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  1. Hi folks, Has anyone applied and heard back from USC Rossier for the Organizational Change and Leadership (OCL) Ed.D program? I applied in late February for the Fall 22 (August start) cohort and it's been quiet since then.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking ahead to next year's cycle for applying and think I need to be more strategic with where I aim for than I did this time around. My interests are all in sociology of education, ed policy, race/racism and inequality. I think the major mistakes I made this year were not focusing intently enough on programs with faculty whose research aligns with my own interests, and also not applying to enough schools. Does anyone have recommendations of where I should look to for next year? I have Brown at the top of my current list (John Diamond is someone whose work maps almost perfectly onto my own, and there are a few other folks in the department who align strongly too), as well as Princeton (Jennifer Jennings, Shamus Khan) and Duke (Angel Harris). Since I have an interest in education policy too I'm going to attempt Harvard's social policy program as it offers a sociology track, but I know I need more schools on this list and probably some that aren't ranked as highly as these ones, to hope I land somewhere next year. I will also say I'm trying to stay on the East Coast, though I know that's extremely limiting. But, open to hearing any and all suggestions, whether they're on this side of the states or not. Thanks!
  3. Hi. I've been accepted to Teaching Learning and Learship MSEd at Penn GSE and Curriculum and Teaching MA at Teachers College. I was wondering what other people think of these two schools and which school you would pick. I've heard Teachers College at Columbia is seen as "not quite Columbia" because they are an affiliate school whereas Penn GSE is properly a part of UPenn. Just wondering what others think about this and other aspects such as prestige and the course themselves (what is more challenging or how time-consuming they are). Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone,This is my first post ever so I apologize in advance if I mess something up.I am currently applying to a couple of online MSW programs and I was given a full-ride scholarship at a place called Northcentral University. For background context I have a bachelors degree in linguistics, and I am currently working on a federally funded research project with a rather big researcher from the National Academy of Medicine (a colleague of my dad's) funded by the NIH. I also am a CASAC in NYS.I wanted to know if anyone has heard of Northcentral University. I checked and their program is CSWE accredited, and they are a non-profit regionally accredited university by WASC. I am interested in pursuing doctoral studies after my MSW, so I don't know if Northcentral University would be looked down upon, or prevent me from applying to PhD programs afterwards. Accreditations Thank you!
  5. Hello everyone! I saw posts from previous where people started a thread of where they are applying and created some camaraderie within the education circle. Where is everyone applying? Share results/thoughts/comments if you'd like. I have applied to the Education Policy Masters programs at American and Johns Hopkins.
  6. I have always wanted to go into education policy/the government side of education. I have bachelor degrees in both Elementary Education and History. I know I want a degree in Education Policy to move forwards in working as an analyst or a lobbyist. I'm currently a full-time teacher and am trying to decide which will be the best professional route for me: Ed.D. or a Ph.D. Any advice, personal experience, information is greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi guys, I‘d like to check have you heard from your POI or Stanford GSE? I saw one LSTD interview post in the GradCafe and maybe they have made their initial interview list? # Stanford Education PhD
  8. Hello, all! I am looking for a bit of advice. I am an international student looking to apply to Canadian M.Ed Educational Psychology programs with thesis components. I have already identified a few PIs with great research fit, and am preparing my applications for submission now. I have a Psychology B.A., average (3.6-3.7) GPA, but no research experience. Following graduation, I worked in the education sector for 3 years and had 1 year of volunteering (counselling/crisis line). Writing research proposals is a bit daunting, and I'm concerned about my lack of research experience. Considering that all of these programs are thesis based, is it even worth applying with my background? I understand that research based psychology programs are incredibly competitive, and I've heard from faculty this year that they have even more applicants than they did last cycle. Does anyone have any general advice on how to write very concise, but specific, research statements (100-200 words) for M.Ed programs? I would really appreciate any kind of input and/or feedback. Thank you for your time
  9. Please forgive me, as this is my first post on grad cafe. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Education with a dual endorsement in Math and ESL. I am looking to go to graduate school to receive my Master's in Education. However, these programs aren't super transparent on the average GPA and GRE of admitted students. Can everyone post their GPA and GRE along with the school they got into? I'm looking at specifically CU Boulder's program but I am keeping my mind open. Thank you so much!
  10. Has anyone not heard back from this program yet? I completed my interview on 3/22 and thought it went really well but I have heard nothing since.
