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  1. Hey guys i was going through the results and just saw that one person was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Arts &Science REECA program, did any one else her back anything? if You did not hear from the yet, does this result to a rejection letter? i'm just nervous waiting haha
  2. Hi! Does anybody have hear from Harvard, Yale, Baylor, Washington University in St. Louis, Duke, UNC, Cornell, NYU, Rochester, Pittsburgh, Vanderbilt and University of Colorado for PhD in Microbiology? Would be helpful to know!!!
  3. I messaged some potential advisors on Sept (got good comments but they do not accept students directly, just through a commitee). I thanked them for the encouragement and I told them I would mention them in my SOP. I have applied to 15 schools and just 1 interview until now. Should I message again these professors to say I applied and idk, wish them happy holidays? Might look desperate but would like to hear some advice.
  4. I was assigned a TAship with a clash with one of the main courses I wanted to take next semester. Before this, I wasn't consulted or asked if the time suited me especially since it's early morning before 8 am class. Others have gotten better sections that start at more reasonable times and they also get to have courses where they only have to grade and not teach sections. I sent an email to the curriculum committee to ask for a section change for my TA and cc-ed my advisor with a sentence that ended like this: "In the future, I will appreciate if I am asked before assignment. This is a difficult time for most of us and flexibility will be appreciated." Is this too demanding from the perspective of a 3rd year international grad student living through a pandemic or acceptable? Thoughts? I really couldn't do the TA-ship
  5. I got admissions for an MSc program about two months ago and since then I haven't contacted my PI. Should I email some updates to my professor? (For example about my Visa process or ask details about Fall semester) If so, what can I write in the email? I don’t know what is the proper and polite way to contact my professor. I would appreciate it if you could help me.
  6. SO applied to a different program and the school is both our top choice. A few acceptances and rejections from his department are already out and he didn't hear anything so far. We want to do whatever we can right now to increase his chance of acceptance. Will emailing either his or my department (or my POI) help in anyway? Will it hurt?
  7. I just heard back from a professor that I emailed to tell him about my interest in his line of work. He told me this: "G lad to hear you applied. I think that our admissions period for this year might have ended, good luck with the admissions process." Does this mean that they have accepted all or most of the students they want? Or it simply means that the application submission has ended. English is not my first language and I just want to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding it.
  8. Hi all! The situation is that I went to a school visit last week, and my POI there just sent me an email saying that some other prospective students already accepted the offer and kind of "pushed" me to accept as well. Although I know the professor is definitely going to be a great advisor (because their students spoke very highly of their technical skills and that they cared for the students genuinely), I'm in another visit and actually feel more inclined to join the school I'm currently visiting. Research fit is great at both schools, but I think my POI at the one I'm visiting now would have more time (since they just started last year) and seems less intimidating to interact with. I'm not sure how to respond to such an email because I really liked talking with the professor and also think that they are a great researcher, but I don't think I would actually go there. The email seems a little forceful, which made me feel more intimidated. Is it normal when professors try to get students to come? Thanks for any advice on this!
  9. I am preparing to apply to Stanford's Bio sciences and Earth System Science for PhD program. Did people who got admitted talk to the professors first before they submitted the applications? They must get dozens of emails from desperate students every day. Do Stanford professors even respond to the emails even when the candidate has the possibility of getting in ? Do they wait the admission committee sieve the applicants first and talk to those who get shortlisted or admitted? Let me know if anyone of you have luck getting response back from Stanford professors?
  10. Sorry first time i poseted in wrong forum. I got two similar reply from Professor. Professor 1 I appreciate your interest in our research group. I would encourage you to apply to our department’s program and I will be happy discussing further with you once you are accepted. Professor 2 thanks for your note. I urge you to apply to our phd program. If you are admitted I will be very happy to discuss research possibilities. Are they indicating RA. Is this positive reply? What should I do next beside thanking them? How to start a conversation? Should I ask them about any tip for SOP? Should I ask more question?  Freaking outtt Thanks
  11. I got two similar reply from Professor. Professor 1 I appreciate your interest in our research group. I would encourage you to apply to our department’s program and I will be happy discussing further with you once you are accepted. Professor 2 thanks for your note. I urge you to apply to our phd program. If you are admitted I will be very happy to discuss research possibilities. Are they indicating RA. Is this positive reply? What should I do next beside thanking them? How to start a conversation? Should I ask them about any tip for SOP? Freaking outtt Thanks
  12. Hey everyone! I got my first interview offer and I'm soooo excited!! Please feel free to post your interview offers, updates, and acceptances when they arrive! Optional info you may want to include in your post: What schools you applied to in California Schools you've received interview offers from and when they arrived Feedback on your interview and questions they asked you Any other info you want to add
  13. One of the profs writing my letter of rec recently asked me if he would simply receive a link from the school to which I apply in order to submit his letter. I'm not sure. Does anyone know how professors go about submitting the letter? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hey all, Some people have told me that, before applying to PhD programs, it's a good idea to contact the faculty members with which you wish to work. I was just wondering what types of things people generally say or ask while reaching out to potential faculty. Thanks in advance!
  15. I am getting a letter from Jackson State University today I saw from a service called Informed from the post office where you can see what you'll be getting in the mail, but I know people received acceptant and rejected letters through email. Why would I be getting a letter through the mail, instead of my email where I have been getting updates from? I'm just curious. Thanks!
