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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post, and I am an international student, so bear with me if my English is a bit strange... (I posted the same content in the global affairs forum as well) Anyways, I am hoping to get some thoughts on the two grad programs I was luckily admitted to! I am a Japanese undergraduate student graduating March 2022, who studied liberal arts (not sure if I can call this a field haha) in Japan. My career plan is to become a practitioner in the field of conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, and peacebuilding, thus decided to pursue a graduate degree that enables me to gain the necessary knowledge and experience (e.g., project design, management, m&e, and a preferably third language too) for such a profession. Much to my luck, I got offers from GW Elliott IDS (have to self-fund 10k/year), and Fletcher MALD (self-fund 16k/year), and am currently leaning towards going to Elliott, for its location in DC as well as its lower cost compared to Fletcher. However, looking into the Gradcafe forum, I see lots of positive posts (negatives posts equally) about the MALD, and not so much on Elliott IDS, so I am reconsidering once again... If I summarize my thoughts, it would be like this: Elliott: DC location (thus better connection?), cheaper option, wider varieties of fields I can study Fletcher: Better recognition and reputation? (not sure about this...), Fletcher Mafia, more rigorous? (again, I'm not sure about this too), prestige in the IR community? Are my image of both schools correct? Could anyone give me more insight on the two programs??
  2. I am admitted to GWU Elliot International Development Studies (with $16k annual fellowship) and JHU SAIS Intl. Development. I am completing undergrad in Business Economics (some econometric content also) from an European Research University this Summer, I have some months of intern experience and currently part time employed in university language center. From different sources I understand that JHU SAIS Intl. Development curriculum has lot of economics and quantitative content and quite popular among recruiters. Can anybody guide me the different aspects of joining SAIS or Elliot?? Financing graduate study at SAIS (more than $75k per year) is definitely stressing (although I can manage with pain). Is Elliot at par as far as curriculum is concerned and is as popular as SAIS?
  3. I have been accepted into four schools thus far (Korbel, Pardee, Elliott, and SIS...but threw SIS out of the running), and need different perspectives on what I should be looking for in these masters programs. Assume money is not a major factor. Have yet to hear back from Fletcher, SAIS, SIPA, and SFS. So far I have been mapping out which classes I would be taking under the respective programs, and I am quite satisfied with each of the three. The things I am looking for in a program are: Jobs with security clearance in the area Dual concentration abilities Russian Language Boren Scholarship awardee history Curriculum is policy/ case oriented rather than theoretical Professors are practitioners in their field Successful placement rate into the Intelligence Community What else should I take into consideration? Does anyone have information to offer? I have spoken with students, alumni, and professors who all love their respective schools. Thanks in advance for all those who reply. Feel free to message me if necessary. -Frosty
  4. Hey guys, I am having an issue that really is bothering me and I can't make my decision. I have been admitted to Fletcher, SAIS and Elliot and I'm completely stuck with my decision on which school to attend. I have received very little funding and will likely go into heavy debt with all three schools, yet thats another topic by itself. I simply cannot make a decision about which program to attend and have read, and reread the programs over and over again, yet I simply can't make up my mind. I am intending to step into foreign affairs after graduation and I currently am an undergraduate student who's going to grad school straight out. Thus, my experience is very limited. I also studied Finance as an Undergrad and so that has very little to do, non actually, with International affairs and Foreign Service per say, so idk, my head is spinning and I just don't really know anymore... The positives for SAIS in my point of view are the program, reputation and location, although I am a little worried about the Econ. and quant part. As far as elliot, it's pretty much the same, the location, program and reputation. Fletcher on the hand had me hooked with their program, especially since I am stepping into foreign affairs, and the program seems to be tailored towards international affairs /foreign service. Yet the downside with Fletcher is the location. I would much rather be in DC, especially since I would love to work there someday. I would love your inputs on this with me guys, I really am anxious that I might make the wrong decision and have been running back and forth with this over and over again. As far as attending open house this April, I don't think I will be able to attend all three, since its quite expensive and I live in the west coast. I really appreciate this and thanks for helping me out.
  5. Hello all, I'm new to the site, and wanted to get people's opinions on a question. I was admitted to SHU's Whitehead School but was rejected from Elliot, SIS, and presumably will not get into SFS. I am thinking about deferment for a year so that I could improve my application but first I wanted to get opinions on why I didn't get admitted to the school in the first place. The easy answer would be my low undergraduate GPA, but when I brought that issue up with the advisors, they said that since I was a science major, they would look primarily at my non-science courses/courses that would be more relevant to the graduate program. I'm hoping that other people here will be able to shed some light on the matter, and hopefully give me some good ideas for how to improve my application package. stats: GRE: 690V, 720Q, 5.5 AW GPA: 2.81 (Neuroscience) but non-science courses were all A's. Also took 2 Econ (micro/macro) and 1 IR class at local JC's, w/ all A's. 1 year of medical school, but withdrew (didn't like it) Work experience - undergraduate science research for 2 years at UCLA. Spent a year studying in the Caribbeans. 2 months in Shanghai interning at a law firm and taking intensive mandarin classes. Basic mandarin skills, hoping to improve them to conversational in grad school. Currently tutoring SAT's/GRE's/general school subjects Thank you!
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