  11. Hi everyone! I just completed the interview for the mental health counseling program at UPenn! I was wondering if anyone who has completed the interview could speak on how long it took for decisions to get back to you? I'm eagerly waiting haha
  12. Hello, everyone! Anyone waiting for UCI's emails for interviews on PhD Education? Hope I at least receive an email about anything in January...
  13. So I applied back in November for fall of 2021. The program is a department of 3 people. My application is still active and isn't closed. How much longer will I be waiting? They only take 3 to 4 students. I'm going stir crazy. I emailed admissions last week just to see how notification would be sent. (Some have gotten snail mail last year not an email) I have had zero response.
  14. Hi all! My friend and I are offering a live interactive class on the "Fundamentals of Programming". Learning should be live and social. Even if it's online. Sailesh and I LOVE teaching. It's what makes us feel most alive. Sailesh is currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Facebook. He has taught formally as an Adjunct Professor at GSU, as well as many other programs/universities. Across all of these engagements, over 200 of his students have received job offers. And the reason why his students perform so well is because his classes are interactive, and because they practice every day. We thought this was only possible in person, but then we decided to experiment and bring that learning experience to you, for free, online. We will have interactive coding assignments, quizzes and you can talk to us directly through the live chat. Starting today, classes are Monday and Wednesday at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. People with any prior level of coding are encouraged to join us. While a basic understanding of programming concepts (loops, if statements, printing, = vs ==, etc.) is useful, it's not required. You can find out more about the curriculum and sign up here: https://keat.co/upcomingclass/fundamentals-of-programming-1612212653701x556236334813151200 Let me know if you have any questions! See you soon hopefully! - Sorusch
  15. Hi! I applied to the MED in high incidence special education at Vanderbilt and am waiting to hear back.. has anyone heard anything? i have heard the decisions typically go out at the end of January, but I have not heard anything yet. I also did not have an interview. Did anyone get contacted for an interview?
  16. Hey y'all! I'll try to get straight to the point. I have a Master's in School Counseling but I want to pursue a degree in College and Student Affairs. As I look through programs, I'm realizing more and more that I may end up with two master degrees....so my question is: Should I apply to PhD or EDD programs straight out or should I try for a Master's program and work my way up? I currently work at a high school so I have some experience with colleges and I do leisure research. Obviously there is a lot more to Student Affairs than that, but is that base knowledge enough to at least apply? Thanks for the help in advance!
  17. Hey Everyone! I haven't seen a thread for Teachers College at Columbia University! I thought I would start the thread with my program of choice and stats. I think we all would love for people to ask questions, share stats, share acceptances/denials. :) Program: Higher and Post Secondary Education GPA: 3.81 Undergrad Major: Sociology I'm really scared about this whole process and anticipating results!!
  18. Hi y'all! I'm currently an undergrad senior applying for master programs for the Fall 2021 cycle. I'm interested in interdisciplinary studies combining education, psychology, and data science/statistics. Below is my profile, and I appreciate any comments/feedback/recommendations! Undergrad: a prestigious (I think?) women's liberal arts college Major: Psychology (currently doing an honor thesis), Quantitative Economics GPA: 3.99/4.0 (Psychology: 3.96 Econ: 4.0) GRE: I haven't taken GRE yet, but I hope to get a score of 325+. Coursework: Psychology: cognitive development (summer school, A), language acquisition (A), psycholinguistics (A), developmental psychopathology (A) Statistics/Data Science: research design (i.e. ANOVA, A), multiple regression (A), educational statistics (A), Bayesian theory (currently taking), econometrics (currently taking) Software: Stat: R (familiar), Python (intro), SPSS (intro), STATA (intro), SQL (minimal) Research: Qualtrics (familiar), Filemaker (familiar), Lookit (will be familiar) Experience: research assistant at my undergrad institution language acquisition lab for 2 years; hands-on experience on various projects; the most inspiring one is to conduct Rasch analysis on a language assessment test summer researcher at the same lab (language acquisition lab) remote summer intern (because of the pandemic) in a developmental lab at a very strong research university; main job is to test children through Zoom remote research assistant starting from this September in a language acquisition lab at another strong research university; current job is to design an experiment on Lookit a remote HR member at a non-profit org in China that aims to empower underadvantaged children through remote education TA of intro stat classes for Psychology, Government, and Sociology LOR: a LOR from my PI at my undergrad institution language acquisition lab; I have taken many classes with her and have worked with her for 2 years, so she knows me well; also she knows a lot of ppl in developmental psych a LOR from my summer internship PI a LOR from my current research lab PI; however, I have just started working with her and asking for a LOR right away seems very purposeful; OR a LOR from a professor I have taken a class with Award and funding: summer research fellowship at my undergrad institution summer internship funding conference funding (will present a poster at a data science conference deriving from my class proj) dean's list every year School list: Stanford educational data science (EDS): this is my fav, but I'm afraid I cannot meet some of the math prerequisites; also it's a brand new program Columbia Teacher's College - SMART: this program aligns with my interest well, but the curriculum seems somewhat easy to me UPenn: I actually haven't found a program that fits me well at UPenn; but I love UPenn and Philly so much!! Boston College - Psychometrics: I don't know much about this program, but from its website I like it This is a short school list, so I need your help to give me some recommendations!! Thanks
  19. This year HGSE has a new section for international students to demonstrate English proficiency. It is called Video Response. Optional but strongly recommended for anyone who does not meet their TOEFL requirements (26 minimum in each section). My TOEFL total score is above 104 but my speaking session is less than 26. I'm debating between retaking TOEFL and doing this video response. I don't like talking to a machine to be honest. I heard there were interviews last year but admission office says they are using this video response instead for this year's application. Has anyone done it? What are the prompts you were asked during the 60 seconds? Any advice?
