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Found 9 results

  1. Hey! Has anyone received interview invites for the Master's in Engineering Management program at Dartmouth?
  2. I have been accepted in both Penn State University as well as Temple University for Master's in Engineering Management. However, I'm having a hard time deciding which university to choose. Temple is more towards the cheaper side in terms of tuition and fees and is also located in Philadelphia. Whereas, I got an admit from Penn State Great Valley which isn't the main campus and is located in a suburban area but students get part-time easily. I cannot find out information on both these universities much so I need a little help if anybody has some insights to share, that would be wonderful.
  3. I couldn't find seniors from both these universities from my program who could help me out with deciding which university to choose from. I have several questions as to which university offers a better curriculum. I got an admit from Penn State Great Valley. There doesn't seem to be much information about this campus other than the fact that all the students get part-time easily. I would really appreciate if someone could provide insights on the pros and cons of both these universities and their programs.
  4. Hi! I do not see any thread dedicated to Dartmouth MEM, Fall 2017. Please comment here in case you've accepted Dartmouth's offer. It would be nice to connect with all heading to the same program this year.
  5. Hello Everyone! I have been accepted to Duke MEM and Columbia MS&E Programs starting Fall'17 and need to decide between the two in next 2 days due to my deadline for deposit. I am EXTREMELY confused between these two schools. My main concern is "Choosing better ranked university or better ranked program"? Both can be completed in 1 calendar year. Duke has no doubt one of the best MEM Programs (ranked 3rd in the world) and huge campus and great university ranking (11/US) but is in Durham NC. Total cost is aprox 75k USD Columbia has the Ivy League tag to it, not known for its MEM but is in NYC and ranked 3-4 points above Duke overall. Total cost is approx 110k USD which is very expensive for me considering I will be an international Student and taking loans for my Masters program. I am from mechanical engineering background who wishes to work as a special consultant in future for engineering firms in fields ranging from Supply Chain, Operations, Innovation technology, Optimizing Manufacturing processes etc. I haven't been to US yet but do not mind NYC or Durham given that I get to network. As the University ranking and Program rankings difference for both negates the other, I would really appreciate your insight on how much does location matter in terms of NYC and Durham for job opportunities? Outside US, people know Columbia better than Duke, Does this hold true within US as well? Does brand value matter to an extent that a similar ranking school which is not as popular but with a better program should be declined? How is the student life at these two schools? How is the MEM faculty, student competitions, work load and alumni network specific to both these programs at these schools? Does Duke being part of MEMPC holds greater relevancy in MEM course for future recruiters? How does the industry collaboration opportunities given to MEM students vary between these schools? Sorry for the long post. I feel regardless of what I choose, at some point I guess I am going to regret not taking the other in some way. As this is something where I am investing all of my life savings, I want to be sure of what I choose. I would really appreciate your honest feedback on above even if you're able to answer just few of my concerns and not all. Thanks a lot for your time!
  6. DUKE Dartmouth Pros Lesser tuition Reputation (one of the Ivy leagues) Opportunities for funding in-terms of RA ship, TA ship and Resident Assistantship 20% tuition waiver, TA positions available Program is very flexible. All Technical electives can be chosen from any engineering department or can be replaced by business electives Low batch size (50), better faculty to student ratio Medium cost of living Excellent Industry and Alumni networks High campus activity. Lots of events all around the year in the department as well as the campus. Cultural diversity and high selectivity Excellent industry and Alumni networks More courses needed to complete the degree ensuring more exposure Very well-known and recognised brand label. Also excellent facilities for startups and proximity to RTP area, a high density of companies Proximity to Boston and New York, excellent employment opportunities Cons Huge Asian population each year, skewing the diversity of the student body More tuition and High cost of living Huge Batch size (>100) implying a poor faculty to student ratio Location is in the middle of nowhere. All restaurants, clubs stores are miles away. Curriculum does not seem to be as intensive The degree is only 1year, though can be extended to 1.5 years
  7. Hey everyone! Im currently in the process of choosing grad schools and I am kind of lost between those two universities mentioned above. Can I get advice on the university? Anything would behelpful! (Student life, academics, post grad careers, career fairs) Thank you!
  8. Hi all, The deadlines are nearing and I'm about done with my first draft. If you're willing, please take a look at it and provide any feedback you have. Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1njeKIz5tYQbVlhW0BPYTM-ytQuRbLrCaxBLiBvB__dE/edit?usp=sharing I'm applying for Engineering Management Program in top Universities such as Duke, Cornell and Dartmouth.
  9. Anyone applying to Duke's MEM program? Just curious how they have been assessing the new revised GRE scores. I am taking GRE exams in March and May.
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