, coordinating editing matters... yes, I am helping my boss to edit a book about NLP (google it by yourself) and eLearning! Christian did also teach at the university in Canada during his working holiday time!... the course was about Chinese etymology. Christian did also contact the PoI ("professor of interests")... still not sure if he could enroll in the programme successfully... A hiccup for Christian is that he is too worried!! What does he need? YOUR SUPPORT!!! hahahaha Serious: how much chance could I enroll to the UAlberta? Any past experience? Anyone can share your experience? Research interests: (if we have similarities, write me, reply this topic, and we can share!!) Hong Kong Studies, Premodern literature (esp. Six dynasties), Sinophone Literature, Sinitic languages and linguistics. Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Hokkien (they are all "from fluent to native") some Teochew, some Finnish, and some French!! "Sorry for 1999" <<<< the typical Cantonese slang means "sorry for explaining with unclear words..." (bad translation) Honestly, at the moment, I feel calm and released after sharing this... If you stay at the end, thanks a lot for listening to me! As I've written at the beginning, this role has never been easy! Hope we could support each other!! NICE MEETING YOU ALL~
  3. My research field is Chinese history, but I am also interested in interdisciplinary approaches to cultural history. So far I have applied to and am waiting on history PhD programs with a strong interdisciplinary base, as well as East Asian studies (EALC/EALAC) programs. My previous training (undergrad, masters) was in history, and my supervisor assured me that I would still be able to be hired as a historian even if I'd graduate with an EALC degree (because I majored in history during my undergraduate and MA studies). While I am very attracted to EALC programs, which would allow me to incorporate literature & film studies in my own research (that's what I want to do), I am at the same time worried that it would make me less competitive in job market if I'd not have a doctoral degree in history. I hope I will be able to apply to EALC and history academic jobs after finishing my PhD. My question is, would having a doctoral degree in EALC or history make much difference in this case?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm so grateful to be accepted into both Yale and Columbia for East Asian Studies (China studies) this coming fall. I am however, having difficulty deciding which school to pick. Background: International student with an undergraduate degree in International Relations. Have also taken many courses on political and cultural/social history alongside my IR courses. Open to moving away from an IR specialisation to explore disciplines such as history and anthropology. Considering academia as a potential career but I have not made up my mind as to what discipline to specialise in - currently leaning towards history. Taking this opportunity as a chance to explore and to decide on a discipline to specialise in. Concerns: Admitted into a 2-year program at Yale vs. 1-year program at Columbia. No funding as of now so cost is definitely a factor to consider. However, Yale's 2-year track provides more time for me to discover my intellectual interests or look for a job if I decide that academia is not for me. University environment. From what I've read online, Yale seems to provide a better learning and research environment as compared to Columbia while Columbia, being situated in NY seems to offer better job/internship opportunities. My undergraduate studies was completed in a city campus in central London and I was wondering if Yale could be a nice change of environment. I generally indifferent when it comes to attending uni in a big city. Yale seems to have a much stronger Chinese history department as compared to Columbia. However, it seems like its IR/Pol Science department (in its core faculty) is weaker than Columbia. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!
  5. I figured that there's no thread for the East Asian Languages and Cultures 2019-2020 cycle. I hope everyone's doing well, and feel free to post anything related to the EALC application cycle under this thread!
  6. Got admitted to several schools but not sure which one to go, now hesitating between UCLA MA in East Asian Studies and Columbia MA in Film and Media Studies. I plan to apply for a PhD degree in East Asian Studies/ Comparative Literature/ Film Studies. Undergraduate major: Comparative Literature and German. Interested fields/ topics: Contemporary Chinese Films, Sinophone Studies, New German Cinema, Nostalgia Studies, Trauma and Memory. Concerns about Columbia is mainly on its reputation... Is the MA in Film Studies program easy to get in? If anyone has any suggestion please let me know T T
  7. Hi everyone! I recently applied to sociocultural anthropology masters programs as well as east asian studies masters programs because I was interested in studying east asian countries through an anthropological lens. I was accepted into Duke (interdisciplinary), Columbia(socio anthro), Oxford (socioanthro), and UPenn(east asian). I already rejected UPenn because their east asian studies program seemed to be focused on history whereas I wanted to focus more on contemporary. To be honest though, I am not completely set on whether or not I want to study east asian cultures just yet and was hoping I could figure that out in the master's program before I apply for PhD in the US for anthro (which is the plan for the future). I've been getting different advice from different professors and different PhD students about their experiences so it's been really hard for me to choose, especially because I don't want to regret my choice later. On the one hand, Duke seems to be a good choice because I know they are known for race and gender within the anthro department and that's something I'm really interested in and would allow me to work with great advisors. Not to mention that the interdisciplinary would give me a chance to study race/gender in East Asian countries. But on the other hand, Columbia and Oxford would allow me to look at things in a broader perspective- afterall, I AM Asian American so wouldn't the interdisciplinary track kind of make me look like I tried to find the easy way out as a potential PhD candidate later? I'm so conflicted and would love the general opinions about the anthro masters programs in these schools. I really appreciate it everyone :) thank you in advance!!!!
  8. I'm currently in the process of thinking about my potential PhD schools and programs that I'd want to apply with once I finish my Masters in East Asian Studies (which I will begin this Fall at Rutgers University). I've attended NYU with a major in Chinese language & cultures and a double minor in Korean and Japanese language and cultures (3.62 GPA), as well as having attended ICLP at NTU for a year. My main interest is Chinese modern -history (1900s - present) and Chinese (and Japanese!) literature. I'm an Caucasian, American citizen living in NJ. I'm wondering if my hopes to go to an Ivy league for my PhD program might be a bit too high?
  9. Hi everyone! I posted here before but I have an update on my decisions... a. Tuition grant + living stipend (it's a small amount=$5000) for 2 years at the RSEA M.A. program at Harvard b. Tuition+living stipend (12K)for my first year but I would have to TA every year (guaranteed TA-ship for only 4 years) at the EALC PhD program at UCSB Thanks! I'm having trouble deciding however...
  10. Hi everyone, I'm an international student (UK) at Oxford, I've just been accepted onto the two programmes I applied for, EAS at Yale and MAPSS at Chicago. I've only been to Chicago briefly, it seemed really cool, but from what I've seen it seems like the course is better at Yale. The only problem is I've been offered a 2k scholarship from Yale vs. a 40k scholarship from Chicago. I'm really praying they will offer me more funding at Yale, although my course director says this is unlikely (maybe because I'm an international student?). Does anyone have any thoughts about the two campuses? Chicago seems like it has more going on, but I might be wrong? Any advice greatly appreciated! Best Regards, Alex
  11. I've recently been accepted to Columbia's East Asian Languages and Cultures M.A program and Stanford's East Asian Studies program. I just cannot decide! My research interest is comparative literature between China and Korea, both schools have professors that I would love to work with but one of my concerns are that some are on leave. I'm still deciding on whether I will proceed to Phd therefore this master program would mean a lot to me. Would love to hear anyone's experience or suggestions!
  12. I'm recently admitted to Stanford's M.A East Asian Studies program and Columbia's East Asian Languages and Cultures M.A program. I am now struggling to choose between the two. My research interest is contemporary Chinese and Korean comparative literature. I understand my research area is very specific and both schools have professors who I would love to work with. However some of them are on leave. I would love to hear anyone's experience in the same major in Columbia or Stanford or any suggestions on how to make a choice for my M.A decision.
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