  20. I am a 2nd year graduate student in a masters biology program. My field of research is cardiovascular disease. Specifically, I research the genetic expression and protein secretion profiles of unique adipose tissue depots in patients with coronary artery disease. I do not have any publications at this point in my career. Although, I have been fortunate enough to obtain ~$13,000 in competitive grant funding and fellowships. I am currently working on a mini-review and hope for my thesis research to be published, once completed. Due to a setback in my research, I will be staying in this program for 1 additional year; graduate May 2020. I have already completed all of the required coursework for the degree, just need to finish the thesis research. Although, due to the requirements for some of the grants that I have I must maintain full-time graduate status (9 units). This semester I have enrolled in 2 MBA courses (economics and operations management). I figured because I know nothing about business, and am in a STEM field, these courses would be interesting and prove worthwhile...I am loving it! I am able to use my analytical skills in a whole new way. This has put me in an interesting position between going for the PhD or the MBA. I am seriously considering applying to the MBA program at my university, fall 2019 start, as I am interested in research funding and development. It is a 2 year program. I recently turned 25, I would finish with both masters programs by age 27. If I go for the PhD it would be in biomedical sciences, or something closely related. Preferably studying coronary artery disease and working with humans as the model organism. I am seeking advice. I know 27 is not THAT old and I can definitely still continue on and complete a PhD. I would like to work more so in a management or consultant role rather than as an active scientist.
  21. Hello Everyone, I didn't find a form for CSULB School counseling so i decided to start one. For those who have applied to the program and feel comfortable sharing your stats, please do! Good luck everyone! GPA: 3.15 Internships/Extra Curricular activities: BBBS Org: Mentor | Fullerton College: Higher Education advocate | Orange County Community Housing Corporation: Academic Advisor | Human Services Student Association: Membership Chair I don't have the best GPA and know how competitive it is to get into the program at Cal State Long Beach but i am hoping that my internship and SOP helps me land an interview. Throughout my time in college, i have worked 40+ hrs a week, gone to school FT, and have managed to take on a couple internships. Currently, my application has been sent to the department and is under review. Once again, GOOOOOOOD LUCK!
  22. Hello All, I’ve submitted my application to their program on 04/09/2020, and received my waitlist status on 04/23/2020. I’am supposed to hear back by 4/15 regarding my application. I’ve sent a confirmation of interest letter to both the admissions office and the dean. I’ve never thought that I would be considered for admissions at an Ivy League. So I’m still in a little shock. I’m also worried. For anyone that was waitlisted and had an additional three weeks for an answer, how did you cope or distract yourselves? A little about me... The reality is that I never thought I’d be a college student (I’ve completed both my bachelors and masters, GPA is a high B). My volunteer work is almost a page long, and I’ve even founded a charity that had raised $1,000.00 for a high school student. My confidence as a student came from the completion of my degrees. However the Big Ivy League status still intimidates next. Kind of like the socially awkward kid asking the cool kids to accept them? Sounds corny, but it’s true. Any words of encouragement would be great.
