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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just want to know is MSECE program in UM specialization in communications worth doing? is there good research options and professors? or I should prefer MENG in ECE. Which course is better and has better job options later. Thanks, Daksh
  2. A group for people who have applied to University of Toronto for MEng Electrical and Computer Engineering
  3. Please help me decide between Purdue vs Wisconsin Madison vs CMU vs TAMU for MS in Computer Engineering (with intent of PhD later). My interests are in Computer Architecture and Systems. Any thoughts on this would be very helpful. Thank you for reading.
  4. Hi all, I'm applying for an MS in EE/ECE/EECS/CSE hopefully with a focus in computer architecture Here is my general profile: Undergrad: State school in Computer Engineering UG GPA: 3.944 Research experience: 3 non-first author publications (2 conference, 1 journal) , 1 WIP 1st author paper, 3 research presentations, all in an unrelated area of research Internship experience: 6 months at small local control systems company, 6 months at large semiconductor company in validation, 3 months in a research program prior to my freshman year GRE: V: 162 (90%) Q: 165 (86%) W: 5.5 (98%) LOR: 2 professors from my UG University (one is the PI of my research group), 1 from my internship manager Schools applied to: Stanford EE, Berekeley EECS, UT Austin ECE, UCSD CSE, U of Michigan CSE, U of Wisconsin ECE, CMU EE, U of Washington ECE, UIUC ECE, Georgia Tech ECE Thanks for any responses!
  5. Hi! Most top schools mention that they rarely admit students with a GPA less than 3.5, or that it is a requirement to have more than 3.5. Is this number mainly for US students? In India, the grading in many Universities is much stricter than the US. Is that taken into account, or do they almost always reject applications of students who have a GPA less than ~8.8/10? Thank you
  6. Hi everyone,I shortlisted the schools down to UIUC and CMU but can't decide on which to attend. My future plans is to stay in academia with postdocs at top schools (perhaps at MIT or Stanford) but I don't want closed doors to the industry. Here are the good vs bad things about both of these schoolsUIUCGood: The PI is highly reputed very famous in contro&gamel theory. The school is also ranked higher in ECE (US News). Very strong faculty members. In addition, I will be working on multi-agent reinforcement learning which I am quite interested in.Bad: I am not quite sure if this would be a criterion when choosing grad schools but Urbana-Champaign is in the middle of nowhere, isolated by cornfields in every direction. I am coming from a big city so I am not sure if I can get used to such a small and isolated place. Another drawback is that the PI's research is very theoretical which I am fine with but students in the lab told me that I will be closing my chances of working in the industry. Finally, PI is very senior so that means I will be doing most of the work.CMUGood: Compared to UC, Pittsburgh is a more vivid and bigger city. CMU is also very great for its school of CS and PI(s) there are also affiliated to the ML department. Being private school can also be regarded as something positive. The stipend is also much better. I will be doing machine learning, optimization, and signal processing if I attend CMU.Bad: PI(s) are assist/assoc professors and they are way less reputed compared to the PI in UIUC. Rankings CMU ECE is lower compared to UIUC. Final remarks: I like the research and the academic environment in UIUC but I have concerns about living in Urbana-Champaign. CMU is very good at CS but I am tempted to work with a famous yet senior professor. I am open to any comments/views/ideas about these schools.Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  7. Hi Y'all Looking at the lack of dedicated threads for EE/ECE and Computer Engineering students/prospective-grads to share their admits/applications/interviews information, I wanted to create a separate topic for it in which all of us prospective grad students can contribute, share our admit/interview experiences for the benefit of all. This would get a dialogue started where hopefully all of us can learn and contribute something.
  8. Hi Guys, I have got admission into the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program at Pittsburg for Spring 2019 even though I applied for Fall 2018. I had a few doubts about Spring Program in General. Would be great if you all could help me out. Are there any differences in the course offerings at CMU Pittsburgh for the Fall and the Spring Program. Could you please throw some light on this. Would also be great if there is a link to check all the course offerings for the Spring Semester at CMU. Would an admission in Spring play a detrimental role in the internship opportunities given that a Spring admit student would be beginning his course after 6 months in comparison to a Fall Student. Any differences in the final job offerings at the end of the MS Program for a Spring and Fall Admit Student. The program that I have been given admission to is Professional MS. A lot of people tell me that it is a normal MS with focus on coursework. Is this true ? I have got a Fall admission at SUNY Stony Brook in Computer Engineering. Is that better given that CMU is offering only Spring. How is CMU for specialisation in Networks, Security and IoT ? Please do let me know your answers on this. Thanks
  9. I have a CGPA of 7.6/10 from an NIT and a TOEFL score of 95(min 22 in each section), along with some research experience, internship etc. So, do i have a chance of getting admit, for Fall 2018, in any of the Top 10 Univ. of Canada for masters(either in M.A.Sc or M.Eng) in Electrical and computer engineering ? (Considering the present competition) Also, can i apply without GRE and get an admit ? Many top univ. don't require GRE or states that, it is not compulsory.
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