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Found 6 results

  1. Super anguished by this result, wishing to have someone to chat with T T Oxford MSt English Language and Literature (5 period strands) Oxford MSt English and American Literature, etc.
  2. The answer to this is probably a simple no. However, this MA program suits my interests best, I am interested in multiple faculty members' work, and they have many job positions in initiatives I'm passionate about; I was already planning to hopefully get a graduate associate or TA job at one of their centers (with research that's exactly what I want to pursue). Everything about this program seems perfect except for the recent lack of funding (the biggest factor). Does this program have the prestige that makes it worth it, even without funding? It doesn't help that this is my only acceptance so far (I applied to both PhDs and one other MA but no other acceptances yet). If its name and prestige makes the job market and acceptance into a great PhD easier, then maybe it's worth it. I'm really torn, I'm also first in my family to go to grad school in English, so I'd love some guidance on this.
  3. Hello Grad Cafe peeps! I'm interested in a very specific English M.A. or PhD program with an emphasis (or expertise) in graphic novel creation (or with image and textual analysis together). Does something like this exist in the U.S.? I haven't found anything in my research, but I'd love to know if any of you have come across programs like these.
  4. I have been accepted to both U of T and McGill's English M.A. programs, and I really love both!! I have done my undergraduate degree in English at McGill, and if I return for the two-year thesis program, I have been offered a $1500 RAship w/ a supervisor of my choosing. Because I have spent the past four years here, I have strong connections with my professors and am familiar with the expectations of the program. However, U of T has some really appealing options. It is a one-year non-thesis program, which potentially might make me a less enticing PhD candidate (although I do have an undergraduate thesis, so I wouldn't be devoid of research experience), but the courses expect papers of about 20 pages, which is the typical writing sample size for PhD programs. What is most appealing to me is the English community at U of T, as from QS rankings (especially the subject specific ones, which place McGill at 31st for English worldwide and U of T at 12th) it seems that U of T might challenge me more. It's a bigger program, however, and from what I hear it isn't very easy to get to know profs. What would you recommend? Asking for advice from anyone, but especially people familiar with either school and anyone with M.A. experience. I am really interested in doing a PhD program in the States, so that is also something I've been trying to take into consideration. Thank you!!
  5. Hi all. I know that a few people here were already notified of funding acceptance from GU, but it seemed that they were still rolling notifications out? I was wondering if anyone had heard after the letter. The letter of recommended admission said this: " Students to whom we decide to offer funding packages will hear from me directly by phone. Please know that we were very impressed with your application, and wish we could offer support to all of our admitted students. We will be happy to discuss with you strategies for supporting yourself while you do your work with us, and to put you in contact with current students about these matters as well. You should wait to hear from the Graduate School before contacting Student Financial Services regarding alternative financial arrangements for attending Georgetown. " This gave me the impression that if I didn't get a call (which I haven't) before the official admit letter cleared, funding wasn't happening. But my admission letter says this "You are presently being considered for merit-based financial aid in the form of a graduate assistantship and/or scholarship, or a non-service fellowship. If you are selected for such an award, you will be notified by separate letter." Any ideas? Am I waiting on the letter, or the call, or should I assume it's not happening and reach out to SFS? Has anyone else who was waiting to hear gotten an update? This is the only program I applied to where funding is even a possibility, and I already have $40k of undergrad debt under my belt. Needless to say I am anxious to hear.
  6. Hi all! I'm a 21 year old senior at Fordham University. I just got accepted into University of Colorado Boulder's English Master's program. This has been my number 1 choice since I started applying to schools and when I visited but the waiting period had me second guessing getting a Master's at all. I'm on my 3rd internship in New York in publishing and I'm wondering if it's stupid to not just keep going with that and hope to get a job. I want to be an editor one day - being a professor is a consideration of course - but I'm definitely academically oriented and liked the idea of continuing school in pursuit of this goal. I know a Master's isn't necessary for this career but publishing is so competitive. Is there anyone getting their Master's in English with the goal of going into publishing? And what are your opinions on an English Master's in general? Thanks for the help! Any opinions/advice are heartily welcomed.
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