  16. The deadline to confirm my admission is the 1st of May, but I'm still waiting for UCI and USC to release their decisions? Should I email them, asking for my application status, or request them to let me know before May 1st? If I tell them it's because I need to get back to another university, will they be more likely to reject me because I already have a seat? I'm losing my mind waiting and I would really like to get into either of these school? Any advice is helpful!
  17. Hi! It is 15th February 2018 and I have not received the email about the resolution of my application... Does anyone receive something? Thanks!
  18. So yesterday I replied to an email from a potential supervisor for a first year internship. I sent her my interview availability yesterday and still haven't heard back. Logically I know I should give her more time before I freak out that she hasn't responded yet, but illogically my anxiety is creeping in. How long should I wait to follow up? A part of the anxiety is that I have to ask for time off work and shocker, I can't tell my boss I'm going on internship interviews. plz help!
  19. Hey all, I answer back quickly to emails that are simpler/easier to answer to, and more slowly on emails that require more thoughts. I suppose it is pretty normal to do so. However, I really want to be someone who have higher rate of answering right away to email as soon as I read them, even if it is just something along the line of "Thank you for your email, I need to give it some thoughts but I'll get back to you as soon as I can, ” to be more ”professional” as a graduate student from upcoming Fall. Do you guys have any tips or comments on how to establish such a habit? Is it an unnecessary worry of one neurotic person? Did anyone of you struggle with the same problem? Thanks.
  20. It’s been 3 weeks. One month this Friday since I’ve gotten the waitlist email. Think it might be okay to email them to ask about the chances? Specifically where I am on the waitlist...? any thoughts welcome.
  21. Hi! Recently I received an email from the reply from the program director of the applied PhD program. He said that: "We are still making decisions about admissions to the xxx. We will very likely admit you, but it is not yet official, OK? I think someone else will teach xxx next semester, but we will have plenty of time to discuss these readings :)" Does the message imply that I actually have been admitted or what he said about "very likely" meaning that I still could be rejected? Many thanks!!!
  22. During our interview, we were told by the dean that if we get waitlisted to reach out to her mid-march to ask our ranking/any changes. She told us to CC the director as well cause she forgets to respond to emails. I did that after weeks of hearing that I was waitlisted and I just got a response back from the director, not the dean, "I did receive your email and you are on our waitlist. You probably will not hear from me again until we are closer to April 15th." Is it just me or does it sound like she wasn't happy with me emailing her. Should I response back and explain that the dean asked us to do so? Help... lol
  23. Hi!! So I received an email from West Chester last week stating my application was incomplete, however got an email soon after saying that was sent out by mistake. I am sure many of you have gotten that email as well! At the top of the email however, I noticed it showed an 8 digit student id number and it also said "Academic Plan: A154". Did anyone else see that on their email? And if so, any idea what it means or if it signifies anything important or positive in any way? Just wanted to throw that out there and see if anyone had any thoughts. Good luck to everyone!!
  24. Hi, I'm an international applicant for Ph.D. program and the most absurd thing happened (at least I think it's absurd). One of the programs I applied for sent me an interview invitation early January. Since I was working and was living in a foreign country, decided to opt for skype interview. The admission coordinator sent me an email saying that he'll be in touch. I have not heard from him until February (even after the planned visiting interview day) so I've sent him a reminder. Only then he sent me a professor's email saying professor xx will be interviewing you ccing the professor. Then the interviewer sent me an email saying "can you interview tmr, or the day after tmr?" I couldn't because it was so last minute and the time difference between the two cities are 15 hours (the interviewer didn't seem to mind this either). Anyways, I sent him an alternative date and we decided to interview the next week and the time was 3 A.M. for me because the professor was only available then. I was not happy this whole process but the most absurd thing was that the interviewer did not show up for the interview, did not reply to the email that I sent after 30 minutes of waiting until 3 days after the interview, sent me an email after 3 days saying "the mistake is on me. Are you available tomorrow?" By this time, I already had an offer so I decided to withdraw from the program so I sent him email saying that I wish to be removed from the admission pool. Even after sending this email (which I didn't get a reply), a week later, I received email from another professor saying that I'm waitlisted for the program. Now I have to send an email again saying that I'm withdrawing from the wait list... Sorry for the long writing but I had to give you the whole story. My question is this: Should I let the admissions committee about this? (not being interviewed because the professor in charge did not show up) I don't think rest of the committee including the POI I applied for know about this... I feel like I'm mistreated because I'm an international applicant and that they did not care about giving me equal opportunity to be part of the admission. Another concern is that since my field is so small, I may run into the "interviewer" in the future. Would I make a fuss out of something small that may harm me in the future? I want to know your thoughts on this.... Thanks for reading such a long "question."
  25. I emailed to ask when school decisions would be released and I was told that I was on the top of the wait-list for my top choice school and more likely than not they would have a space for me eventually. They also said to let them know if I had any questions and that they could give me advice about other schools I've been accepted to. How should I respond to the email? So far I haven't gotten any acceptances and I'm still waiting to hear back from a few schools. I wasn't sure if this was the right place to ask about the funding provided.. what does everyone think? I have something like this right now: "Hello Professor xyz, Thank you for considering me as a candidate for the xyz program. If accepted off the wait-list, I would happily attend the university of xyz. I look forward to hearing back from you with an update on my admission. I was hoping you could tell me a little bit more about the financial support at the university xyz. Is there any guarantee for an assistantship/fellowship for the first year? What is the average funding provided? I will be sure to reach out once I hear back from other programs as well. Thank you for the offer." I wasn't sure if I should include anything else since it was sort of informal.. any advice would be very appreciated. I want to send the email asap.
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