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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I was just accepted into the Fall 2022 cohort for the Speech@Emerson online program. I am highly considering this program, but unfortunately there is not much information out there about it since it's so new. Is anyone a part of this program or knows someone who is who can tell me more information/ their opinion on the program? The online concept kind of scares me, but it is ideal so I can live at home. Thanks!
  2. First post here because I am just so excited!! I turned in my Emerson College and NYUSteinhardt around the same time. My Emerson College application was a little quicker because my admissions counselor was almost always available via email. He would email me within half an hour and I've never had a better communication experience. Let me give a little background about myself: I am have a Bachelor's Degree in foreign languages with a concentration in Spanish. I found out about SLP/CSD around the time I had already cemented my major for the last time. My school, University of Alaska Fairbanks, did not offer a Bachelor's program in this concentration so I had to make do with what I had. Around my senior year in college during the last semester, I started kind of having a meltdown about getting into a graduate program that was actually of worth and very competitive. I had just moved to Austin and I had to take some time off from continuing my education because I had to stabilize my situation. My undergraduate GPA: 3.29 [I thought all hope was lost because of this GPA] Upper-level division classes GPA: 3.7 GRE: Verbal - 156 (Above Average) , Written - 4.5 (High) , Math - 148 (Below average) Fast forward to around October when I finished both of my applications for only two schools. I must have been ballsy to only have applied to two schools. I still have not heard from NYU yet but that is fine with me. I heard from Emerson College around 3 days ago through email, which is the normal way for them to contact you about decisions, that I did in fact make it into the program. (YAY MY DREAM PROGRAM!!) That is why I am not even waiting on NYU anymore. I kept freaking out about the fact that I was not the best student but somehow I made it into their program. Having given all this to you all, I hope it was encouraging and motivating enough to instill that numbers are not everything to a school. Trust in your abilities and what you've done and put your best foot forward. You are more than your grades and numbers. Give them the best writing sample you can and show them you want it.
  3. Has anyone been accepted and apprehensive about it not being accredited by ASHA yet ? Deciding between Emerson and NYU Speech distance learning. Any insight would be greatly appreciated !
  4. Hey folks, I've been accepted to both Emerson and BU for an M.S. in Journalism. BU is crazy expensive, and the scholarship I was offered in my admissions letter covers ~23% of the total tuition cost. Emerson is significantly less expensive and my scholarship offer covers about 20% of the total tuition cost. When I leave Emerson, I'll be in significantly less debt than if I go to BU. There are pros and cons to both schools, and I've weighed them heavily. I attended BU's COM grad open house this past weekend, and I was genuinely unimpressed. Instead of giving us a full slate of Journalism-specific events like the other programs got, most of our weekend consisted of attending the Power of Narrative conference. Don't get me wrong. The Power of Narrative conference was incredible, but I spent a ton of money to attend the Open House and didn't feel like my concerns/questions/best interests were addressed. I haven't had a chance to visit Emerson. This is a huge decision, and I really don't want to make my decision based on price tag alone, but it seems like I'm headed in that direction. Is anyone else dealing with a similar kind of struggle?
  5. Does anyone know what to expect for the Emerson interview and how we should prepare? Thanks in advance!
  6. I am weighing two programs on opposite sides of the country. I have only been waitlisted at Redlands, but they only give you 24 hours to accept or reject their offer if accepted off of the waitlist. It may not even be an option but I am trying to get prepared in case I am accepted! I was able to tour Emerson and loved it, but have only visited the Redlands campus when it was closed for the holidays. Does anyone have any positives, negatives, or other information not listed here about these programs? I am obsessively thinking about this and I am not sure I am going to be able to tour Redlands before I would have to accept an offer from them. Both are terribly expensive so that is not an issue THANK YOU!!! EMERSON COLLEGE Pros: -Brag about their supportive environment -In-house clinic with some really interesting specialty areas and programs -As an out-of-fielder, I would be finished May 2019 -54-credit program -Faculty with varied backgrounds + teaching and clinical faculty separate -Interesting research being conducted -Boston = interesting and varied clinical opportunities -Highly ranked -More grad schools for partner to apply to -Good "feel" when I visited... I pretty much fell in love -Well-rounded program Cons: -In Boston... far away! And expensive living. And I don't think I'm a "city person"... but Boston is also really cool! -Larger cohort -Would need to start online prereq classes this May (not sure if this is a + or -) -Have to start clinicals one semester later than in-field cohort -Other than SLP, it is not medical/education-focused - it's an arts school UNIVERSITY OF REDLANDS Pros: -Also brag about supportive environment on website -In-house clinic (no knowledge of specialty areas, but it caters to all ages and disorders) -**Location = close to family (this one is big due to some family issues, and may make me accept an offer either way) -I would like to move back to the west either way after graduation (but probably not southern Cali), so I would already be in the region - not sure if this matters -Beautiful campus -Small cohort -I have heard great things about the school as a whole -Cheaper cost of living than Boston -60-credit program -Well-rounded program Cons: -I really only know what I have seen on their website and this forum... not a lot! -As an out-of-fielder, I would graduate May 2020 -Wouldn't start until January 2018 (not sure what I will do until then, as I had to quit my job already in preparation for Boston) -Small faculty group, limited research and focuses -No specialty areas (other than bilingual) -Not a lot of grad programs my partner can apply to -Can do research, but final project cannot be a thesis (not sure if I want to do research, but I want to keep my options open!)
  7. Hello, I would like this to be a forum for you as an applicant, current student, or alumni of any Boston speech-language pathology programs to post your insight, experience, knowledge or advice comparing the schools. I know I am not the only one who applied to more than one school in the Boston area so I would like help on choosing which one to attend! (I have been accepted to MGH and Northeastern) but this can be for all 4 programs! Some questions include.. Why did you choose X program What kind of training / orientation is there prior to beginning clinic? How are clients paired with students? Do we decide on clinical placement site? Surviving without car? How are classes/workload? challenging but possible? Work life balance? Can you still enjoy boston? Describe typical day?? Do you feel comfortable with supervisors? Asking for help? Classmate interaction?
  8. Hey everyone, I'm trying to decide between BU and Emerson. Is either a better program? Any distinguishing characteristics between these two schools? I know that Emerson is cheaper but in terms of differences between the actual programs.
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