  23. Hi, I hope everyone is doing well in these strange times. I found this site quite useful when I was applying to programs, so I thought I would ask everyone's advice now that I've heard back. I would appreciate feedback from people in education, but I'm open to any constructive feedback. I am an educator looking to get my Master's in Education so I can teach Secondary Social Studies, so I applied all around the country. I got accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Teacher's College, UC Berkeley, and UT Austin (I got rejected from UCLA). I honestly didn't think I would have so many options, so it's difficult for me to settle on one program -- each one has something unique I like about it. I want the program to have similar values as me and emphasize social justice / equity in education. But also the name/prestige does matter a little bit -- one of the reasons I am applying for a MA in education instead of just doing ARL is the hope that I will get a better salary / job options. Given my concerns, here is a breakdown of the schools I am considering to help give a sense of my thought process/priorities: Harvard: #1 Education School according to US News. The program has a new director that prioritizes social justice, so that puts me at ease a bit. Not a huge fan of Boston, but the summer semester has been moved onlin,e and it's only a year-long program so it's not a huge issue. The main draw here is the name and the opportunity to work with scholars like Howard Gardner, who developed Mutliple Intelligence Theory. Never been to the campus though and won't have the chance to visit. Stanford: #3 Education School according to US News. I like California (close to home and my partner), but Palo Alto is one of the most expensive places in world... I'm OK with staying on campus, and it's only a year as well, but I am a bit worried about the lack of diversity in the students I will be working with as part of my school placement (they even mentioned that this was increasingly a problem in the video information session). It's a well renowned program though, and I like being close to the Bay and other nature areas. They've already given me a $5000 fellowship too. Teacher's College (Columbia): #8 Education School according to US News. Columbia is my Alma Mater so it was a natural choice to apply here. The main advantage would be that I'm already familiar with the campus, the city, and have even met some of the professors during undergraduate. However, I'd also like to try something new; New York can be exhausting, and I'm not sure how confident I am moving there now with it being the center of the epidemic in the U.S. UC Berkeley: #20 Education School according to US News. I think I share the most values with the folks at Berkeley, I have friends there, and I love the city of Berkeley and the Bay. However, it's the lowest "ranked" program of all the ones that I got into, so I'm hesitant to commit fully yet. They also don't guarantee housing, so it'll be difficult to find housing in the Bay on my own, and worry about whether or not I'll need a car. UT Austin: #15 Education School according to US News. This was kind of a backup/safety for me, but I actually do love Austin and have family nearby. I went to their campus visit day, and liked their campus and faculty, but their program seemed like it might not have as many resources as some of the other schools. Austin's also expensive, and they don't really offer MA students housing, and apparently public transit is not great. Right now it's low on my list of likely choices. I tried to give a brief rundown about what excites/worries me about each option without keeping it too long. If y'all are interested, I can provide some more info. I know this is a pretty personal decision, but it would be helpful to get some unbiased advice as each program is throwing their propoganda at me. Any guidance would be apprecaited! Thanks!
  24. Hi! I'm planning on applying for HGSE for Education Policy. I wanted to see if anyone have any experiences in HGSE or heard things about the program. I currently only have 1.5 years of work experience in education consulting in China...so I am worried that they might not like what I do (I essentially help high school students and families plan their activities/study schedule/application for college admissions, but very ETHICALLY). I'm also worried they might consider me as too young..I'll be 2 years out of undergrad by the time I apply. Usually what kind of applicants do HGSE like? Is it true they like people who have worked in the public sector/research more? Is there any program under HGSE that is "easier" to get into than the other? What is the culture like? Would love to have you all share anything you know on it! HGSE is my dream program and the Ed.M in policy and management is exactly what I think I would need to help me achieve my goals. Looking forward to hearing some of your responses! Thanks! Quote
  25. Hello, HGSE hopefuls! I started the thread for HGSE last year but ended up not applying due to extremely low GRE scores. I decided to take another year to work, and get more experience in the education sector. So, here are are my stats. Let me know what you think. Be brutal!Applying for M.A I am an international applicant. Program: PSP (practice strand)GRE Score: V 155, Q 140, AWA: 4.0 (will be retaking it)GPA: 3.05 (2 health related withdrawals recommended by the university and some very low grades)Work Experience: multiple internship & volunteer experiences in youth development throughout college (turned my last internship into a full-time job J). 1.5 years as a project coordinator at a leading policy research institution in the world. 8 months of teaching experience at a university outside of the United States. And I just started working on health promotion project among school-age children. Undergrad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): international student at a private city school Research Experience: My research experience is limited to my undergraduate years. I am more into project development, management and fundraising rather than research. What Other Schools Are You Applying To: Columbia MSW (no GRE required!) I have visted both HGSE and Columbia MSW open houses. HGSE commnity, that they endearingly call "hugsie", is so warm and close-knit. The curriculum is extremely flexible. The student body is so diverse! P.S. Info about HGSE having 50% acceptance rate is total b.s.
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